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Where To Buy COVID-19 Home Tests In Hong Kong? – Rapid Antigen Test (RAT), PCR Kits, Rapid Test Kits

Keep Your Family And Yourself Safe During The Pandemic

at home self administered covid test hong kong

Rules with regards to the pandemic keep on changing, but thankfully they are changing in the right direction! As we gear up for schools, gatherings and travel, it’s always good to have a stock of rapid tests handy at home. Here is where to stock up in Hong Kong!


  • when to get tested for covid in hong kong

    When Do I Need To Take A COVID-19 Test In Hong Kong?

    Required And Recommended Conditions To Get A Nurse Or Self-Administered At-Home COVID Test In Hong Kong

    In Hong Kong, there are required conditions for taking a COVID-19 test, as well as recommended circumstances. This may change at any time, so it's important to stay up to date with Hong Kong's policies.


    • If you develop any illness symptoms such as a dry cough, fever, exhaustion, shortness of breath, body aches, sore throat, and nausea.
    • For people who receive a COVID exposure notification from the CHP by SMS notification or the “LeaveHomeSafe” app, testing isn’t mandatory, though it is highly recommended.


    The following people must be tested, according to Hong Kong’s epidemic control strategy.

  • covid test covered by health insurance in hong kong

    Health Insurance Coverage For COVID-19 Tests Hong Kong:

    Under What Conditions Will Your Health Insurance Cover Your COVID-19 Test In Hong Kong?

    Most health insurance covers pandemics, meaning that COVID-19 related medical costs are often covered in health insurance plans. The following conditions generally need to be met for your health insurance provider to cover the cost of your test:

    • A registered medical practitioner found your clinical signs of COVID-19
    • If you have an outpatient cover in your plan
    • If you claim COVID-19 testing under a ‘check-up’ cover in your plan
    • Note: your plan must have started before you had any symptoms (I.e. you cannot have purchased the plan after symptoms began to occur).
  • types of covid-19 tests in hong kong

    What Are The Types of COVID-Tests in Hong Kong?

    PCR, Rapid Antigen, Antibody Tests... All You Need To Know

    The main two types of tests that you will encounter when you research at-home testing and in-person medical testing for Covid in Hong Kong are:

    1. Antigen Test: This type of test includes the PCR test, a deep throat saliva test, or a rapid antigen test (RAT).
    2. Antibody Test: This is a test to confirm if you have already developed an immune response to the virus after being exposited to it.

    The PCR tests are considered the most accurate indicators of the Covid virus, and often combine nasal and throat swabs. They are done in community testing centers, private hospitals, and other medical clinics, click here for all the info.

    The deep throat saliva tests can be administered by a nurse or health care professional, or by yourself. If you do this text at home, you can get the test packs from different collection points around Hong Kong (including post offices and even specialized vending machines). After you follow the testing instructions, you return your sample to set collection points.

    Rapid antigen tests are the most common form of an at-home testing kit in Hong Kong that people will use. They're not as accurate as PCR tests however.

  • professionla service for at home covid test hong kong

    At-Home COVID-19 Testing by Professionals In Hong Kong:

    If You Prefer To Get Tested By A Professional In Your Own Home

    If you have chosen to take an at-home test, you can go down one of two routes (or potentially both, if you decide); you’ll take a self-administered COVID-19 test, or you’ll have a medical professional come to your home to complete the test.

    Here are a few of the popular professional bodies that offer at-home professional Covid testing for individuals in Hong Kong.

    A nurse will come to your home or office to administer a test with results within 1-2 days, or same-day results for an extra charge.

    At-home Covid tests in Hong Kong by registered nurses can be done after you’ve had a doctor’s consultation. Can offer same-day results.

    Pick up at home and results by 10am the next day, self-administered RT-PCR test

  • at home self administered covid test hong kong

    Where To Buy At-Home COVID-19 Tests In Hong Kong:

    Find Bulk Testing Packets, PCR, RAT, And Antibody Tests To Administer Yourself
    • AquilaVIE: Safe and painless Rapid Tests For Kids!
    • OT&P: Rapid antigen test.
    • Medifast: Deep throat tests, antigen, and rapid antigen tests to purchase directly online from different brands.
    • Prenetics: Professional at-home RT-PCR Covid test
    • Indicaid: Self-branded rapid antigen test.
    • HKTV Mall: Multiple Covid-19 test types from different brands.
    • Synergy Medical Supply: Antigen self-test kit.
    • Health Gene Limited: Various antibody, antigen, PCR, and rapid tests.
    • Amazon: A range of rapid antigen tests from various brands.
    • Mannings: Rapid antigen test (online or buy in-store).
    • Watsons: Various antigen and antibody tests (online or buy in-store).

    In addition to these in-store and online retailers, you can often find rapid antigen at-home testing kits from smaller, local pharmacies around Hong Kong. You can always google a nearby pharmacy and call to ask whether they have a test on-hand for what you need.

Additional Info:​

Additional Info For Covid-19 Testing In Hong Kong


Helpful Covid-19 Information Hotlines

  • Centre for Health Protection: 2125 1111 or 2125 1122
  • Home Affairs Department: 2835 1473
  • Compulsory Testing: 6275 6901

The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

COVID policy and mandate updates, contact information, and other resources.

Coronavirus Hong Kong Updates Facebook Group

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