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Looking for a quality protein that’s reliable and fresh, delivered right to your door? We’ve got the scoop on Hong Kong’s best meat and seafood delivery companies in Hong Kong.  Stock your fridge or freezer with top-quality cuts for family meals that are nutritious and delicious! This guide covers it all from the best organic meats to feed your kids to wholesale and online and offline butcher shops too. Order oysters, rare meats for your next BBQ, organic chicken, and tenderloin too.  Happy eating!

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  • Meat Farmers Market Hong Kong

    FARMER'S MARKET: Sustainable Meat And Seafood Delivery In Hong Kong

    Traceable, Sustainable, Affordable Australian Meat & Seafood

    Farmer’s Market is the go-to meat and seafood supplier to many Hong Kong families for good reason! Not only does their produce taste great (try their grass fed Aussie beef and you’ll never go back to the supermarket stuff!) but they also guarantee no hormones or antibiotics in any of their meat or seafood. Farmer’s Market was set up by Australian mom of two Emma Pike in 2016 and she ensures that this online butcher only supplies sustainably farmed, clean and delicious meat and seafood. They've got you covered for your weekday family favourites and your weekend roasts and BBQs! Farmer’s Market offer next day delivery 5 days per week, and free delivery on orders over HK$800.

    Use the code LITTLEFARMER to take 20% off your first order! One use per customer, valid until April 2023

    Farmer's Market,,

  • South Stream Seafoods, Hong Kong

    SOUTH STREAM MARKET: Frozen And Fresh Meat And Seafood Delivery In HK *Baby And Toddler-Friendly Portions!

    Fast Delivery Of Meat And Seafood From Australia, NZ, And Beyond

    What started as a seafood specialist in Hong Kong is now much more! While South Stream Market still has the freshest seafood from Australia, NZ, and beyond, they also carry fresh meat that can be cut and vacuum-packed to specifications, as well as frozen options, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian foods, and even eco-friendly cleaning products. What's more, they have 100g packs of boneless cuts of fish and minced meat tailor-made for new eaters, which we love for homemade baby food! They deliver meat and seafood to your door 6 days per week and delivery includes hard to reach places like Clearwater Bay and the islands.

    South Stream Market, cs@southstreammarket.comwww.southstreammarket.comFacebook Page

  • Hamper Biltong Chief Hong Kong

    BILTONG CHIEF: Sustainably Sourced BBQ Products From South Africa Delivered To Your Door In HK

    Award-winning Online Butcher & Grocer With The Latest And Greatest Cuts In Store

    Kickstart your next barbecue with expertly aged steaks, biltong, farm-style sausages, lobster tails, picanha steak, marinated ribs, skewers, wagyu burgers and a fantastic selection of South African wines. Biltong Chief's co-founderrs are from South Africa, a country synonymous with being welcoming hosts. They offer a friendly and efficient daily service who have every corner of Hong Kong barbecuing. You’ll find an authentic range of biltong, meat, seafood, beer and wine from acclaimed Stellenbosch wineries and emerging regions such as the Swartland. They’re online and ready to offer you recommendations and the latest trending cuts available. Biltong Chief deliver to your doorstep 7 days a week.

    Biltong Chief, +852 5696 9184, info@biltongchief.comwww.biltongchief.comFacebook Page

    Order before cut-off for next day delivery (12pm Mon - Fri; 10am Sat)

  • Growsfresh Hong Kong Meat And Seafood

    GROWSFRESH: Sustainable Meat And Seafood Delivery In HK *Australian, Alaskan, Italian Sourced

    Top Grade Certified Organic Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon In Hong Kong

    growsFresh wants you to enjoy eating at home and with your family and friends, knowing your products are clean, ethically, and sustainably produced the highest quality, and fully traceable back to the farm, or fishing area from which they are sourced. They carry the highest grade Australian Certified Organic Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, & Turkey, & four types of the ‘World's Finest Salmon’ pure wild salmon and a wider range of seafood directly from Copper River fishermen in Alaska. An in-house butchering team produces fresh mince and sausages as well as perfectly trimmed steak and low and slow roasting items for your order daily.

    growsFresh, Unit 04, Floor 04, Oceanic Industrial Centre, 2 Lee Lok St, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong, +852 2889 0396, info@growsfresh.comwww.growsfresh.comFacebook Page

  • Bones and Blades, Hong Kong

    BONES AND BLADES: Premium Quality Meats And Seafood Delivered To Your Home In Hong Kong

    Wagyu Meats, OBE Sirloin, Homemade Sausages, BBQ Packs, Free-Range Chicken In Hong Kong

    This groovy butcher has locations at 3 outposts in Hong Kong and focuses on sourcing meats and poultry from artisan, small-scale and family-owned producers globally. All their meats are of premium quality and are targeting conscious meat-eaters. Wagyu meats, OBE sirloin, and homemade sausages for your next BBQ - they will sort you.  They even have BBQ packs that feed the whole party in one go!  Free-range chicken - buy it up here too!  Want to feed your dog?  They are bringing top-notch dog food to the market soon too. Upon purchase of HK$800 or above, customers can enjoy free shipping and delivery service. Orders will be delivered within 48 hours. Note, no delivery to outlying islands.

    Bones & Blades,

    Bones & Blades - Sai Ying Pun, Shop F, Ground Floor, No. 1 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, Sai Wan, Hong Kong, +852 5200 3950

    Bones & Blades - Sai Kung, G/F, 106 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung, New Territories, Whatsapp: +852 5200 3951

    Bones & Blades - Yuen Long, Shop 2059, 2/F, Phase 1, Yoho Mall I, 9 Long Yat Road, Yuen Long, New Territories, Whatsapp: +852 5200 3901

  • 178 Degrees, Hong Kong

    178 DEGREES: New Zealand Sourced Meat And Sustainable Seafood Offering Home Delivery In HK

    Oysters, Mussels, Cod, Salmon, Wagyu, Lamb Shanks In Hong Kong

    178 Degrees sources premium foodstuffs exclusively from New Zealand. Surf the gorgeous website for manuka honey, wholegrain bread, fresh apples, seafood (cod, clams, mussels, oysters, and more). You will also find premium wagyu beef and lamb racks - all from NZ! With the launch of their new website and the onset of Easter break, they have a couple of new products available. Click here for their fish and seafood selection. Click here for the meats selection in HK.

    178 Degrees, 7/F Grand Millennium Plaza, 181 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong,


    MEATMARKET.HK: Free Range And Organic Meats From Australia With Delivery In Hong Kong

    Chemical & Hormone-Free, Free-Range & Organic Meat, Fresh Produce In HK specializes in sourcing chemical & hormone-free, free-range & organic meat, fresh produce, and grocery items from Australia and countries with recognized certifications. Be sure to check out their baby packs that are in 50/100-gram packaging with products portioned “small” for easy serving size preparation for a child’s meal. They also have meats catering to a Paleo diet in HK!, Whastapp: +852 6681 9561,  They deliver to almost all of Hong Kong

  • Tenderloin Fine Food, Hong Kong

    TENDERLOIN FINE FOOD: Hard-To-Find Meats And Seafoods With Home Delivery In Hong Kong

    Dutch Veal, Organic Duck, Argentine Grass-Fed Beef, Caviar In Hong Kong

    Tenderloin provides quality meats and seafood, along with hard-to-find items such as Dutch milk-fed veal, organic duck, crawfish, Argentine grass-fed beef, and caviar from around the globe. They have a whole section on organic meats including chicken, turkey, duck, meat, lamb, and sausages too. Please check their payment options and updated COVID delivery schedule on their website.

    Tenderloin Fine Food Ltd, +852 2877 2733,

  • Ocean Three, Hong Kong

    OCEAN THREE: Frozen Seafood, Meats, And Sashimi With Home Delivery In HK

    Sashimi, Spanish Ham, Oysters, Seafood In Hong Kong

    Seafood lovers will delight at Ocean Three, where an abundant choice of sea produce is on offer. Most notable for its oyster range from all over the world, the online store also boasts an overwhelming selection of frozen seafood, sashimi, meat, and Spanish ham. While you shop, snap up the kitchen tools, seasonings, wine, and dessert too! They also have a wide variety of oysters for those special occasions In Hong Kong. Home delivery is available and self-pick-up is currently on hold due to COVID.

    Ocean Three, Locations all over Hong Kong, +852 3421 0103,

  • MM Fresh, Hong Kong

    MM FRESH: Sustainable Fresh Seafood, Natural Lamb & Beef From New Zealand With Home Delivery In HK

    King Salmon, Beef, And Grass-Fed Lamb In Hong Kong

    Sourcing sustainable, fresh seafood as well as chilled grass-fed lamb and beef and homemade pies from New Zealand, MM Fresh is another goodie you must try. Their New Zealand King Ora salmon has been named a particular favorite with customers as the only farmed species to be awarded "Best Choice" by Seafood Watch on sustainability and other criteria. Free delivery for orders above HK$1000 and for orders for less delivery is HK$100. They deliver all over HK except Lantau and outer islands.

    MM Fresh, +852 2762 7798,

  • Pacific Gourmet, Hong Kong

    PACIFIC GOURMET: Online Grocery With Wide Range of Meat, Seafood, And Deli Meat That Delivery In HK

    Hokkaido Scallops, Calamari Tubes, Mahi Mahi, Rainbow Trout, Bucco Veal, Beef, And More

    Pacific Gourmet’s brick-and-mortar shops are a must for those living on Hong Kong Island. For everyone else, visit their online shop for a choice assortment of meat, seafood, deli meat, and sauces, along with wine to accompany your meal. They deliver all over Hong Kong - check their site for details.   Delivery is Monday-Saturday.

    Pacific Gourmet, +852 2898 0221,

  • Gonzalo Kosher Meat, Hong Kong

    GONZALO KOSHER MEAT: Kosher And Grass Fed Meat And Fish In Hong Kong With Home Delivery

    Everything Kosher - Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Sausage, Turkey, Fish In Hong Kong

    Searching far and wide for kosher, grass-fed organic meat? Gonzalo’s has just what you’re looking for! The online shop stocks Glatt Kosher meats - choose from tempting steaks and beef, whole chickens for roasting, and lamb, among other mouthwatering options sure to win the heart of every meat lover under your roof. Also, be sure to check out the guide section with tips on cooking with grass-fed meat, grilling, and everything you need to know about kosher.

    Gonzalo Kosher Meat, +852 6462 2075,

  • The Butcher's Club, Hong Kong

    THE BUTCHERS CLUB: Self Pick-Up and Online Delivery Of Meats In Hong Kong

    Scallops, Beyond Meat, Morton's Steak, King Crab Legs, And More

    Pioneering the dry aging beef trend in Asia, The Butchers Club operates a chain of delis in Hong Kong featuring dry-aged beef, poultry, Beyond Meat, Morton's Steak, and seafood (including Caviar, Scallops, and King Crab Legs. The artisan butchery also has an online store that stocks a wide range of beef, steak, burger, sausages, seafood, and shellfish, plus beverages, condiments, and herbs. Best for special occasions, try the custom dry-aging service for a whole slab of beef prepared to your bespoke requirements. Did you know they also offer sausage-making workshops for kids? Self-pick-up and delivery are available.  The daily cut-off is 12 noon on weekdays!

    The Butchers Club, Locations all over Hong Kong, +852 2552 8282,,

  • Chef's Garden, Hong Kong


    Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken Turkey, Halibut, Salmon, And More

    Chef's Garden partners with farmers and vendors to hand-select and deliver the freshest organic produce, dairy, and cheeses. They have been supplying HK restaurants with frozen and fresh produce and seafood since 1999 and are now firmly positioned as a major, local supplier for a wide range of goodness.


  • Profood Hong Kong Meats And Hams

    PROFOOD: Specialty Meats, Caviar, And Seafoods Delivered To Your Home In Hong Kong

    Iberico Ham, Caviar, Sardines, Octopus, And More Foods With Home Delivery In HK

    Home to some of the world’s highest quality artisanal food, Profood is a firm favorite among Hong Kong’s fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants. You can find unique, top-quality meat and seafood suppliers such as Adamas, producers of sustainable Italian luxury caviar. Don Bocarte, a gourmet seafood producer in Spain. Stefano Rocca, an artisan producer of bottarga, an Italian delicacy of salted and dried fish eggs typically of the grey mullet. Simon Martin, a centenary family-run Iberian ham producer of numerous awards. And Macelleria Fracassi, a top Italian butcher producing Chianina beef ragout and beef liver pâté. The company offers over 200 food, wine, and kitchenware items. We love the Jamon from Spain - a perfect home party pleaser in Hong Kong.

    PROFOOD, Unit A, 8/F, Regency Centre, Unit 1601, 16/F, Global Trade Square, 21 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong, info@profood.hkwww.profood.hkFacebook PageDelivery available for Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and parts of New Territories & Islands.

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