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Top Pet Relocation Companies In Hong Kong For Moving Your Pet

Import, Export, Travel & Everything In Between

Moving is one of the most stressful life events, and moving with a pet can seem like an overwhelmingly complicated venture. In reality, some experts have been dedicated to that genuine issue, some of them for decades. Their expertise and experience will cover every step of the process of relocating your pet, from letting you in on preparation tips, assisting with paperwork, and travel regulations to bringing them to your doorstep if needed – stress-free for your pet and stress-free for you. Here is our breakdown of the top pet relocation companies in Hong Kong!

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    Pet Relocation Company In Hong Kong

    Ferndale Kennels & Cattery was founded in 1997, and they have been expertly flying pets all over the world ever since. With two decades in the business, they have the professional knowledge, relationships and facilities to make traveling with your four-legged an enjoyable experience. They offer complete door-to-door pet relocation services anywhere in the world. Their offices are located amongst the beautiful hills of Sai Kung Country Park.

    Ferndale Kennels & Cattery, SX-2031 Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung Country Park, +852 2791 9330,

  • EXPORT-A-PET: Flying Pets For Over 20 Years

    Pet Relocation Company In Hong Kong

    Export-A-Pet has been offering excellent pet relocation services since 1996! They are committed to your pet's comfort, safety, health, and happiness during its travels. Their services include door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-port options, reliable and long-term worldwide connections, and saving you time. They work closely with their sister company "Kennel Van Dego", which provides an excellent boarding service in Hong Kong.

    Export-A-Pet, No.6., Shek Hang Village, Yan Yee Road, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong, +852 2358 1774,,


  • CROWN RELOCATIONS: Domestic/International Relocation Company With Pet Relocation Services

    Pet Relocation Company In Hong Kong

    Crown Relocations is a renowned domestic and international relocation company that also offers pet relocation services. They emphasize that your pet’s relocation is managed by caring, knowledgeable, and compassionate handlers. They provide guidance and services that encompass all registrations, special travel requirements, medical regulations, and more between your location and destination. They will give your pet all the affection they need to accommodate to their new home happily – and even give you helpful tips on how to love your pet yourself in a way that will ease the process as much as possible.

    Crown Relocations, +852 26368399,,

  • Pet relocation Hong Kong

    PETRELOCATION: Tailored Services For Different Kinds Of Pets

    Pet Relocation Company In Hong Kong

    PetRelocation offers full-service support and keeps up with the ever-changing rules of airlines and quarantine regulations. They offer different services for different kinds of animals, making sure your pet gets a breed-appropriate experience that’s further tailored to their individual needs. They claim they’ve seen it all and that there’s no pet too exotic for them to take to their new destination. Their website contains helpful COVID-19 updates and informative customer stories. They are very transparent about their practices and equally resourceful!


  • Relopaws Hong Kong

    RELOPAWS LIMITED: Services Include Export, Import And Transit Move For Your Pet

    Pet Relocation Company In Hong Kong

    Relopaws is a member of IPATA, an international pet transport organization, and handles export, import and transit move, treat each move on an individual basis, and offer various services for individual needs. At Relopaws, your pets are not treated as cargo but as furry friends if they were their own. They strongly advise against giving your pet any form of sedatives, and they offer helpful advice on preparing them instead. Their Facebook page contains heartwarming and useful updates!

    Relopaws, +852 2659 0025,,

  • Aero pet relocation hong kong

    AEROPET COMPANY: Full Export, Import And Transit Services For Your Pet

    Pet Relocation Company In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong-based and exceptionally experienced (founded in 1991), Aeropet provides full export, import and transit services for four-legged and feathery companions. Their services include an application for permits, certificates, CITES and pet passports; arranging quarantine facilities, veterinary inspection, cargo booking and boarding kennel; and providing airline-approved travel crate and transportation.

    Aeropet, +852 2744 3330,,

  • Pet movers Hong Kong

    PETMOVERSHK: Customized Travel Experience For Your Pet

    Pet Relocation Company In Hong Kong

    PetMoversHK has been relocating pets across the globe for over a decade. They work closely with agents globally to create a customized travel experience for your pet, taking care of all stages of the relocation process, and making sure it’s a pleasant journey for your four-legged friends. Service includes complete all-travel arrangements and bookings on the most direct and pet-friendly flights, door-to-door pickup anywhere in the world, advice of special requirements and quarantine laws, preparation of documentation, customs clearance, provision of IATA approved flight kennels, etc. See the full list of services here!

    PetMoversHK, +852 3404 0061,,

  • International Pet travel Hong kong

    INTERNATIONAL PET TRAVEL: Receive Your Own Pet Relocation Consultant For A Tailored Experience

    Pet Relocation Company In Hong Kong

    International Pet Travel was founded in 1997 and is one of the fastest-growing pet relocation companies in Asia. They assign you an experienced Pet Relocation Consultant who provides you with services tailor-made for you and your pet. Global connections, expert personnel, and up-to-date information coming directly from quarantine officials allow International Pet Travel to provide a superb service. Their website contains helpful travel tips, pet insurance, as well as reassuring testimonials that speak to their dedication and expertise.

    International Pet Travel, +852 3428 2162,,

  • Pet export vet hong Kong

    PET EXPORT VET: Owned By An IPATA-Registered Veterinary Surgeon

    Pet Relocation Company In Hong Kong

    Pet Export Vet is Hong Kong’s first and only premium pet relocation company owned and operated by an IPATA-registered veterinary surgeon, Dr. Gerry Pahl. He was raised on a farm surrounded by animals and went through the process of relocating his pets from Australia to Hong Kong and back, which gave him insight into the importance of a streamlined service that includes one person overseeing the care and transport of your pet from door to door. They now help you arrange all veterinary and relocation services from the comfort of your home!

    Pet Export Vet, +852 2403 9628,,

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