Guide To Early Years And Kindergarten Curriculum In Singapore

From IB PYP To Montessori And Beyond

Early Years Curriculum In Singapore

Early years are a period in our preschoolers’ lives when their mechanisms of existing in the world, i.e. personalities, are in rapid development as they absorb the world around them – both through their senses and our own modeling of behavior – like a sponge. Especially at this stage of development, education should follow a framework that stimulates holistic development, offers safety and stability, promotes a love of life-long learning, and involves parents. This kind of framework – with prescribed guidelines and materials, desired outcomes and specific roles for everyone in the school community, and more – is called a curriculum.

Singapore schools offer different curricula which are based on different philosophies and approaches, some even combining two or several or drawing inspiration from one or another. Since it can be overwhelming for parents to navigate all the options even just on paper, we’ve compiled this guide to early years curricula in Singapore – it will introduce you to the basics of each one, let you in on the schools that offer them, and hopefully steer you into the direction of exploring further as opposed to despairing.

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  • Early-Years-Curriculum-In-Singapore-EYFS


    Developed by the UK government, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standards for education and care of children from 0 to 5. The framework follows 7 areas of learning, taught mostly through game and play, with parents being highly involved in their children’s learning journey. Progress is followed through assessments based on classroom observation, so there’s no stress for the kids, only indispensable information for adults.

    Some schools in Singapore whose curricula are developed within the EYFS framework are Dover Court, Tanglin Trust School, Dulwich College, Brighton College.

  • Early-Years-Curriculum-In-Singapore-MOE


    Early education is flourishing locally, too. The Ministry of Education (MOE) developed a Nurturing Early Learners Curriculum for kids aged 4 to 6 to help teachers provide high-quality early childhood education. Through comprehensive key areas of focus, the curriculum helps kids develop into a confident, adaptable, resilient person who knows themselves and how to think critically; a self-directed learner who takes responsibility of their own learning; a (pro)active contributor; and a concerned Singapore-based citizen with strong civic consciousness.

    You can find the MOE kindergartens here, while it’s good to know that 7 new ones are opening in 2024 and 2025. To read MOE’s guide to the curriculum for parents, go here!

  • Early-Years-Curriculum-In-Singapore-PYP


    The PYP is inquiry-based, international-minded and concept-driven, a collaborative curriculum based in the principle of agency for kids aged 3 to 12 that builds conceptual understanding and transforms students, teachers and whole school communities in the process. Six globally significant transdisciplinary themes guide students’ learning and provide a framework for developing academic, social and emotional wellbeing, giving kids the tools to understand themselves, take ownership of their learning and meaningful action in their community.

    Singapore schools that follow the IBPYP include OWIS, The Canadian International School, Global Indian International School, GESS International School.

  • Early-Years-Curriculum-In-Singapore-Montessori


    In its 100 years, Montessori has been both tested by time and proven effective by modern research. It is more of a method than a framework – freely but within clear limits, children direct their own learning in a prepared environment, using scientifically designed, tangible materials, guided by their natural instincts. The approach promotes socialization, respect and solidarity in an authentic way, facilitated by the microcosm setting of the classroom that integrates kids of mixed ages (within 3 years). Certified teachers are only observers and guides, assessing, helping and stimulating learners’ own interests.

    Here you can learn if Montessori is right for your family and read about Singapore Montessori preschools.

  • Early-Years-Curriculum-In-Singapore-Reggio-Emilia


    Reggio Emilia is an educational philosophy based in hands-on discovery and the notion of “a hundred languages”, the enormous potential that each child has to express themselves, construct knowledge and relate to others. We could call it a self-guided curriculum, but one with a deep foundation in the principles of exploration, respect, responsibility and community. Parents are thought of as first teachers and are expected to participate in the child’s education. The curriculum is constantly being refined as teachers inspire kids to express themselves and tap into the depths of their being.

    Find out more about Reggio Emilia and Singapore preschools that strictly follow the approach here.

  • Magnifiers The Grange Singapore


    The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) was introduced in 2016 after new research and feedback from member schools demonstrated that early years settings needed their own curriculum to meet the needs of children at such a crucial stage of development. Supporting whole-child development through play-based learning, it is designed around current best educational practices essential to children’s learning and development in an early childhood setting.

    Schools in Singapore whose curricula are developed within the IEYC framework include The Grange International Preschool

  • Early-Years-Curriculum-in-Singapore-Forest-School


    Forest school education is gaining momentum as parents are recognizing the benefits it has on learning outcomes and the sheer joyfulness of learning in nature. The learner-centered curriculum promotes holistic development and fosters resilient, confident, independent and creative learners. As structured and unstructured time alternate, kids organically learn concrete skills and abstract concepts both, as subjects are cross-curricular and taught using the natural world around them.

    Read more about forest school curricula in Singapore and the schools that offer them here!

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