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Are you looking for a tutor in Hong Kong? Whether it’s math, Mandarin, or preparing for an interview, Little Steps has rounded up the best tutors in Hong Kong to give you a little hand for your whizz kids and teens. Take a peek into the Little Steps’ guide to the Top Hong Kong Tutors and get the help you need! This guide covers all the tutoring needs including – top tutors in math, tutoring companies, tutors specializing in Mandarin, and more.

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Language Tutors In Hong Kong

  • Writing Tiger Campus Hong Kong

    TIGER CAMPUS HK - Online Lessons In IGCSE, IB, SAT, A-Levels & O-Levels In Hong Kong

    Specialists in providing 1-on-1 tutoring with personally customizable curriculums, Tiger Campus HK tutors are handpicked from prestigious universities globally. There are a wide range of tutoring syllabuses available, including IGCSE, IB, SAT, A-Levels and O-Levels. STEM classes are also available via their tech branch, Hong Kong Coding Club. Flexible scheduling provided and free trial lessons available for students of all ages.

    TigerCampus HK, +852 5441 5542 (WhatsApp), info@tigercampus.com, www.tigercampus.hk

  • Online Learning Sanskriti Hong Kong

    SANSKRITI: Hindi Tutors In Hong Kong For Kids Ages 3-18

    Learn Hindi From The Experts!

    Be future-ready by equipping yourself with Hindi language skills. Since 2006, Sanskriti has been providing after-school Hindi learning courses in various schools and offers in-person and online modes. With more than 8,000 student enrollments, from 3 years to 18 years, they are with you all the way to GCSE and IB Hindi qualification. Their fully customized curriculum is perfect for students who want to learn Hindi in a global setting.

    There is a course for every level with reading and writing material available for purchase too! Enroll now to become a fluent Hindi speaker! See different levels below:

    1.  Vocabulary building course
    2. Beginners Hindi
    3. Intermediate Hindi
    4. Advanced Hindi
    5. Conversation for Beginners
    6. Conversation for Advanced Level

    Sanskriti, +852 9830 0612, info@sanskriti.online, www.sanskriti.online

  • One-stop-shop Tutors In Hong Kong

    ONE-STOP-SHOP TUTORS IN HONG KONG: Tutors Offering All Subjects And All Ages

    There is a wide array of centers and private tutors in Hong Kong that offer help in all types of subjects. Whether your kiddo or teen needs help with Science, English, Math, or any other subjects, check out these one-stop-shop tutors all over the city:

    Tutoring Companies Offering All Subjects & All Ages In Hong Kong:

    • British Tutors - an award-winning private tuition and education consultancy company, connects students with top tutors in Hong Kong and Singapore, offering tailored academic support across various subjects.
    • HKIL - has various centers across Hong Kong and they also offer online and private tutoring in an array of languages, such as French, Spanish, Mandarin, English, and more!
    • Elevate Global Education Group- Located conveniently in Admiralty, this private company provides all subjects and all levels of tutoring provided by experienced IB Teachers either in person or online.   They also can provide Executive Functioning Coaching as well as SEN Learning and Behavior Support
    • ITS Education - This private tutoring company touches upon every level and subject matter imaginable, from primary, and secondary right through to adult learning classes. Choose from a classroom setting or online learning program, and also whether you want private lessons or small group classes
    • University Tutors In Hong Kong - private tutors for any subject at a university.
    • Kumon - with hundreds of centers across Hong Kong, there is always one near you and they offer top-notch tutoring in any subject imaginable.
    • Eye-Level - is another very popular chain of educational centers and it will be easy to find a center near your home or your child's school and they offer tutoring in a huge selection of subjects.
  • Top Tutors In Hong Kong - Private Tutors

    TUTORING SEARCH COMPANIES IN HONG KONG: Easy To Search Tutoring Portals - Find Any Tutor You Need!

    Search And Find A Tutor In Hong Kong

    If your child has quite a busy schedule and you prefer your tutor to come to your home, check out these tutoring companies in Hong Kong. They'll come to your home whether you live on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, or New Territories, there is always a private tutor nearby:

    Tutoring Portals Offering Easy Tutor Search In Hong Kong:

    • TUTOROO - is perfect for busy parents and busy kids. TUTOROO is a marketplace connecting students with qualified tutors nearby. This benefits students as they can now easily find a great tutor who matches their availabilities. All you have to do is request your preferred tutor on the website directly, and chat with them first, before getting started with their private lessons!
    • My Private Tutor - Find qualified tutors for face-to-face and online tutoring.
    • Tutor Seek Hong Kong - A tutor for any subject imaginable, either online or home visits.
  • Top Tutors In Hong Kong - Maths Tutors

    BEST MATH TUTORS IN HONG KONG: Private Math Tutors And Tutoring Center Options In Hong Kong

    Whether your child needs help catching up or happens to be gifted with an extraordinary interest in Mathematics, there are a great number of centers and private tutors to help your child or teen with mathematics:

    Mathematics Private Tutors:

    • Growing IQ - Growing IQ aims to develop critical thinking skills through their advanced and unique curriculum centered around six domains that work in tandem over time and give students a leg up when they enter secondary Algebra and Geometry classes.
    • Mathemagic - they have centers all over Hong Kong, from various locations on Hong Kong island, as well as, Sai Kung, Discovery Bay, and more. At Mathemagic, they believe that there are better ways to learn than drilling Maths until boredom, and they offer your kid help with any math query they may have.
    • Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M.) offers a unique curriculum designed for students from 4 - 12. It uses over 30,000 S.A.M created pages of self-learning worksheets, covering everything your child needs to know to excel in maths at school.
    • Math Concept Learning Centre -  kids are encouraged to enhance their natural interest in maths through Primary and Secondary school. They also offer Olympiad program for students who excel in maths and wish to gain more complex skills.
  • BEST MANDARIN TUTORS IN HONG KONG: Private Mandarin Tutors In Hong Kong

    Why not try a Mandarin playgroup for your toddler, and familiarise them with the tones early, which makes learning the language easier later in life. Or get them a private tutor to help with their homework if they've started learning Mandarin at a later age, luckily there are a tonne of options all over Hong Kong:

    Mandarin Private Tutors:

    iMandarin Chinese: Online *Mandarin Tutors In Hong Kong

    The iMandarinChinese online course builds students’ confidence in using Chinese as a native language and develops their oral as well as written skills. This is achieved through tailored courses according to each learner’s abilities and needs. The course progression leads to the consolidation of their reading comprehension and composition writing. Preparation and Evaluation are carried out in tandem through varied assessments that align learners with HSK tests and IB curriculum lessons. Courses are taught by qualified teachers who are skilled in teaching Chinese as a second language and have at least 6 years of experience. As iMandarinChinese is conducted online, they also cater to different time zones. These private course sessions are conducted both in Mandarin and Cantonese.

    Exclusive for Little Steps Readers: Key in code 'LSA23' to redeem a Free Trial Lesson OR 10% off the regular lesson fee for the first month. 

    • Duration of each lesson: 50 minutes 
      Pricing: 1 lesson per week HK$220 - 6 lessons per week HK$90*
    • Duration of each lesson for 4-6 year olds: 30 minutes 
      Pricing: 1 lesson per week HK$140 - 5 lessons per week HK$80*
    • Time: Every day of the week 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

    *For more duration and price plans, visit their website here.

    iMandarinChinese, 852 92256669, imandarininfo@gmail.com, www.imandarinchinese.com

    The C Club: Wong Chuk Hang *Mandarin Tutors In Hong Kong

    Unlock the world of opportunities for your children with The C Club! Their comprehensive program empowers kids to master Chinese through Putonghua, spanning essential speech and listening skills to advanced reading and writing proficiency. Catering to beginners, engaging exercises are woven into a year-long curriculum featuring diverse themes. Experience their commitment to excellence through small class sizes, ensuring personalized attention for each child. Dedicated native-speaking teachers are passionate about nurturing linguistic talents. Join The C Club today to bestow your children with the lifelong advantage of Chinese language skills as they embark on a journey of interactive learning and holistic development.

    The C Club @ Southside, 1702 17/F, M Place, 54 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong, +852 3427 9619 or WhatsApp 6505 0150, info@thecclub.com.hk, www.thecclub.com.hk

    Mini Mandarins: Central & Wan Chai *Mandarin Tutors In Hong Kong

    Mini Mandarins provide courses from 1.5 years to 12 years, which are held in small groups with experienced native Mandarin-speaking teachers.  It's set within an immersive Mandarin environment to help children develop foundation literacy from conversations, reading and writing.

    Mini Mandarins, Mini Mandarins Learning Centre, Room 202-205 Wilson House, 19-27 Wyndham Street, Central Hong Kong. Classes also conducted at Victoria Playpark Wan Chai: Room 305-8 3/F, Harcourt House, 39 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 2320 1128, +852 6729 6466 (WhatsApp), info@minimandarins.com, minimandarins.com
    DREAMCARE: Admiralty *Mandarin Tutors In Hong Kong

    Are you eager to introduce your child to the beauty of Mandarin but not sure where to begin? Look no further! DreamCare presents an enticing solution you might not have considered – professional family teacher services. As one of Hong Kong's foremost childcare solution providers, DreamCare specializes in connecting you with native Mandarin-speaking, experienced teachers, and early childhood educators. It's a double win: reliable childcare and engaging Mandarin immersion, all in the comfort of your home. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose between full-time or part-time services. With a team of over 700 fully qualified nannies and early childhood educators, DreamCare tailors a play-based approach to Mandarin immersion that will leave your little ones excited to learn.

    DreamCare, Unit 603, 6/F, Tower 1, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong, +852 3629 7425, +852 9025 1229 (WhatsApp),  www.dreamcare.com.hk

    Want More?

    • Berlitz - Language tutors galore

    Click here for the Little Steps Guide To Mandarin Classes + Teachers in HK

  • BEST FRENCH TUTORS IN HONG KONG: Private French Tutors In Hong Kong

    There are over 25,000 French citizens currently in Hong Kong, making it one of the biggest ex-pat communities in this city. Therefore it goes without saying that there are a lot of playgroups, private tutors, centers, and online tutors, here are some of the top ones:

    French Private Tutors:

    • Alliance Française -  The Alliance Française offers certificate courses for the French language, as well as cultural interest classes as well as special events throughout the year. Locations in Wanchai, Jordan, Shatin, +852 6153 8466
    • Interactive French - For one-on-one tutoring or online lessons via Skype, Interactive French has different lessons to choose from that fit your child’s timetable. 9/F, Yat Chau Building, 262 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
    • French Tutors Hong Kong, TST, Causeway Bay and Central
    • French Faster -  is an online French language school providing lessons with a private native French tutor since 2005, for children aged 6 years old and above.

    Want more? Click here for the Little Steps Guide To French Classes + Teachers in HK

  • BEST ENGLISH TUTORS IN HONG KONG: Private English Tutors In Hong Kong

    English is still the fastest-growing language in the world. Thus the demand for learning the English language has definitely not diminished. Luckily, living in Hong Kong means that there is no option for improving or learning English.

    English Private Tutors And Tutoring Companies In Hong Kong:

    • ESF Language and Learning - offers popular programs for tots on up. Choose from their English language playgroups, drama classes, and more.
    • Colour My World - offers Speech and Communication Skills workshops that aim to foster independent thinking, self-confidence, and autonomy through multi-faceted courses that coach critical thinking, techniques, and strategies in persuasive writing, public speaking, presentations, conversation & listening.
    • Passion For Language - English tutorial company offering private and small group courses.
    • Qurio Education, English tutors in Hong Kong

    For those looking for tutors in Spanish, Japanese, Cantonese, and more in Hong Kong, there are both tutoring centers and private tutors in Hong Kong that can help!

    More Language Tutors In Hong Kong:


    Have a little Mozart, Mick Jagger, or Mariah Carey at home? Plenty of options when looking to learn how to play any musical instrument. If you are looking for a top-notch violin, piano, singing, and other instrument teaching or tutoring, this guide is for you.  We have even included recommended at-home options by area. Rock on, Hong Kong!

    Music Tutors And Private Instruction Hong Kong

    Top Music Tutors + Teachers In Hong KongClick here

  • Top Tutors In Hong Kong - Phonics/Reading And Writing Tutors

    BEST PHONICS/READING AND WRITING TUTORS IN HONG KONG: Private Phonics, Reading, Writing Tutors In Hong Kong

    Has your child just started reading and is in need of some extra help, or perhaps they're learning English as a second language? You can find a tonne of private tutors and centers who can help with phonics and reading. The same goes for writing tutors, and we have listed them all below:

    Private Phonics, Reading, Writing Tutors In Hong Kong

    • HKIL - various centers across Hong Kong, offering online and private tutoring in an array of languages.
    • Kumon - centers across Hong Kong that provide programs in phonics, reading, and writing
    • Eye-Level - centers all over Hong Kong that offer programs in phonics, reading and writing
  • BEST ART TUTORS IN HONG KONG: Art Tutoring And Private 1-2-1 Art Classes In Hong Kong

    Whether your little ones are looking for a creative outlet, trying to pass art class, or wanting to build their portfolio for college, Hong Kong has some excellent private art classes and private art tutors who will get your kids up to scratch.

    Art Tutors And Private Classes In Hong Kong

    • Colour My World - Leading art studio for children from ages 3 up to teens and even adults
    • HK Art Tutor - Run by professional artist Gail Deayton, the small studio in North Point hosts both summer camps for kids and also after-school programs, where they can practice painting, drawing, and printmaking.
    • Studio 83 - Private art tutoring and lessons in Hong Kong
    • Arthaus - Art tutors in Hong Kong

    Want More? Amazing Art, Painting, And Drawing Classes In Hong Kong For Kids and Hong Kong’s Top Creative Arts And Crafts Shops

  • Top Tutors In Hong Kong - SAT and ACT Exam Prep Tutors

    BEST EXAM PREP TUTORS: *Boarding School + Secondary Focused Tutors In Hong Kong

    SAT/ACT, IB-Diploma, Applicatio Exams, UK Boarding School Exam Prep Tutors In Hong Kong

    GCSE And A-Levels Exam Prep Tutoring In Hong Kong:

    If you have opted for the British Educational system, then your child/teen will soon enough be stressing about the GCSE and A-Level exams, whether they're on the Cambridge board or any other board, it's well-advised to practice for these exams as much as you can and luckily there are loads of private tutors and centers that can help your kid pass.

    • British Tutors - an award-winning private tuition and education consultancy company, connects students with top tutors in Hong Kong and Singapore, offering tailored academic support across various subjects.
    • Aegis Advisors - Effective and experienced tutors for GCSE, IGCSE and A-levels
    • All Round Education Academy - Their expert IGCSE and A-Level tutors have the right IGCSE/A-Level courses and years of experience tutoring students to prepare for their exams and achieve their goals fully.
    • ITS Education - Since 2005, ITS Education Asia has taught over 100,000 hours of GCSE and IGCSE tutorials and classes.
    • The Edge Learning Centre -  has centers in Causeway Bay and Mong Kok. They have various experienced tutors that can help your child prep for their GCSE/A-Level exams.
    • Arch Education - this tutoring center in Central is focussed is on getting your child into the best schools, with targeted courses in the US, UK, or Hong Kong post-secondary streams. They develop your child’s ability to think critically, in public speaking and debating, read critically, and write papers.
    • NTK Learning Centre - specializes in academic tuition for students following international curricula, standardized test preparation, and educational planning and consultation services. They offer online and private tutors in prepping for GCSE/A-Level exams.

    IB Diploma, Extended Essay, And Subject Exam Prep Tutoring In Hong Kong:

    IB exams coming up? No problem with these amazing IB tutors! They will make sure you will improve your IB results in any subject you need help in:

    • Aegis Advisors - Effective and experienced tutors for both MYP and IB
    • Arch Education - this tutoring center in Central has one mission in mind: get your kids to pass their exams! The focus is on getting them into the best schools, with targeted courses in the US, UK, or Hong Kong post-secondary streams.
    • HKExcel - IB Diploma-focused tutoring in Hong Kong
    • All Round Education Academy - has centers in Central, Sheung Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Cyberport. They're one of the fastest-growing IB tutoring centers in Hong Kong. They offer extensive tutoring services to cover all the scopes of IBDP.
    • Tuttee - They have over a decade of experience in helping students pass their IB exams in English, Mandarin, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.
    • University Tutor - has a large database of private tutors to help your teen with their IB exams.
    • The Edge Learning Centre -  has centers in Mong Kok and Causeway Bay. They have various experienced tutors that can help your child prep for their IB exams.

    ACT/SAT Exam Prep Tutoring In Hong Kong:

    For those who are applying to universities in the U.S., your child will likely need to take either an ACT or SAT as part of the application requirements. There are various expert tutors in Hong Kong to help your kiddo get the best test scores!

    • NTK Learning Centre - offers specially designed courses and tutors for SAT exams, ACT exams, SSAT exams and more!
    • All Round Education Academy - has centers in Central, Sheung Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Cyberport. Their SAT and ACT tutors offer complete comprehensive test prep programs to help your child see huge improvements.
    • Arch Education - their US test prep tutors offer private one-on-one lessons and help develop skills to tackle SAT questions and techniques, such as elimination, and categorization.
    • The Edge Learning Centre - is located in Causeway Bay and Mong Kok. In both centers, they offer courses and private tutors to help your child shine in their SAT or ACT exam!

    Boarding School Exam Tutors In Hong Kong:

    • Arch Education - They will guide your child towards success by working with them throughout the application process, starting as early as age 8.

    More Exam Prep Tutors In Hong Kong:

    • First Class - Entrance exam tutors in Hong Kong
    • Cana Elite- Prep for entrance into elite UK and UK schools

    Best Education Consultants In Hong Kong, Boarding School Consultants, And University Admission Consultants - Little Steps Guide

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