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The Best Child Psychologists, Therapists, And Counselors In Hong Kong

Check Out Hong Kong's Top Therapists For Kids & Teens

Top Child Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors In Hong Kong

As we’re burdened with work, bills, family obligations, and all this responsibility that no one is ever prepared for, we forget that kids and teens can experience the same levels of stress in their day-to-day lives, not to mention when tragedies, divorce, or significant changes shake up their worlds.

Mental health is a wide spectrum. Hong Kong’s therapists, counselors, and psychologists can help your kiddo get to know themselves better and uncover their healthiest self no matter the severity of their struggles!

Though the terms counselor, therapist, and psychologist are often used interchangeably, counselors can generally have diverse backgrounds and are trained to listen to people and give them advice about their problems, therapists can imply licensed psychologists, social workers, and experts from related fields, and psychologists are health professionals with specific training including psychological research into human behavior and can prescribe medication.

Therapy is paramount in treating mental illness, but the world would be a better place if we didn’t shy away from working on mental wellness, to begin with!

  • Mindnlife psychological counseling in Hong Kong

    MINDNLIFE (Client-Centered Therapy For Adults, Teens, Kids, Families & Couples)

    MindnLife is a Hong Kong-based private psychology practice and a winner of Expat Living’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2021. Their experienced team of psychologists and counselors provide an excellent care standard, using clinically-proven therapeutic interventions and individualized treatment plans. They focus on Client-Centered Therapy to help clients overcome personal barriers to growth. MindnLife offers various services and support for individuals,adults, childrenteensfamilies, and couples facing a wide range of issues. They also offer Educational Assessments that are firmly based on psychology data and research.


    MindnLife, Suite 1202, Chinachem Hollywood Centre, 1 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2521 4668, info@mindnlife.com, www.mindnlife.com

  • JADIS BLURTON FAMILY DEVELOPMENT CENTER (Therapy for Kids, Teens, Adults + Couples, Psychoeducational Assessments, Speech Therapy)

    The Jadis Blurton Family Development Center offers psychological therapy and counseling, psychoeducational assessments, and speech and language therapy. Their multi-disciplinary team of professionals works with adults, teens and children to assist with issues such as depression and low mood, anxiety, stress, anger management, ADHD, OCD and parenting. They also offer couples counseling, addressing communication, commitment and trust, physical and emotional abuse, and infidelity. The Center has a diverse team of therapists who are registered in Hong Kong, Canada, the UK and NZ, and provide in-person or online services in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. LGBTQ friendly.


    The Jadis Blurton Family Development Center, 10th Floor, The Plaza, 21 D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2869 1962, info@blurton-fdc.comwww.blurton-fdc.com

  • Spot psychologists and counselors in Hong Kong

    SPOT (Solution-Oriented Therapy For Families, Kids, Teens & Adults)

    SPOT is one of Hong Kong’s leading pediatric clinic with a warm and caring team of highly experienced specialists, conducting therapy in specialized pediatric and family-friendly spaces. Their doctoral-level psychologists and masters level counseling professionals specialize in supporting children, adolescents, parents, and families through multiple assessments and tailored therapy including play and art therapy. The SPOT team is trilingual and they come from diverse backgrounds, therapy focuses on clients’ strengths and needs. SPOT strives to make a positive difference in families and individual's lives and is committed to helping them overcome roadblocks and challenges that have surfaced. SPOT therapists are solution-oriented and seek to help clients achieve tangible goals and positive life changes. Call the SPOT clinic to speak to one of the team and find the right therapist to suit your needs.


    SPOT, contact@spot.com.hk, spot.com.hk

    1021-1025 One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, +852 2807 2992

    17/F Wing’s Building, 110-116 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2807 3223

    Flat 604, South DB Plaza (Block A), Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, +852 2807 2992

  • CDC for Psycho-educational Assessments for children and teenagers

    THE CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (Psycho-Educational Assessments For Children And Teenagers)

    The Child Development Centre comprises a team of dedicated special educational needs professionals and has provided assessments, interventions, therapies, and parent support in Hong Kong for over four decades. Their team of psychologists consults on behavior management strategies. It conducts psycho-educational assessments in English or Chinese to determine whether a child or teenager has developmental, social, attention-related and/or learning challenges. The in-depth evaluation provides a profile of strengths and weaknesses, leading to tailor-made recommendations. Find more details here!


    The Child Development Centre, 4/F, Prime Mansion, 183-187 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 852 2849 6138, info@cdchk.org, www.cdchk.org

  • Beautiful Mind Child Therapists Hong Kong

    BEAUTIFUL MIND (Child + Teen Emotional & Behavioral Difficulties)

    Beautiful Mind’s Dr. Bertie Wai provides child and adolescent therapy. She generally works from the psychoanalytic psychotherapy and the Tavistock Relationships models; when working with children, she starts by engaging them through different means depending on their interests and maturity. She helps kids process their distress in verbal and nonverbal ways and helps them overcome social and emotional difficulties and process loss, and restore a sense of self-mastery. Meetings with parents are central to her approach to working with children – especially for kids under 12, while adolescents have a say in the level of their parent’s involvement. Her FAQ can help you understand child & teen therapy better, and there’s loads of generally helpful info here!


    Beautiful Mind, 10/F, Central Building, 1-3 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 9147 4234, www.beautifulmindhk.com

  • ADLER FAMILY CENTRE: Therapy For Adults, Teens, Kids, Families & Couples + Autism Evaluation

    Andrew Adler, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist in New York State (US) and has specialized in evaluating and treating a wide range of psychological difficulties for the past 19 years. He is the Adler Family Centre director in Hong Kong and a member of the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Family Law Association, and Secretary of the Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong. Dr. Adler’s expertise is in identifying and using clients’ strengths and abilities to help clients master life challenges to achieve greater contentment. He provides various services, including the following: Individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults, Family therapy, Couples counseling, Parent counseling, Child custody evaluations, Autism, and more!


    Adler Family Centre, +852 9386 5104, contact@adlerfamilycentre.com.hkwww.adlerfamilycentre.com.hk

  • Shelly Mok Child Therapists Hong Kong


    Shelly Mok is a counseling psychologist who practices psychodynamic therapy. She has extensive experience in working with children with emotional and behavioral difficulties. More specifically, she practices play therapy for kids between the ages of 3 and 9 with issues ranging from oppositional behaviors, anxiety & depression, abuse, trauma, chronic illness to difficulties stemming from life changes like moving or divorce. Learn more about her here!


    Shelly Mok Counselling Psychologist, (by appointment:) Unit 1301, 13/F, Fortune Centre, 44 - 48 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. (MTR Causeway Bay Exit F1) +852 6633 5047, shellymok@shellymok.com, www.shellymok.com

  • Integrate Therapists Hong Kong

    INTEGRATE (Play Therapy, Counseling For Kids 3-16 & Kids' Divorce Support Group)

    Integrate offers play therapy and ongoing therapy for kids and a kid's divorce support group. Play therapy at Integrate uses a psychotherapeutic approach to help kids and adolescents aged 3 to 16 communicate and consequently resolve emotional and behavioral issues in a safe environment. The center also offers clinical psychology to kids and adolescents to diagnose existing or potential disorders and counseling to help cope with anxiety, depression, trauma, and a range of other difficulties. Both counseling and clinical psychology are offered either individually or in groups. Read more here!


    Integrate, +852 2522 2690, info@integratehk.hk, www.integratehk.hk

    Central Rooms, 1901, Haleson Building, 1 Jubilee Street, Central, Hong Kong

    Discovery Bay Rooms, Unit 22, 1F Block 2, Discovery Bay North Plaza, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

  • Mindworx Child Therapists Hong Kong

    MINDWORX: MENTAL WELLNESS CLINIC (Child + Teen Emotional & Behavioral Difficulties)

    MindWorX is OT&P's dedicated private mental wellness clinic that gathered a team of psychologists, mental health counselors, a psychiatrist, a behavioral therapist, a clinical hypnotherapist and an educational psychometrician to help preserve, improve, or regain mental wellness! MindWorX offers specialized adolescent therapy to help teens with issues ranging from exam stress, bullying and parental divorce to anxiety, depression and autism, ADHD and everything in between. For child & developmental psychology, go here! They also offer family therapy, assessments and are LGBTQIA+ friendly!


    MindWorX, 6/F Century Square, 1 D’Aguillar Street, Central, Hong Kong,  +852 2526 9886, www.otandp.com/services/mindworx-mental-wellness

  • CDT Child Therapists Hong Kong

    CHILD DEVELOPMENT TEAM (Specialized Clinics For Disorders, Family Therapy + Group Programs)

    Child Development Team provides an incredibly comprehensive range of counseling and psychotherapy services. Their expert, collaborative team, consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, dieticians, general practitioners, nurses, and more, makes sure your kiddo is supported from every angle necessary. CDT has dedicated specialized clinics for Eating Disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Selective Mutism, and (among others) Psychological & Counseling services that include family therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, play therapy, assessments, and group programs for different age groups!


    Child Development Team, 10th Floor, One Island South, Suite 1015, 2 Heung Yip Road, Hong Kong, +852 2592 9000, enquiries@southside.com.hk, www.cdt.com.hk/eating-disorders-clinic

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