Unique Photo Gifts And Where To Get Them Printed In Hong Kong

Best Printers For Unique Photo Gifts In Hong Kong

Best Places TO get Photo Gifts And Photography Gifts Hong Kong

Although printing photographs might seem outdated, there is nothing quite like having your family photographs around your home, in your wallet,  on your desk, in a cookery book, or even on your dad’s favorite t-shirt. The digital era allows you to create beautiful photographs for personal display or timeless family gifts. Little Steps Asia has explored numerous online stores and shops to discover the best way to print images or to create a photo album or book.

In this guide?

  • Where to get unique photo gifts in Hong Kong?
  • Where to get professional prints and giclee prints made in Hong Kong,
  • Photo Mugs, Coasters, Personalized Tees, Calendars, and more!
  • Photography and printing services in Hong Kong

Want more gift guides in Hong Kong 2022?

  • Print Your Own Tees At Print House Hong Kong

    Print House Hong Kong: Print Your Own T-Shirts In Hong Kong

    Combine Fashion With Photographs In Hong Kong

    If you want to combine fashion with photographs, then a tee-shirt is a perfect gift. You can choose from various styles of tee-shirts, singlets, hoodies, and warm sweaters. If you are unsure how to design a gorgeous tee, then Print House has a creative team on hand to help you; just provide them with a photograph and let them know if you have any design ideas, and they can get to work. If you have a sporty family, they can also print a photograph or design onto a rather cool-looking skateboard which you can hang from the wall.

    Print House Kong Kong, +852 -53322429, [email protected],

  • Tin Tin Photo Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Tin Tin Photo: Photo Canvas Prints, Aluminum Panels, Calendars, Books In Hong Kong

    Tin Tin Photo For Personalized Photography Printing In Hong Kong

    Tin Tin has a vast collection of photo products that can showcase your family photographs. Not only can they print photographs to be framed, but they can also print oversized images or pretty montages on giant canvasses, aluminum panels, or desktop calendars that will be center-stage of your home. They also have a great range of soft and hardback books, making ideal annual gifts for grandparents. They have four studios around Hong Kong, so if you need professional images, they'd be happy to help.

    Tin Tin Photo, Whatsapp: +852 -5406 7378, [email protected],

  • Polab Little Steps Asia

    Polab: Poloroid Cameras, Accessories In Hong Kong

    The Retro Feel In Hong Kong

    If you LOVE The Retro Feel of the old Polaroid cameras and prints. Little Steps Asia found you just the thing in Hong Kong! You can take your lightweight and fun Polaroid camera everywhere you go and have an almost-instant memory printed right in front of you. In the Polab store, you can buy a camera, film, and accessories and have your camera serviced. Polaroid is the world’s favorite instant camera.

    Polab, +852 6055 1736, [email protected],

  • Create Cookbooks Little Steps Asia

    Create Cookbooks: DIY Cookbook Gifts In Hong Kong

    Gorgeous Bookstore-Quality Cookbooks

    If your family loves to cook, why not create a gorgeous bookstore-quality cookbook. Gather together all of your family’s favorite recipes, take lots of photographs of mum, dad, and the kids cooking, wearing chefs hats and aprons, and decorating the dishes. The Create Cookbook’s design team can help you with the overall design process and layout, place images and even add memos or special reminders into the book for you and your family to enjoy. They are based in Australia and will ship across the world. You can print as many or as few books as you’d like.

    Create Cookbooks, [email protected],

  • Trail Studio: Professional Photo Prints Hong Kong

    Fine Art And Photographic Printing

    Trail Studio is a fine art and photographic printing service provider. They specialize in lifelike, color-accurate large format prints and canvasses. The team can supply modern floating-frame, fitted and gallery-wrap canvasses, and a range of sizes to fit frames from IKEA to hand-crafted frames. Your photographs are printed onto professional, black and white art, giclee-print fine art, glittering papers, and even woodblocks for a variety of textures in your home gallery.

    Trail Studio, +852 -28776681, [email protected],

  • Printcious Little Steps Asia

    Printcious: Canvas Prints, Mugs, Glassware, Tees, Cushions Hong Kong

    Vast Range Of Printing Options

    Printcious has a vast range of printing options from canvas prints, mugs and glassware, tee-shirts, glitter cushions, ceramic tiles, and other fun accessories like keyrings and stocking filler gifts. Everything is online and easy to order; all you need to do is choose your product, upload a high-resolution image, add the text, and click order. Although the company is based in Malaysia, they ship internationally.

    Princious, +60-100-317-1614, [email protected],

  • Fotomax Little Steps Asia

    Fotomax: Digital Printing, Photo Books, Calendars In Hong Kong

    Gifts For Your Children, Family, And Friends

    You’ll find Fotomax stores ideally located all over Hong Kong. Not only can they print photographs, canvasses, calendars, digital printing, and photobooks, but they have a range of gifts for your children, family, and friends. Simply upload the photographs you'd like to have printed to Fotomax, make any edits, choose your products; they will be printed in the store and ready for you to collect, sometimes within 30-minutes. Various locations across Hong Kong.

    Fotomax, +852-3189-1648,

  • Photobook Little Steps Asia

    Photobook: Prints On Ornaments, Clocks, Buntings, Clothing, Cards In Hong Kong

    Photobook Hong Kong Prints On Almost Everything

    The name is misleading. Photobook Prints On Almost Everything from your baby’s romper suit, bunting, clocks, blankets, ornaments, mugs, books, endless stationery and cards, apparel and bags, travel essentials, and even wall décor items including canvas, wall collages, and floating wooden frames. Simply click on the product you'd like, drag across the image, personalize and edit and order. Printing is usually completed within two or three days and shipped within Hong Kong.

    Photobook, [email protected],

  • Moonpig Little Steps Asia

    Moonpig: Personalized Cards In Hong Kong

    Master Of Card-Making

    There is something special about receiving a personalized gift in the post. Moonpig has been the master of card-making for over 20-years. Their comprehensive collection of cards can be tailored with photographs of your children, pet, or the entire family. Some cards are customizable so that you can add the recipient's name! Add your message, poem, or special wishes to each card. The cards are delivered all over the world.


  • Mixtiles Little Steps Asia

    Mixtiles: Amazing Prints From Photographs For Walls

    Mixtiles Are Great Fun And A Teen/Tween Favorite

    Mixtiles are great fun! They are high-quality photographic prints in a range of matching frames with a special adhesive on the back that allows you to stick, re-stick, and stick again onto your walls. The tiles are 8" x 8", and you choose the finish and frames to suit your style. You can choose as many or as few as you like. Just download the app, choose your preferences and wait for them to be delivered. There is free international shipping on all orders.


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