Top Clothing Stores For Teenagers In Hong Kong

Where To Buy Clothes, Shoes, Bags And Other Accessories For Teens In Hong Kong?

Best Shops For Teens Hong Kong

If it ain’t new, it’s boring – that’s how teenagers of the constantly plugged-in, insta-generation feel about fashion. Hong Kong’s shopping scene is fairly extravagant and picking out brands and boutiques for teen shopping can be quite treacherous – we want cute, trendy, durable, and easy on the wallet. That’s quite an ask! But don’t you frown, moms and pops, Little Steps has come up with a detailed list of hip stores in the 852 so that shopping with your hormone-laden teens doesn’t become an ordeal. There are some really affordable stores as well – we know who is footing the bill!

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  • COTTON ON: Online And Locations Across Hong Kong

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    Cotton On is the durable Aussie brand designed to keep life simple. With shops throughout Hong Kong and online shopping, Cotton On offers a variety of trendy, functional, and affordable items that teenagers will love! What’s in store? The latest NBA t-shirts, tanks and shorts (as seen in the photo) and the BlackPink selection that's offering buy 1 get 1 half price!


  • SHEIN: Online Shopping

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    Many moms probably know about Shein for themselves, but it's totally worth checking out their hidden gem teen section! Not only is their teen line very affordable, but Shein also offers a great line full of stylish and trendy items, ideal for the in-vogue teen. Shipping is free for orders over HK$299; otherwise, there is a fee of HK$39 for the shipping costs, and it’ll arrive around 3 to 8 working days.



  • GAP: Online And Stores Across Hong Kong

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    Always a winner, GAP is home to good ole' American favorites. They have stores all over Hong Kong, easy online shopping, and your teen will absolutely love the latest collection they brought out for them! They will find the GAP's signature style throughout the new line, with a fun twist that any teenager will be obsessed with! GAP offers good quality wear for a very affordable price, a parent's dream come true.

  • MANGO: Online And Stores Across Hong Kong

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    This Spanish fashion brand offers good quality clothing for teens of all ages, at an affordable price! From bags to jeans to basic t-shirts, your teen will surely have a great shopping spree at Mango. They also have an excellent user-friendly website that allows for easy shopping online and fantastic home delivery, usually under a week. Make sure to check out their seasonal sales; they offer some incredible discounts!

    Mango, multiple locations across Hong Kong,

  • AMAZON: Online Shopping

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    You can find literally anything on Amazon, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they offer a wide selection of clothes for any style, shape, and size. You can find great summer dresses, cute accessories, denim jackets in every color imaginable, and so much more! Amazon offers easy and reliable online shopping with swift delivery, perfect if your teen is looking for something specific with fast delivery.



    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong-based ethical clothing brand Basics for Basics is the dream child of LGBTQ activist and entrepreneur, Kayla Wong. The concept behind this clothing line was to be socially and environmentally responsible, a right step in the direction of sustainability. Basics for Basics sources clean organic cotton from India and the ready-to-wear collection aligns with Kayla’s own values of equality for all. Teenagers who tap into the ethical lifestyle and who have a sharp eye for style will love Kayla’s line of clean, fitted silhouettes in earthy tones minus any freakery.

    Basics for

  • H&M: Online And Stores Across Hong Kong

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    H&M stacks some amazing wardrobe staples for teens and their mums alike – think cozy coats, puffy knits, slim pants, statement skirts, white shirts, fitted jeans, and on-trend accessories. We love that they make runway-inspired clothes at wallet-friendly prices. They regularly team up with luxury designers like Alexander Wang, Versace, Marni, and that’s why every season, their stores are beaming with elegant styles at super low prices. H&M aims for all its products to be made from recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030, and this already applies to 65% of the materials they use.

    H&M, Locations all around Hong Kong,

  • ASOS: Online Shopping With Home Delivery

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    From cutting-edge staples to retro-chic items, ASOS is a cult favorite in the younger crowd. The fashion company sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories. Offering a wide collection of clothing, bags, shoes, and every trendy item you can imagine, sell like hotcakes with the young crowd. ASOS Brands also provides clothing in more than 30 sizes – and is committed to providing all sizes at the same price!



  • ZARA: Online And Locations Across Hong Kong

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    If your teens are into scrunchies, joggers, or slim tees, make room in their closet! They probably love Zara goods! And every season, Zara has a few standout pieces which are so woke they sell out in weeks. Several fashion editors at Teen Vogue swear by many of their items to mix and match with their own designer brands. They offer various versatile items that can be teamed up or down with boots, trainers, slip-on's or whatever your style tells you.

    Zara, Stores across Hong Kong,

  • UNIQLO: Locations All Over Hong Kong + Online

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    Japanese brand Uniqlo is loved and approved by teens and young adults all over Asia for its trendy and insanely affordable collection. Trademark Uniqlo clothes aren’t flashy, so if your teenager’s style is understated, functional, or clean, make a trip to the nearest outlet of this fashion house. Simple, minimalistic sartorial choices!

    Uniqlo, various stores across Hong Kong,

  • ABERCROMBIE & FITCH: Online Shopping + Retail Store In Kowloon

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    Abercrombie & Fitch isn’t what it used to be. With the brand refresh in 2015, the clothes are more rugged, edgier, diverse, and insta-worthy, minus the emphasis on logo. The price is on the higher side, but the denim is drool-worthy, perfect for aficionados, and worth the splurge. The tailoring is fantastic, elevated and so chic, Little Steps is in love with their jeans, ruched mini dresses, and rompers on the aisle for the older teens and Uni kids. Both girls and boys have tons of choices here.

    Abercrombie & Fitch, Shop 3320, Level 3, Gateway Arcade, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2770 3618,

  • SEED HERITAGE: Online And Locations Across Hong Kong

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    Seed Heritage caters to all the women in the family - babies, teens, and mums can shop effortlessly for stylish clothes. The teen collection over here is super cute, modest, and functional. You must check out their denim rompers, above-the-knee ruched dresses, ruffled denim skirts, distressed jeans, slouchy dungarees and classic cropped knits. Basically, beautiful clothing that allows kids to be kids, run around, have a carefree time, and have a sunshiny teenage day.

    Seed Heritage, Stores across Hong Kong,

  • GU: Online Shopping And Retail Store In Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    Japanese brand GU is a budget-friendly, and a definite crowd-pleaser. Operated under the parent company Uniqlo, GU has its distinct trademark style for clean basics in fun, vibrant, youthful colors. They offer a casual, clean palette wardrobe staples at surprisingly low prices (most items are in the range of HK$100-200 here). A trip to the Causeway Bay GU store is a must for back-to-school affordable, urban street style shopping – well-fitted leggings, cute skirts, oversized hoodies, lived-in cargoes, structured vests and the works.

    GU, Windsor House, B26, B72-73&B75, 76 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2219 8628,

  • GROUND ZERO: Online Shopping + Retail Stores In Causeway Bay And Central, Hong Kong

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    Founded in 2008 by two Hong Kong-based brothers stagnating in their day job, Ground Zero is an eclectic streetwear label with a global appeal. Their quirky line of gender-fluid clothes is a hit amongst the young crowd. If your non-conformist teen doesn’t blink before taking a fashion risk, worships Jaden Smith or Jonathan Van Ness for their red-carpet realness, then Ground Zero is the line just for them.

    Ground Zero, Lane Crawford, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong,

    Ground Zero, Lane Crawford, IFC Mall, Podium 3, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2118 2288,

  • G200: Locations Across Hong Kong

    Best Clothing Shops For Teens In Hong Kong

    G2000 offers ethereal pastels, smart cuts and fits for Asian sizes, this local brand that has survived the fierce competition of fast fashion from the 1980s and managed to carve a niche for itself in Hong Kong. If your teen is looking for his/her first suit for the job interview or some trendy formals for the summer job? Head straight to a G2000 outlet and get the perfect, seamless cut of your taste.

    G2000, Locations across Hong Kong,

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