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Best Organic Vegetable And Fruit Online Delivery Guide In Hong Kong

Organic, Fresh, And Subscription Delivery In Hong Kong

Grocery Delivery For Vegetables and Fruits Online Hong kong

A journey to the grocery or market might not always be convenient for busy families in Hong Kong. Fortunately, there are numerous options in the city for home grocery delivery, including premium fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Many of the companies in Hong Kong source from local certified organic farms in the area and then offer bundle vegetable and fruit subscription boxes that are delivered to your family each week.  Bring on convenience and health with this guide to the best vegetable and fruit delivery companies in Hong Kong!

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Want more grocery, meat and seafood, and veggie delivery in Hong Kong?


  • Growsfresh vegetable delivery hong kong

    GROWSFRESH: Organic Selection of Fruits And Vegetables In Hong Kong

    growsFresh thrives for HK families to enjoy eating at home, knowing your products are clean, ethically and sustainably produced the highest quality and fully traceable back to the farm, or fishing area from which they are sourced. More than 70 different farming families in Australia provide beautiful fresh certified organic season fruit and vegetables each week. Sourcing directly from the farmers they are able to ensure product quality, integrity and control over the chilled cold chain from Australia to your kitchen tables.


    growsFresh, Unit 04, Floor 04, Oceanic Industrial Centre, 2 Lee Lok St, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong, +852 2889 0396, info@growsfresh.comwww.growsfresh.comFacebook Page

  • SOUTH STREAM MARKET: Fruits And Vegetables In Hong Kong

    One of Hong Kong's best groceries, South Stream Market, provides the freshest fruit and vegetables every week! Both organic and non-organic vegetables and fruits are available for order on their easy to navigate website. Customers have come to love the fullness of flavor that comes from fruit ripened on the tree and veggies straight out of the ground. All orders are available 6 days per week - score!


    South Stream Marketcs@southstreammarket.comwww.southstreammarket.comFacebook Page

  • The Fresh Grower for fresh organic vegetables in HK

    THE FRESH GROWER: Fresh Vegetables From New Zealand

    The fresh seasonal vegetables are hand-picked, packed, and dispatched on a direct flight to Hong Kong to be delivered fast and efficiently. Since 1956, the Fong family has produced sustainably grown quality vegetables in New Zealand's most fertile soils. The farms are located at Pukekohe, southern edge of the Auckland Region. The Fresh Grower makes sure that all fresh produce such as baby lettuce, fancy lettuce, and baby spinach are readily accessible to people every day!


    The Fresh Grower, +852 28911170,,

  • ECOFARM: Weekly Vegetable & Fruit Delivery

    Refusing to use any chemicals to cultivate their fine fruits and vegetables, USDA-, EU- and JAS-certified organic produce is grown at this Jiangxi farm in China, located high in the mountains and irrigated by fresh spring waters that run down from the high hills. You can order various size boxes for weekly delivery and online ordering is easy with weekly links sent to you for selection via your mobile phone! Plus, you can add extras including kale, avacados, and more.  Click here to order.

  is free in Hong Kong, including to Tung Chung, Discovery Bay and Ma Wan. There is no delivery available to other locations on outlying islands.

  • Vegetable and Fruit Delivery Guide In Hong Kong - Vegetable Marketing Association

    VEGETABLE MARKETING ASSOCIATION: Government-backed Program In Hong Kong

    This government-run organization was set up to help local farmers in Hong Kong with efficient farming techniques, set up a wholesaling marketing system, and install regulation for safe fresh vegetables and fruits. You can visit them at their Wholesale Vegetable Market or simply order the produce to be delivered via this link!


    Vegetable Marketing Association

  • Eat FRESH: Certified Organic Fruits + Veggies

    Started by a team of moms, families can log onto Eat FRESH for certified organic fruits and veggies hand-picked from local farms. Add on organic free-range eggs, chocolate, wine and more. Subscription plans are available - you can choose a 3.5kg or a 6kg organic seasonal bag, a 4kg organic green juicing bag, or a Baby & Toddler organic bag.  We love how they keep their packaging sustainable too.



  • HOMEGROWN FOODS: Organic Vegetables Delivered Weekly *Subscription

    Homegrown is dedicated to working with certified local farmers and promises top quality organic veggies and fruits. Sign up to receive one of Homegrown’s baskets packed with a unique selection of seasonal offerings delivered weekly. You can choose from pre-bundled options (Western, Chinese, or mixed) which come in 3 different sizes depending on your family size. They also have groceries and specialty options too.


    Homegrown Foods,,

  • Jousan Hong Kong Vegetable Delivery

    JOU SUN: Vegetables And Fruits In Hong Kong *Subscription

    Jou Sun is a family-run online grocer based in Wanchai but also offering one of the best online websites for meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruits in Hong Kong. They are one of the few companies in HK offering fruit box delivery and we love their wide variety of herbs available online.  If you are looking for variety - this is your store.  All organic vegetables are labeled accordingly.


    Jou Sun,

  • Lifegreen Hong Kong

    LYFEGREEN: Organic Vegetable and Fruit Delivery in Hong Kong *Subscription

    This hub of organic vegetables and fruits is one of the best for customizing your weekly subscription boxes - a perfect option for families with picky eaters.  This company has partnered with the largest social enterprise for organic agriculture in Taiwan and sources the best fruits and vegetables from the area.  Delivery is available every Friday and offered all over Hong Kong.  Click here to learn more about the farms!




    HKFYG ORGANIC FARM: Organic Vegetable Delivery And Farm Visits In Hong Kong

    HKFYG Organic Farm has been serving families for over a decade with organic vegetable delivery as well as farm visits.  While the farm was recently closed due to typhoon damage, it is set to re-open in May 2020.  All agricultural products produced by HKFYG Organic Farm and sold on this Organic Online Store are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre.  You will find roots, herbs, and leafy vegetables in small quantities and 100% organic.


    HKFYG Organic

  • Fruit Delivery Hong Kong

    WHAT'S IN: Fruit Box Delivery In Hong Kong *Subscription

    Launched by two French Entrepreneurs living in HK, What's In is a company that focuses on fruits sourced from Reunion Island (a UNESCO World Heritage territory) and Western Europe which allows for a much wider variety compared to local supermarkets and markets.  Choose from solo, duo, and surprise fruit boxes yhat are delivered weekly to your door.  They deliver products directly from the farmer to your doorstep and are one of the more affordable fruit delivery options in HK.


    What's In,


    Overseas Vegetable And Fruit Delivery In Hong Kong


    Corner's Block, *California-sourced

    The Fresh Supply Company


    Local Farms - Vegetable And Fruit Delivery In Hong Kong, 

    Dragontail Farms

    AuLaw Organic Farm

    Johnny's Organic Farm

    Lohas Farms

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