Ultimate Unique Gift Guide For Kids In Hong Kong 2023

Best Presents For Kids That Want Some Fabulous Unusual Fun

The gift that keeps on giving! Here at Little Steps, we have gathered together all the inspirational ideas in our Ultimate Unique Gift Guide For Kids 2023. Whatever the occasion, and whatever the age of the recipient, come this way to find that perfect present. This year, the gift is truly in the giving, happy shopping!

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  • wellness gift

    ESCAPADE SPORTS - POLAR - Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Watch - Teens

    Instore + Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong #SHOPLOCAL

    Looking for a great gift for your teen who loves running? Regardless of skill level, this new high spec Polar unit is full of hardware and software capabilities. It includes GPS, bright display, long battery life and on wrist heart rate, as well as several other bodily sensors to bring the wearer all performance data in order to reach their goals.

    Escapade Sports, click here 

  • Ultimate Unique Gift Guide For kids in Hong kONG

    ARCHITOYZ: Stunning Handcrafted Wooden Pikler Triangles And Helper Towers - Kids +2

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    Architoyz is a star seller on Etsy that specialises in handmade Montessori-inspired wooden furniture for kids. The wooden pikler triangle is versatile and can also be used as a climbing board and slide. Architoyz's helper tower is perfect for toddlers who are just learning to climb and want to gain more independence - put it next to the sink to help them learn to wash up by themselves and develop those fine-motor skills or by the kitchen counter to get an extra set of hands while cooking! Both are easily foldable and can be stored flat - ideal for those tight spaces in Hong Kong homes. Assembly is very easy too!

    Architoyz, click here

  • ultimate unique gift guide for hong kong for kids

    TOYS'R'US: tonies Edutainment Boxes - All Ages

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    tonies - the worldwide smash-hit interactive and educational toy has finally landed in Hong Kong! tonies works by placing your favorite tonies audio character on top of the cube-shaped device. Once the character is in place, music and stories will be played automatically. Choose from famous Disney characters, Peppa Pig, Julia Donaldson books like The Gruffalo and Tabby McTat and let your tonies enhance your child's vocabulary and imagination while having fun!

    tonies, click here

  • PAINTANDLAUGHTER: Artwork Display - All Ages

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    What do you do with all your children's "artwork"? Shhh we won't tell! Well you won't have to do that anymore, as the beautiful online Etsy store PaintandLaughter offers handmade and fully customisable artwork displays for all your chid's art! These beautifully handcrafted artwork display come in a range of sizes and styles, and can even include your little one's name on it. Now they can proudly show off their art for the whole family to admire!

    PaintandLaughterclick here

  • ultimate unique gift guide for hong kong for kids

    AMAZON: Clever Creations Kids Collapsible Storage Organizer - All Ages

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    Clever Creations sells fun storage boxes perfect for car and truck-obsessed toddlers and kids. These practical car-themed storage solutions are so versatile they can be used as an ottoman, a toy in itself or a fun piece of decor for your child's bedroom!

    Clever Creations on Amazonclick here

  • Ultimate Unique Gift Guide For kids in Hong kONG

    LITTLE BEANS TOY CHEST: Beautiful Handmade Quiet Books That Can Be Customised - Kids 0-6

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong #SHOPLOCAL

    Travelling soon? These beautiful quiet books from Little Beans Toy Chest are guaranteed to keep your little ones busy and happy for that long car ride or flight. There are lots of different themes available like My Holiday, and Everyday Life as well as country-specific ones for Vietnam and Hong Kong! You can also order a customised quiet book with your little one's name at the front and a personalised character just for them!

    Little Beans Toy Chest, click here

  • MINIFAB: Go Doodle - Kids Ages 4+

    Online Shop #SHOPLOCAL

    Go Doodle offers eco-friendly, handmade crayons in your kid's name or their favorite shapes like transport or unicorns. These crayons are extra special! Unlike ordinary crayons, their crayons do not shape like pencils. Go Doodle crayons fit well for small children with little hands. Let kids explore the world of colors and unleash their creativity.

    Go Doodle By miniFab, click here

  • TINYBITZ: Personalized Blanket - Babies And Kids

    Online Shop + #SHOPLOCAL

    Check out the personalized blanket by Tinybitz for babies and kids. Taking their range of personalized gifts to a new level, they have two sizes to offer for newborns, toddlers, and even pets! Be ready to wow your friends and family with this thoughtful gift that is designed to stay as a keepsake. Free local delivery and they ship internationally too!

    TinyBitz, click here

  • BIMBO CONCEPT: Wooden Animal Stacker - Toddlers

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong + Retail Locations + #SHOPLOCAL

    The Trixie Animal Stacker is the perfect gift for those toddlers keen on building. Get those little fingers working when trying to place all the blocks on the stacker. Toddlers can make fun combinations with the geometric blocks while putting one of the friendly animal faces on top. It's a fantastic way to train children’s motor skills and knowledge of shapes, colors, and animals.

    Wooden Animal Stacker By Bimbo Concept, click here

  • 4M CREATIVE EDUCATIONAL TOYS: Crystal Science Kit - 10+

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    For children who are into crystals, check out the Crystal Science kit at 4M Creative Educational Toys. Kids can create their own stunning crystal collection. They simply have to follow a few easy steps to grow 10 crystals, including a glow-in-the-dark crystal and 2 geode pairs!

    4M Creative Educational Toys, click here

  • THE LION ROCK PRESS: Giant Hong Kong Puzzle - All Ages

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong + Retail Location + #SHOPLOCAL

    Check out the Giant Double Sided 1000pc Puzzle called Celebrating Hong Kong by The Lion Rock Press. We love this local brand creating innovative gifts for all ages. Their jigsaw puzzle is suitable for all ages and genders, is eco-friendly and can be enjoyed again and again – alone or with friends and family. Made with premium materials, and a textured surface, this is a beautiful keepsake for anyone connected to Hong Kong.

    Giant Hong Kong Puzzle, click here

  • Personalizes Toddler Hampers HOng Kong

    PETIT TIPPI: Personalized Toddler Hampers - Toddlers

    Online Shop In Hong Kong + #SHOPLOCAL

    Petit Tippi offers stylish yet practical gifts to celebrate any occasion! Included inside their unique personalized hampers are their best-selling JellyCat Bashful Bunny Medium, super-soft Malabar Baby bamboo swaddle, Just Peachy Bamboo Terry Reusable Baby Wipes and Petit Tippi silicone feeding pocket bibs. All the must-haves for every toddler - bundled up in a handy hamper! It's guaranteed to please toddler and parents!

    Petit Tippi, click here

  • Tech-Will-Save-Us-Minifab

    MINIFAB: Tech Will Save Us By - Kids Ages 4+/10+

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    When we are living in a world of innovative ideas, fostering kids’ imaginations during playtime is a small move that can bring a big impact on our future. The STEM toy creators, Tech Will Save Us, have always been imaginative in designing kids’ tech kits involving dough, lights, circuits, sounds, and 3D pop-out cards that blow the little scientists’ minds. The kits take kids on a creative journey, developing their critical thinking and decision-making skills. Who says technology must be geeky?

    Tech Will Save Us By miniFab, click here!

  • Pop To Play Indoor Slides Hong Kong

    AMAZON: Pop2Play Indoor Slides - Toddlers

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    These unique toys are perfect for busy toddlers. Why not bring the playground indoors with these eco-friendly cardboard slides that literally pop up to play! The slides support kids up to 5o pounds and are safe and durable too.  Ditch the plastic people - this is a great invention!

    Pop2Play Indoor Slides On Amazon, click here

  • Unique Gifts For Kids - Yumme Gifts

    YUM ME PLAY: Wonder Themed Kits - Kids ages 2-10

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong + #SHOPLOCAL

    Brought to you by Hong Kong-based Yum Me Play. Wonder Themed Gifts are unique experiential gifts for kids that bundle up gift boxes with specific themes and include unique toys, puzzles, books, and more wonderful goodies.  Themes include - Race Car, Winter Wonderland, Ocean World, Astronauts, and more.

    Wonder Themed Kits By Yum Me Play, click here

  • SEEDLING: Unique DIY Craft Kids - From Baby To Teens

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    Designed to nurture imagination and inspire confidence, the Seedling Littles collections create engaging play experiences for little creators. Each play kit features soft, portable, beautifully designed elements that let kids shape their own story. Learning to interact with the larger world is easy while having lots of fun time with Seedling Littles. Never let creativity stop - the award-winning Seedling DIY toys take free play to a new horizon and make each play experience meaningful.

    Seedling, click here

  • Balance Boards For Kids Hong Kong

    AMAZON: URBNFit Wooden Balance Board - Kids Ages 5+, Tweens, Teens

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    This board is fun for the whole family! It's a fun gift for kids needing a bit more core exercise, tweens and teens looking to get better at surfing and skateboarding, and anyone looking for a solid workout. You can find these boards on Amazon!

    URBNFit Balance Board, click here

  • Minifab A To Z Book

    MINIFAB: Hong Kong From A To Z Book - Kids Ages 6+

    Online Shop #SHOPLOCAL

    If you are looking for a unique and thoughtful Hong Kong-inspired gift for kids, Hong Kong A to Z is it! This book takes you to explore Hong Kong’s local culture and all the best iconic places with amazing artistic illustrations. Let your child follow Ayma and Romer to learn about the A to Zs in Hong Kong. You can also use the book as a mini-tour guide when you visit these places in the city yourself! The extended collection captures the signature scenes from the storybook with options to buy postcards, tote bags, and art print – perfect as collectibles or gifts.

    Hong Kong From A To Z From miniFab, click here

  • LEGO Vidiyo In Hong Kong

    SIMPLY TOYS: Lego® Vidiyo - Kids Ages 5+

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    One of the hottest toys this year, Lego® Vidiyo, is cresting waves with LEGO fans of all ages. What is it? Created by Lego®, it is essentially a music video maker for kids, that combines old-school Lego®, with state-of-the-art AR tech to make for hours of educational fun. Kids can collect different mini figurines, then use an app to form a band, create album covers, and create music videos.

    Lego® Vidiyo, available at Simply Toys in Hong Kong and on Amazon

  • Let's Glow Studio Toys For Teens Hong Kong

    AMAZON: Let's Glow Studio - Kids Ages 8+, Tweens

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    If your tween is into DIY, video creation, and fun - this unique craft and playset are perfect. Let's Glow Studio allows kids to decorate their hair, nails, and add fun accessories such as sunnies to create cool glow-in-the-dark effects. The best part? There are no apps required for video creation.

    Let's Glow Studio,  click here


  • Lego Storage Boxes Hong KOng

    IKEA: Lego® Boxes - Ages 3+

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong + Retail Locations

    Did you know that you can find Lego® at IKEA now?  On a recent visit to the shop in Hong Kong, these cool storage boxes were spotted. They come in a variety of sizes and can store Lego® on the inside, and kids can play with their blocks on the top. It's a unique design and a great option for storing and playing with bricks.

    Lego® Boxes At IKEA, click here

  • PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3. Aqua Hong Kong

    AMAZON: PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3. Aqua - Toddlers

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    Toddlers love water play everything! This unique sensory toy is one of the hottest toys for toddlers this year and is perfect for sensory stimulation. Splish Splash Water Park helps your tots develop cognitive, fine motor, and language skills, all while having a great water play experience!

    PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3. Aqua on Amazon, click here

  • First Meal Gift Set For Bibs Hong Kong

    PETIT TIPPI: First Meal Gift Set - Toddlers

    Online Shop + #SHOPLOCAL

    Let's eat! Toddlers and mealtime are always an adventure! We are loving Petit Tippi's modern silicone bibs, which come in beautiful colors and are perfect for mealtime. This adorable silicone Toddler Gift Set is perfect for when your toddler is ready for weaning with their first solids!

    Petit Tippi, click here

  • Jump Fury RC Cars hong kong

    AMAZON: Air Hogs Jump Fury RC Cars - Kids Ages 4+

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    For kids who are into remote control cars and toys, this is one fun gift! Jump Fury is an RC car that can literally jump up to 22 inches in the air! We also love that they have no damaged tires which means a longer-lasting toy. Air Hogs Jump Fury jumps, flips, 360-degree spins, wheelies, rebound off walls, race downstairs, drive over objects, and more. It’s fun and easy to master stunts anywhere indoors!

    Air Hogs Jump Fury RC Cars on Amazon, click here

  • Play Scooters Hong Kong

    PLAY: Scooters And Kids Helmets - Kids Ages 4+

    Parkview Store #SHOPLOCAL

    Scooters are all the rage with toddlers and kids! PLAY is a store based at Hong Kong Parkview and is loaded with goodies. Head over and browse their selection of scooters, helmets, and loads of popular toys!

    PLAY - Sports, Toys & More,Level 1, Spa & Resort, Hong Kong Parkview, 88 Tai Tam Reservoir Road Hong Kong, Hong Kong,, click here

  • VTech KidiStar DJ Mixer Black On Amazon

    AMAZON: VTech KidiStar DJ Mixer Black - Kids Ages 5+

    Online Shop + Delivery In Hong Kong

    Got a DJ in the house? VTech KidiStar DJ Mixer Black is a new mini DJ mixer that comes with the ability to on/off instruments, scratch, change the tempo and add effects. We love the party light too!

    VTech KidiStar DJ Mixer Black on Amazon, click here

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