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Top Montessori Schools In Singapore

The child-centric educational approach that the Montessori teaching method offers is becoming more popular around the globe. In Singapore, you can find many different preschools and schools that use the Montessori method, either in the strict curriculum or with a blended approach. This method has been around for more than a century, and parents and children alike are still getting a lot of value from choosing this alternative education model. Learn more about what the Montessori method is, the benefits for your child, and which schools and preschools are the top picks in Singapore.

What is Montessori?

The Montessori method is focused on meeting the developmental needs of a child in their learning process. It is designed for students from 18 months old all the way up to 18 years. It was created by Doctor Maria Montessori, and there is a wealth of research that shares the benefits of this method on your child’s development. The class sizes are usually very small, there is a lot of hands-on play-based learning, and the teacher is there to facilitate the child’s inquiries and learning process, rather than dictate their progress. Learn more about the history of the Montessori Method and how it works on this guide.

What are the Benefits of the Montessori Method?

  • With the class sizes very small, your child will get more attention than regular classrooms that follow traditional curriculums.
  • The mixed-aged learning groups mean that your child gets to practice socializing with children younger and older. This is beneficial for your child’s social and emotional development.
  • Children below 6 years of age are led by their curiosity in life, and the Montessori Method is geared towards nurturing a child’s curiosity and following what interests them for their lessons.
  • As a child chooses their own activities, based on the guidance of the teachers, they feel more empowered and build confidence in their choices.
  • The classroom fosters play-based learning and children are often more engaged in the classroom as they get to move about the wide, open spaces.

Learn more about the Montessori Method in this video interview.

  1. Student With Magnifying Glass Josiah Montessori Singapore

    Josiah Montessori: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    Six Locations Across Singapore's Business Districts

    Established in 1997, Josiah Montessori is a premium preschool that offers infant care, childcare and kindergarten services. The curriculum combines the Montessori Method with Music Arts Program (MAP) that comprises Dance, Singing, Classical Music Appreciation, Speech and Drama and Arts, which they refer to as The Josiah Way. This unique blend of curriculum provides vast opportunities for individual and group based learning to hone independence and confidence in children to be lifelong learners, equipping them with good social, communication, collaboration and problem solving skills. The classes range from infant care up to K2 school classes for children up to 6 years old.

    Josiah Montessori
    , six locations in Singapore, www.josiah.com.sg

  2. Reading Story Brighton Montessori Singapore

    Brighton Montessori: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    Brighton Montessori believes that every child learns at his or her own pace and their curriculum is uniquely designed to cater to each individual child’s needs. With an individualised learning approach and low child-to-teacher ratios, Brighton prides itself on preparing children exceptionally well for formal education and beyond, while giving them such a fun experience that they look forward to coming to school every single day.

    Brighton recently opened its newest campus at HarbourFront Centre, conveniently located right above HarbourFront MRT! Boasting its own private outdoor playground and an open indoor space for the children to play in, the new center can serve those who live or work around the Greater Southern Waterfront area, including Sentosa, Telok Blangah, Pasir Panjang and more.

    Brighton Montessori, Various locations around Singapore, +65 6588 3883, contact@brightonmontessori.com.sgwww.brightonmontessori.com.sg

  3. Brainy Child Montessori Best Preschool In Singapore

    Brainy Child Montessori: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    For Children Aged 17 Months To 7 Years

    Centrally located on Orchard Road, this is a great Montessori school with an international flair. They provide full and half-day programs for children aged 17 months to 7 years. They also have a convenient offering of classes during the week and on the weekend. For bubs, they have mom and tot groups where your little ones will get to make friends and play at an early age. Their teachers are from all over the world and will give your kiddos the best start in life.

    Brainy Child Montessori, 150 Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza #05-38 to 43, Singapore 238841, +65 6733 7669, enquiry@brainychild.sg, www.brainychildmontessori.sg

  4. Green Tree Best Montessori Preschool Singapore

    Greentree Montessori: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    Two Locations In Singapore

    Established in 1990, Greentree Montessori is a school community with a mission to "allow children to be themselves and enjoy their childhood." Greentree Montessori supports a mindful approach to education, parenting, and child development by adopting and implementing the authentic Montessori Method alongside a natural environment. With programs for children aged 2 months to 6 years old, it’s a great place to start their education. They also offer holiday and DIY programs. They have two convenient locations across the island. Schedule a visit today, to see if Greentree is the right fit for you.

    Greentree Montessori Children's Hub, 45 Jalan Mata Ayer, Singapore, +65 6756 4382, greentreemontessori.team@gmail.com, www.greentreemontessori.com/

  5. House On The Hill Singapore Best Montessori School For Kids

    House On The Hill: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    Found In Mount Sophia, Balmoral Centre, And Pasir Panjang

    Founded in 2012, this preschool is a family-run establishment with three different locations across the city in Mount Sophia, Balmoral Centre, and Pasir Panjang Centre. Their learning curriculum is based on the Montessori method, delivering the lessons in English and Mandarin. They also have thematic and experiential learning activities for a well-rounded educational journey for your children. Something unique about this school is that they were certified in 2018 in the Healthy Meals in Pre-Schools Programme (HMPP) in Singapore, with a strong focus on delivering high nutritional value for all students.

    House on the Hill Montessori Preschool, Mount Sophia Location, 33 Mount Sophia, Singapore, +65 6337 4635, info@houseonthehill.com.sg, www.houseonthehill.com.sg/

  6. Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten Singapore

    Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    In-Depth Starters Programs With Play-Based Learning

    The Little Hands Montessori Preschool offers a fun-filled experience for kids aged 2-9 years. They believe that children learn through their senses and make an effort to constantly engage and stimulate each child through their sense of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. Classes begin with the Early Starters (2-2.5-year-olds), moving onto the Starters (2.5 to 3-year-olds) program. At the Advanced/Graduating level for 3 to 9-year-olds, the focus will be towards independent learning and each child will be developed according to their pace. The school ensures that children will always be moving forward and challenging themselves based on what they're ready for.

    Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten, 2A Paterson Hill Singapore, +65 6235 5741, enquiry@littlehandsmontessori.com.sg, www.littlehandsmontessori.com.sg/

  7. Little Oaks Montessori Kindergarten School in Singapore

    Little Oaks Montessori Kindergarten: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    Nursery And Kindergarten Programs For Young Ones

    Little Oaks uses the Montessori curriculum for children aged 30 months to 6 years of age. They have small class sizes to focus on bringing out the full potential of every young mind. Kids at Little Oaks also learn daily Mandarin to work on their bilingual capacity. As well as a traditional schooling program, they also run enrichment programs like the Premier Pitch for soccer enthusiasts, Tennis for bat and ball lovers, and Drama Playhouse for the theatrical kiddos at home.

    Little Oaks Montessori Kindergarten, 98 Farrer Road, Singapore, +65 6463 3720, felicia@littleoaks.com.sg, www.littleoaksmontessorisg.com/

  8. Best Montessori Schools for young children Singapore

    Montessori Children’s House: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    Values Multi-Age Learning Environments

    The Montessori Children’s House has been educating students in inquiry-based learning for the past 30 years. They have a community for infants from 18 months to 3 years old, as well as the main school house catering to children from 3 to 6 years. They focus on maintaining multi-age group classes for children to interact with other children and create bonds with younger and older kids. This stimulates social growth in a way that is more aligned with everyday life experiences that your child will face.

    Montessori Children’s House, The Montessori Children’s House, 886 Old Holland Rd, Singapore, +65 6468 8372, montessorich@gmail.com, www.montessorich.com.sg/

  9. Modern Montessori International Singapore school for children

    Modern Montessori International: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    A Unique Blended Curriculum

    Modern Montessori International (MMI) first began in 1989 in Singapore, with the aim of offering a Montessori pre-school education, which at that time was not very well known methodology. MMI has helped transformed Montessori education into a household name, with the core idea of helping children reach their full potential. Modern Montessori Preschool believes in providing a rounded learning environment which will help the child to develop physically and cognitively, as well as socially and emotionally. MMI has curated its own curriculum to blend with and enhance the Montessori way.

    Modern Montessori International, MMI Building, 72 South Bridge Road #01-00 Singapore, +65 6220 8200, enquiry@modern-montessori.com, www.modern-montessori.com

  10. Great Montessori School For Children Singapore

    Montessori For Children: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    Choose Between Two Campuses In Singapore

    This Singapore Montessori school has two locations to choose from in the city. The central Newton Campus has an infant program for kids starting from 18 months, and the ‘casa’ program is for kids from 2.5 to 6 years. They welcome parents and prospective students to explore the campus and ask the teachers any questions they have before deciding whether this school is a good fit. You can book an appointment online here. For more information about their admissions process and to even take a virtual tour, you can find this all on their website.

    Montessori for Children, Singapore-Newton Campus, 43 Newton Road, Singapore +65 6256 3952, newton@montessori.edu.sg, www.montessori.edu.sg/newton.html

  11. Children Playing At Pink Tower Montessori Singapore

    Pink Tower Montessori: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    Multicultural Montessori Schooling

    The Pink Tower has been an East Coast Montessori school favorite for years. Located along the main high street, it’s a convenient place for picking up and dropping off your kids on the way to work. Children learn in a fun and dynamic environment take a full Montessori program curriculum and have the opportunity to have full bilingual immersion in their studies. Lead by a qualified and enthusiastic team with a great teacher-to-student ratio, your little ones will enjoy learning in this multicultural environment.

    Pink Tower, 252 Tembeling Road #01-07, Singapore, +65 6444 2582, enquiries@pinktower.edu.sg, www.pinktower.edu.sg/

  12. Raffles Montessori Kindergarten and School in Singapore

    Raffles Montessori: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    True To The Montessori Teaching Method

    This school has all the components of a great Montessori school, with a great student-teacher ratio, student-centric learning, and multi-age groups spread throughout the classes. They have been operating for a little over five years, and have a Toddler Community Club for kids from 18 months old. The Children’s House program is for the older kids from 3-6 years. The enrichment programs give your younger child an extra opportunity to learn and play in the afternoons.

    Raffles Montessori, 46 Lorong 23 Geylang, Fansida Building, Level 4, Singapore, +65 6745 2722, info@rafflesmontessorikindergarten.sg, www.rafflesmontessorikindergarten.com/

  13. Preschool for Montessori Learning Singapore

    Wharton Preschool: Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    Take A Free Trial And Assessment

    Wharton Preschool offers holistic learner-focused Montessori with an integrated thematic curriculum for children aged 18 months to 6 years with a low teacher-child ratio. An environment rich in Montessori learning materials and built-in enrichment activities such as multi-sports and yoga ensures a well-balanced learning child. The curriculum is customized to suit every child’s learning pace and needs as they are prepared for the rigorous curriculum of the primary school. Children work in the traditional uninterrupted blocks of time and have the ability to choose their own activities. An extra bonus is that the preschool offers a free trial lesson with a learning assessment, too.

    Wharton at Serangoon North, 15 Serangoon North Avenue 5, Popular Building, Singapore 554360, +65 6755 3218, enquiry@whartonpreschool.com, www.whartonpreschool.com

  14. Montessori GIIS Singapore

    Global Indian International School (GIIS): Best Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

    Following The Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Program

    Catering to learners aged 2.5 to 5, Global Indian International School (GIIS) has extensive preschool facilities at both its campuses - the SMART Campus at Punggol and the East Coast campus. Small class sizes, extensive early childhood facilities, dedicated early years educators and a regular (9am - 12.30pm) or extended (9am - 3.30pm) program, and a moderate fee structure all make GIIS’ preschool Montessori-inspired program a compelling choice for early learners.

    The program combines the best of the Montessori method with a thematic approach based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Students in the Extended program get to experience several enrichment activities throughout the day.

    Global Indian International School, GIIS SMART Campus: 27 Punggol Field Walk, Singapore 828649; GIIS East Coast Campus: 82 Cheviot Hill, Singapore 459663, +65 6914 7100, admissions.sg@globalindianschool.org, singapore.globalindianschool.org

Additional Info:​

Additional Montessori Schools And Preschools In Singapore

  • Eager Kids Montessori, 247 Hougang Ave 3 Singapore, +65 91010785, info@eagerkidsmontessori.com, www.eagerkidsmontessori.com/
  • Milagros de Montessori, Queen’s Close Centre Location, Block 21, Queens Close, #01-141, Singapore, +65 6471 3677, enquire@milagrosmontessori.com, www.milagrosmontessori.com/
  • Character Montessori, 161 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Singapore, +65 6250 4645, enquiries@cm-preschool.com, www.cm-preschool.com/
  • Little Woods Montessori Preschool, 45 Gentle Road, Singapore, +65 6251 6317, admin@littlewoodsmontessori.com, www.littlewoodsmontessori.com/
  • Inno Montessori, #04-01/02/03, 217 E Coast Rd, Singapore, +65 6634 0922, contact@innomontessori.com, www.innomontessori.com/
  • The Little House Montessori, 200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand, #06-08 Singapore, +65 64692123, tlhmoffice@gmail.com, www.thelittlehousemontessori.com/
  • Amazing Star, Bukit Panjang Location, Block 524A, Jelapang Road, #03-01, Greenridge Shopping Centre, Singapore, +65 6764 5138, enquiry@amazing-star.com, www.amazing-star.com/
  • Early Years Montessori, 16 Sunset Drive, Singapore, +65 6469 1572, enquiry@earlyyears.edu.sg, www.earlyyears.edu.sg/
  • Chatsworth Preschool, 3 Piccadilly Circus, Singapore, +65 6481 5585, information.piccadilly@chatsworth.com.sg, www.preschool.chatsworth.com.sg/
  • Little Sprouts, 2 Kovan Road, #01-01 Simon Plaza, Singapore, +65 6285 5911, info@littlesprouts.com.sg, www.littlesprouts.com.sg/
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