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Staffed by integrative health professionals, Restore Integrative Medical Clinic is a functional medicine clinic in Hong Kong that combines the best of conventional and complementary medicine to help restore the body to optimal health. They work as a team to find the root causes of underlying health issues, using combination therapies to help remove toxins, restore the gut, and achieve hormonal and metabolic balance.

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Their team of integrative health professionals – including nutritionists, counsellors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, and bioresonance practitioners – work together to help the body to achieve optimal healing.  Their patients have shown that this synergy of various forms of healing can help magnify the impact of individual modality of treatment effects.

Their medical professionals and complementary health providers believe that combining different treatment modalities promotes greater healing and this is the future of healthcare. This coordinated care model allows the practitioners to uncover the complex root cause of your health issue, and work in synergy to maximize healing outcomes.

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  • Gut Health

    Restore Integrative Medical Clinic offers a holistic and functional approach to managing gut issues. The gut is also linked to mood disorders, brain dysfunction, allergies and autoimmunity, and their team of holistic practitioners will work to rebalance the gut as part of the treatment protocols for other conditions.

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    Hormone Health

    The clinic offers unique screening panels for screening hormonal deficiencies for both men and women. Their hormone programs offer a holistic approach to managing male and female hormonal issues. They offer guidance on how to naturally increase testosterone in men, such as testosterone boosters, and managing menopause symptoms for women.

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    Allergy Management

    For allergy testing, they use tests that measures both IgG, immune complexes and IgE, the most common food-related pathways in the body. These tests can help identify food sensitivities of different foods, colorings and additives spanning most major food groups, inflammation and the presence of leaky gut.

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