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Where In Hong Kong To Get PCR COVID Tests For Travel Overseas?

Where TO Get PCR Tests In Hong Kong?

PCR Tests For Overseas Travel in Hong Kong

Most airlines are requiring PCR tests for all passengers (kids too).  The first step is to check with the airline and the destination requirements.  You should also watch for transit requirements (especially if staying longer than 24-hours).  Many places from the below list do conduct PCR tests but they can take 1-2 days for results.  It’s important to understand your requirements to make sure this does not hit you accidentally (USA required same-day PCR tests, for example, a 48-hour test will make it impossible to board).  The easiest option for PCR tests is the Test & Fly offered by Prenetics at the Hong Kong International Airport.  You book online, you arrive before your flight and you get your results back fast (2-hours).  It’s also 1/3 the price compared to other places in Hong Kong.  You must book in advance.

Places To Get Affordable PCR Tests In Hong Kong:

  • Prenetics Testing At The Airport (HK$499) – Book online with fast results!
  • Community Centers And Mobile Testing Options (HK$240) – Long waits can happen and result in timing is not always reliable but within 24-48 hours. Walk-in is an option. Bring your HKID card, birth certificate, or passport, plus a local phone number to receive your booking confirmation and results.

Private Hospitals Offering PCR Tests And Same Day Tests In Hong Kong:

Private Clinics Offering RT-PCR Tests In Hong Kong:

  • OT&P (HK$1000-1950) – 24-48 hours you get results
  • Central Health – (HK$1,100 consult fee, HK$950 lab fee, HK$300 express service fee)
  • Quality Health Care (HK$680-1080) – Offers regular and express

PCR Tests That Can Be Taken At Your Home:

  • Your Evercare (HK$2200) – 12-36 hours you get results, done by a professional in your home
  • Labvy ($1388-1588) – 24 and 48-hour result options, at-home!

Where To Find It:​

  • PCR Testing In Hong Kong For Travel To UK, US, And Beyond
  • Your guide!

Additional Info:​


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