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Struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, or any other emotional or behavioral issues? Concerned about your child and want to access child therapy, or book an assessment? Help your family overcome life’s challenges with mental health experts MindSpace.

Book a free 20-minute consultation and take your first step towards better mental health!

MindSpace was founded by chartered clinical psychologist Ashima Sharma in 2017. Committed to helping her clients achieve their personal and professional goals, she has more than 12 years’ experience working at inpatient and outpatient psychiatric and child care departments, pediatric clinics, and rehabilitation centers.

She has worked intensively with infants, kids, teens, adults, couples, families, and the LGBTQ community.

Ashima uses evidence-based solutions to equip her clients with lifelong Reboot, Reflect, and Revive tools. She specializes in a wide range of mental health concerns, providing assessments and treatment solutions for children and adolescents with academic, cognitive, and behavioral problems.

Access better mental health for you and your family with MindSpace!

  • Services Individual Therapy Mindspace Hong Kong

    Individual Therapy

    “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

    Therapy can help facilitate a sense of wellbeing, enhance your quality of life, help you develop healthy coping skills, build resilience as well as cultivate emotional balance. Ashima uses an evidence-based treatment approach in a warm, supportive, and safe environment, collaborating with clients to develop individualized treatment plans that best meet her client’s needs.

  • Child Therapy

    “The attention and environment you provide shapes your child’s brain development for life”– Eric Erickson

    Therapy can help children cope with big emotions they might be facing both in and outside of their developmental transitions. Child therapy includes a one-on-one session between a trained therapist and child in a safe and confidential environment. The process of therapy may or may not include family therapy sessions, depending upon the presenting concerns.

    The focus of such therapy is to promote and ensure the emotional, social and behavioral wellbeing of the children, preventing them from developing complexities later on in their lives.

  • Child Therapy Mindpsace Hong Kong

    Psychoeducational Assessments

    A psychoeducational assessment is conducted using various standardised tools, and the choice of test depends on the age and needs of each child. Its purpose is to identify the areas of strength and weaknesses, both cognitively and academically, and determine any developmental delays, learning concerns or developmental disorders. .

    The assessment includes an initial meeting, psychoeducational evaluation, action plan and on-going support.

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