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Unique Gifts For Men And Dads That Have Everything In Hong Kong

Unique Gifts For The Men In Your Life

Gifts For Men In Hong Kong

It’s always a challenge finding unique gifts for a man that has everything. We scoured every corner of Hong Kong to find you some extraordinary gifts, care package ideas, and experiences for him to enjoy throughout the year.

In this guide, you will be inspired by:

  • Unique Christmas Gifts For Men In Hong Kong
  • Experiential Gifts For Men In Hong Kong
  • Gifts For Him In Hong Kong
  • Online Gift Shopping For Men In Hong Kong

Want more gift guides in Hong Kong 2021?

  • GIFTS FOR MEN WHO HAVE EVERYTHING: Holiday Vibes Gift Hamper

    Unique Gift Hampers In Hong Kong #SHOPLOCAL

    What a year it has been!  Gift dad with a hamper loaded with pampering and wellness fun (he deserves it!). Gift Hampers Hong Kong has lots of amazing hamper options but we are specifically loving their Holiday Vibes hamper this year - body oils, towels, candle, body oil, organic tea, shampoo bar, bath towel!  This can also be gifted to mom too!

    Holiday Vibes Gift Hampers,

  • Barista Training In Hong Kong With The Coffee Academics

    GIFTS FOR MEN IN HONG KONG: Barista Training With The Coffee Academics In Hong Kong

    Make Your Own Coffee

    The Coffee Academics hosts extraordinary workshops for budding baristas. Espresso and Milk, Sensory and Cupping, and  Brewing courses are run regularly each month and teach individuals how to appreciate the artful skills of a barista. Pull shots and steam milk to make silky smooth lattes, explore the delicate nuances of coffee, open up your senses to new tastes, or learn how to perfect filter brews. Book online for courses.

    Barista Courses In Hong Kong

    • Espresso and Milk HK$488
    • Sensory and Cupping HK$488
    • Brewing HK$488

    Barista Training With The Coffee Academics, 35-45 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 5508 8735,,




  • Loewe Bild V Television In Hong Kong

    GIFTS FOR MEN IN HONG KONG: Loewe Bild V Television In Hong Kong

    German Television Technology

    The exquisite Loewe Bild V TV offers a viewing experience like no other. The best German technology combines elegance, tradition, performance, and incredible detail for endless fascinating TV moments. Bild V boasts a 4K OLED panel with HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision™ to ensure maximum enjoyment. The soundbar has 80 watts of total music output. Its basalt-colored fabric cover blends perfectly into any living environment. Loewe TVs have a reputation for great design and spectacular quality. HK$60,000 approximately.

    Loewe Bild V Television

  • Nomad Grill Little Steps Asia Hong Kong

    GIFTS FOR MEN IN HONG KONG: Nomad Portable Grill and Smoker In Hong Kong

    The man grill

    The Nomad grill is lightweight and boasts generous cooking space.  Magnetic air vents and directional heat maintain a consistent temperature, and convective airflow provides accurate cooking. The cast aluminium structure and anodised finish ensure a long-lasting adventure companion. The integrated bimetal thermometer gives uncompromized accuracy. The giant grill can easily handle 15 burgers on each side on almost 425 square inches of cooking space. The NOMAD exudes innovation and is ideal for back garden grilling, and the ideal 'boys' tool for camping, beach-going and outdoor adventures. HK$4,700 plus shipping with FedEx. Two-day delivery.

    Nomad Grill,

  • Balmuda The Toaster Little Steps Asia Hong Kong

    GIFTS FOR MEN IN HONG KONG: Balmuda The Toaster

    Best Kitchen Appliance For Men

    The ultimate breakfast tool. The Balmuda toaster uses steam technology to toast your bread – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Because water evaporates so quickly, it preserves the delicious flavours and captures moisture inside the toasty outside. Make delicious toasted sandwiches, muffins, artisan bread, pizza and bagels. The Japanese design has a cult following. You can use the oven setting to bake cookies or reheat food. From HK$2,598.00.

    Moma Design Store,,

  • Marshall Major IV Black Headphones Little Steps Asia Hong Kong

    GIFTS FOR MEN IN HONG KONG: Marshall Headphones In Hong Kong

    Legendary Acoustics

    The Marshall speakers are somewhat legendary. They’ve been on stage with endless performers and are famed for their crystal clear treble and booming bass notes. Since entering the consumer market, Marshall has produced some of the most sought after retro-styled speakers that look great in anyone’s home and impressive headphones for just about anywhere. The top of the range Major IV headphones give over 80 hours of wireless playtime and are comfortable with the improved ergonomic design. The custom dynamic drivers deliver roaring bass, smooth mids and luminous treble for unrivalled sound. From HK$1,299...

    Marshall Headphones,

  • The Bark And The Bite

    GIFTS FOR MEN IN HONG KONG: Sauces And Treats From The Bark and the Bite HK

    Sauces + Salsa + Fudge + More

    Give dad a real tasty treat this holiday period with a selection of yummy delights including sauces, fudge, chocolate bark, and more. If you have a salsa loving guy in the family - they have you covered with some amazing spicy options. Add an extra zing to your dining table!

    The Bark And The Bite,

  • Whiskey Tasting Alvin Lam Little Steps Asia Hong Kong

    GIFTS FOR MEN IN HONG KONG: Whisky Tasting With Whisky Ambassador Alvin Lam

    Discovering The Heady Nuances Of Whisky

    Alvin Lam is one of the few whisky ambassadors in Hong Kong. He has been known to impart his knowledge with senior execs of LVMH, HKCEC, G2000 Groups and Prudential. Alvin hosts exclusive tastings at  The Cell at FWD HOUSE 1881, the former marine police headquarters. He shares the secrets of three exceptional whiskies perfectly paired with fine cheese and chocolate – Glenmorangie, Mars Komagatake Yakushima and the limited edition Amrut Single Malt Whisky. Enjoy an afternoon masterclass and learn the delicate notes of some of the world’s finest whisky. From HK$1,000...

    Alvin Lam, G/F, FWD House 1881 Main Building, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,

  • Marcello Pignatelli Dal Luca Little Steps Asia Hong Kong


    Dapper Italian Dressing

    Marcello Pignatelli is known for his dapper bespoke suits, shirts and ties. He lives and breathes fine tailoring and brings the Italian experience to Hong Kong. Dal Duca, the by-appointment store, has beautiful collections of the finest fabrics. Each suit is impeccably made from kitten-soft Italian fabrics and handmade in Naples before being sent back for fittings. It's a relatively lengthy process, but if you want authentic Italian style, it's worth the wait. By appointment only. 

    Marcello Pignatelli, +852 5502 8290,,

  • Little Dukes Barbers Little Steps Asia Hong Kong


    Man Cave Pampering

    A morning or afternoon of man-style pampering. The Duke's Man Cave is considered one of the best barbershops in Hong Kong. Not only does the team provide a traditional fresh cut and shave, but it offers Cuban cigars, whisky, darts, television, your favourite video games like PS4 and Nintendo, darts and even a poker table. It's a true modern interpretation of a barbershop and a gentlemen's lounge. By appointment only and from HK$350...

    The Dukes, 60 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2801 6755,

  • DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone Little Steps Asia Hong Kong

    GIFTS FOR MEN IN HONG KONG: DJI Mavic Air 2 Combo CE Drone

    Aerial Hong Kong

    DJI is the leader in civilian drones, aerial imaging, and creative camera technology. The Mavic Air 2 offers advanced features in a compact, lightweight body and puts aerial photography and video masterpieces within your reach. Safe, smart flight remote controls allow you to control your drone with ease. The improved battery life gives you up to 34 minutes of flight time and a maximum fast-paced speed of almost 70 kmph in its impressive sport mode. Please follow local drone laws when using the DJI Mavic 2. From HK$7,699...

    DJI Mavic Air 2 Combo CE Drone,

  • AUTEUR Watches Little Steps Asia Hong Kong


    Hong Kong Grown Watches

    Founded in 2011 by two French designers, AUTEUR showcases a collection of exquisite timepieces inspired by contemporary architecture. Timepieces will always be an intrinsic part of a man’s wardrobe; these Hong Kong-based designers offer innovatively timeless watches that are meaningful and minimal. Their less is more philosophy and beautifully manufactured watches are handcrafted with high-quality materials for everyday use. The design-forward timepieces have earned them a coveted spot at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. From In the range of HK$1,200...

    AUTEUR Watches,


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