Best Websites For Online Grocery And Speciality Food Delivery In Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Best Websites/Apps To Shop For Groceries And Speciality Food

Grocery Delivery Hong Kong

Getting groceries in Hong Kong can sometimes feel more like a scavenger hunt than a leisurely shopping trip. Fortunately, more and more online delivery services are popping up to help make feeding your family a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a general one-stop online shop or have more specific dietary needs, we’ve got you covered with our top 10 choices for online grocery delivery in Hong Kong.

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  • Online grocery apps, websites, and delivery options in Hong Kong
  • Specialty grocery store options from British to French to Italian!
  • Fine food grocery store options in Hong Kong
  • More – spices, international options, more!

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Want more grocery, meat and seafood, and veggie delivery in Hong Kong?

  • SOUTH STREAM MARKET: Specialty Grocery

    Online Grocery Delivery In Hong Kong

    While many associate South Stream Market as a hub for fresh seafood and meats, the website actually stocks a full range of grocery online shopping items, fresh veggies and fruits, and more! Eggs are a popular item at their store due to their sourcing criteria. They also host options for specialty and allergy diets including gluten-free foods.

    South Stream

  • MORE LARGE SUPERMARKETS IN HONG KONG: Offering Online Ordering And Delivery

    Chain Supermarkets Delivering In Hong Kong

    Most supermarkets in Hong Kong do offer online ordering and delivery services Hong Kong. Some of our favorites are below. We also love the new Marks And Spencer app, which offers fresh food and grocery delivery all over Hong Kong (including places like Clearwater Bay). Be sure to check their delivery schedules and options as they sometimes change. Great Food Hall offers same-day delivery for Hong Kong island and next-day delivery for New Territories and Kowloon. They do not cover outlying islands. Market Place By Jasons also offers phone and online ordering with delivery all over Hong Kong. ParknShop has stores all over Hong Kong, including Clearwater Bay (ParknShop only), Central, TST, and beyond. Log into their website, shop, and they will deliver to your door. City Super also has an online website for shopping and offers free delivery for orders over HK$800. They have same-day delivery for Hong Kong and next-day delivery for other areas in Hong Kong, including Sai Kung, Tung Chung, Clearwater Bay, and more. Sorry - City Super does not cover the outlying islands.

    Supermarkets Offering Online + Grocery Delivery In Hong Kong

    Supermarkets Offering Grocery Delivery Only In Hong Kong


    Online Supermarkets Delivering Across Hong Kong

    HKTV Mall is a mega website and it has it all! Whether you are looking for brand-specific diapers or bulk grocery shopping or electronics, HKTV Mall is a go-to for family weekly shopping. They work with leading brands to deliver an easy-to-use experience partnered with fast delivery all over Hong Kong. They also have a full section for baby care! P.S. - they have excellent discounts too. Z Store is also gaining in popularity with a wide variety of goods and fast delivery.

    Online-Only Grocery Delivery In Hong Kong:


    Buying Gluten-Free, Supplements And Dairy-Free Groceries In Hong Kong

    A favorite for specialty food items, supplements, superfoods, and special diet items for the lunchbox, iHerb is based in the USA but delivers to Hong Kong at really great prices and fast. There are also books and beauty products at affordable prices. They also have an app with one-touch re-ordering. Score! There is no fresh food at this online grocery store - so it's for your dry goods and special items only. Biovea Hong Kong is a one-stop-shop health food store offering high-end health and beauty products. For gluten-free items, Fresh Food Supply is a great option and they also offer veggies and fruit subscription services. NutriAlley is dedicated to offering products for allergy-friendly diets. Each item in the shop has an array of helpful icons to easily find foods that fit your needs, whether that’s no egg, no wheat, vegan, or celiac-safe. NutriAlley doesn’t have the biggest selection, but it does have a good range of basic cooking supplies, plus some hard-to-find allergy-friendly treats like waffle mixes and cookies. Food Craft offers a gorgeous online store with vegan-friendly, gluten-free items, KETO-friendly diet foods, and more.  It's also got a zero-waste focus which earns extra points with Little Steps readers! In more recent news, one of Hong Kong's favorite meal plan delivery services has launched a new platform - NOSH Direct features leading wellness groceries, supplements and biohacking brands from Europe and the US.

    General Health And Speciality Online Stores In Hong Kong:

    Gluten-Free And Special Diet Online Stores In Hong Kong:

    Where To Buy Spices In Hong Kong:

  • Organic Produce What's In Hong Kong

    FINE FOOD DELIVERY IN HONG KONG: Oysters, Cheese And More

    Where To Buy Gourmet Foods In Hong Kong?

    Cheese Club offers the finest and largest selection of cheeses and gourmet products at the best price in town, including cheeses, cold cuts, wine and organic fruits and vegetables! They organize a special monthly offer that features a new theme each month. If you can’t wait for the monthly offer, order from their permanent online shop and enjoy next day delivery!

    For other fine food delivery in Hong Kong, Flair Food is another family and dinner party favorite. If you are looking for oysters from France, caviar, smoked salmon tartare, dried tomatoes, homemade pasta, or some fine champagne - this hub of entertaining delights will sort you quickly! Note, they also have some amazing cheese and oils.


    Where To Buy Vegetarian And Vegan Friendly Food In Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong is slowly becoming more vegan-friendly, but most grocery stores still don’t carry many vegan alternatives. One Vegan Shop makes your grocery shopping that much easier, with a big range of vegan foods, plus pet and household supplies. They’ve got the largest selection of vegan options of any online shop in Hong Kong. And if you prefer doing your shopping the old-fashioned way, they also have a brick-and-mortar store in Yuen Long! Green Common is a go-to for vegetarian and vegan-friendly shopping in Hong Kong and they have an online store with free delivery on orders over HK$400. Slowood is a huge zero-waste store in Kennedy Town and they also have online ordering options for hard-to-locate items such as oat milk and household items too.

  • Fresh Farm Milk In Hong Kong

    FRESH MILK DELIVERY IN HONG KONG: Kowloon Dairy Milk + Little Steps Guide To Plant/Nut Based Milk Delivery

    Where To Get Milk Delivered In Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong has a lovely fresh milk delivery company - enter Kowloon Dairy!  Kowloon Dairy is quickly becoming a favorite choice for Hong Kong parents looking for a local option promising 100% fresh milk. You can find Kowloon Dairy Milk at most supermarkets in Hong Kong. For more information click here.

    • Guide To Plant And Nut Base Milk Home Delivery In Hong Kong – Oat, Almond, Coconut & More, Click here!

    Local Supermarkets Delivering In Hong Kong

    If you’re looking to keep your shopping local, Homegrown Foods actually goes beyond the organic label. They refer to their selection of fresh produce as “premium clean”: local vegetables that are cultivated without the use of chemicals and produced on environmentally friendly, sustainable farms. Homegrown Foods works with small Hong Kong farms and is all about being as local and green as possible—even their packaging is reusable! They offer a small range of household items and some all-natural and organic baby care goods, but their main staple is fresh produce which you can order by selection or as a weekly subscription box.

  • Indian Food Delivery Hong Kong

    INDIAN GROCERY STORES IN HONG KONG: Indian Supermarkets + Online Options

    Where To Find Indian Supermarkets In Hong Kong

    Looking to spice things up with your grocery selections? Spice Store has a big range of Indian staples! But it’s not just spices, they also offer lots of British brands and a full selection of baby products too. The grocery section has both pantry staples and fresh produce, with vegetables flown in from India. And if you’re looking to try something new in the kitchen, their blog has recipes that link back to ingredients in the store! From fresh samosas to ingredients, Kiran's Store is also a popular Indian food and ingredients store and they offer next day delivery. For those living in Tseung Kwan O or Clearwater Bay, Bhavhika is a favorite for Basmati rice, curry leaves, and Indian spices. They are online too

  • British Food Delivery hong kong

    BRITISH GROCERY STORES IN HONG KONG: All Your Favorite British Brands

    Where To Find British Food In Hong Kong?

    For Brits looking for a taste of home, British Essentials carries all of your favorite (or favourite!) British brands. British Essentials definitely wins the award for cutest website of all the online delivery options, and it also has a pretty good range of grocery categories. They also have some standard baby care products, but not as big a selection as some of the other services.

  • French Delivery Hong Kong

    FRENCH GROCERY STORES IN HONG KONG: French Cheese, Wine And More

    Where To Find French Food In Hong Kong?

    Looking for a taste of Paris in Hong Kong? Francophiles will love the selection of groceries and home goods offered by Mordicus. You'll find here all the French essentials, as well as household products. They also have a baby section for families with little ones looking for that amazing French food.


    More Online Grocery And Speciality Food Delivery In Hong Kong

    Italian Grocery And Food Delivery:

    New Zealand Grocery And Food Delivery:

    Bread And Bakery Delivery:

    Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Foods Delivery:

    Japanese Grocery And Food Delivery:

    Swedish Grocery And Food Delivery In Hong Kong:

    Indonesian Food And Grocery Delivery In Hong Kong:

    Korean Food And Grocery Delivery in Hong Kong:

    Thai Food Ingredients And Grocery:

    • Cheong Thai Supermarket, G/F, 25-29 Kai Tak Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong - not online
    • Ruamjai Thai Market, G/F, 11-13 Tak Ku Ling Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong, +852 2716 4808 *not online

    Order And Pick-Up Groceries In Hong Kong:

    Feather and - Feather & Bone offer both the 'Click & Collect' and Delivery! Online Purchases of above HK$500 = Free Delivery. If the online transaction is below HK$500, the delivery fee is HK$100.


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