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best Homeopathy doctor in Singapore

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine that follows the natural law of “like cures like.” It is believed that the body has the power to cure itself and that a substance that causes the illness symptoms in healthy people will be able to cure people with health issues (when administered in a small dose after a detailed consultation). As the body’s natural defenses are cured, this allows the individual to empower their healing process. The ingredients in the homeopathic remedies are weakened by water or alcohol solutions and prescribed to patients in very low doses.

Homeopathy in Singapore

Singapore has a big range of alternative medicine and therapies and boasts many different homeopathic doctors and clinics. Some of the following homeopathy practitioners and doctors in Singapore work out of hospitals and clinics, while others have their own private practice.

Whether you want to have a consult in person or remotely, there’s an option for you. Many of these doctors have virtual consultation options, especially if you’re far away from their location. During your consultation, you’ll be asked many questions about your family’s health history, your lifestyle, and other mental and physical health indicators. Over-the-counter homeopathic remedies are available to purchase without any consultations, but it is highly recommended that you see a professional so that you get a personalized plan to treat your condition effectively.

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  1. homeopathy therapy in Singapore

    Dr. Rukshin Master: Best Homeopathy Practitioners and Doctors In Singapore

    Homeopathist With Strong Academic Influence

    As one of the most sought-after homeopathic doctors in Singapore, Dr. Rukshin Master has worked in numerous hospitals in India before practicing in Singapore for the past 4 years. She consults remotely with the well-known clinic “Homeopathic Health Centre”, as well as taking in-person consultations in her private practice. What makes this doctor unique is her dedication to continued education and contributing to publications as an expert voice for alternative medicine. Take a look at her experience and accolades here.

    Dr. Rukshin Master, Homeopathic Health Center, Core Collective Dempsey Road Location, 27A, 30B/C, Loewen Rd, Singapore, +65 9132 6367,,

  2. where to find homeopath in singapore

    Satguru Homeopathy Clinic Singapore: Best Homeopathy Practitioners and Doctors In Singapore

    Resident Homeopathist: Dr. Manjusha Balekundri

    Dr. Manjusha Balekundri is the resident homeopathist at Satguru Homeopathic Clinic in Singapore, studying at the British Institute of Homeopathy and also the Singapore Faculty of Homeopathy. She treats all ages and conditions, from infants and senior citizens dealing with acute and chronic illnesses. The care offered by Dr. Manjusha is very personalized and the consultations are in-depth, ensuring that you receive the recommendations that suit your lifestyle and needs. Call to book an appointment as early as possible as time slots usually fill up fast.

    Satguru Homeopathy Clinic Singapore, Blk 235, Yishun Street 21, #01-452 Singapore, +65 6755 9705,,

  3. great homoepathic therapist in Singapore

    P&L Healthcare Services Group: Best Homeopathy Practitioners and Doctors In Singapore

    A Long-Time Health Clinic In Singapore

    This clinic began as a medicine pharmacy in the central business district of Singapore in 1994. The company began to expand its services and therapies after a decade, to sell homeopathic medicines and treatments. Now, the clinic features Dr. Ruth Ho, the resident homeopathist. She specializes in chronic conditions in dermatology, sleep disorders, special needs, ear-nose-throat issues, and musculoskeletal imbalances. The clinic also serves people to support general wellness with preventative medicine and advice.

    P&L Healthcare Services Group, Tanglin Shopping Centre #06-13, 19 Tanglin Road Singapore, +65 6735 3721,,

  4. homeopathy clinic in Singapore for families

    Dr. Natures Homeopathy Clinic & Shop: Best Homeopathy Practitioners and Doctors In Singapore

    Operating For More Than 30 Years

    Beyond offering homeopathic treatments and advice, the Dr. Natures Homeopathic Clinic & Shop sells their branded range of natural remedies to the public. Come to browse their products, or have a consultation to treat your health condition. The clinic has been operating in Singapore for over 30 years and is one of the most established destinations for homeopathic care. They have treated over 10,000 patients and have many 5-star reviews on Google - check them out to hear about people’s positive experiences with Dr. Natures Homeopathy Clinic & Shop.

    Dr. Natures Homeopathy Clinic & Shop, 180 Kitchener Road, #09-10, City Square Mall Singapore, +65 9006 5540,,

  5. good homeopathic clinic in Singapore

    Good Health Homeopathy Centre (GHHC): Best Homeopathy Practitioners and Doctors In Singapore

    Long-Standing Practitioner In Singapore Dr. Vidya Kumar

    GHHC features the resident homeopathy consultant Dr. Vidya Kumar, who is a well-known name in the Singapore alternative medicine scene. She practices Classical Homeopathy and has been treating patients for over 20 years. She is another practitioner who is passionate about educating other experts and homeopathic enthusiasts through her contributions of homeopathic articles in different wellness magazines. She is also a yoga and meditation teacher and shares a lot of wisdom for holistic spiritual and physical health with her patients.

    Good Health Homeopathy Centre (GHHC), Block 214 # 01-435 Jurong East Street 21 Singapore, +65 9645 4901,,

  6. homeopathy treatment in Singapore

    Nature Nurtures: Best Homeopathy Practitioners and Doctors In Singapore

    Coaching, Detox And Homeopathy

    With Dr. Priyadarshani Kamat The homeopathy doctor Priyadarshani Kamat is who you will consult with at Nature Nurtures, and she brings her 26 years of experience to her craft. Just as the name suggests, she stays true to the foundations of Classical Homeopathy to trust in the intelligence of nature to heal. The services at this clinic range from Holistic Homeopathy consultations, to Health Coaching and Personal Detox. There is also a service called “Unique U” which has your practitioner create a personalized fragrance with essential oils to create energetic balance in your system.

    Nature Nurtures, 7500A Beach Road #07-305 The Plaza, Singapore, +65 68414705,,

  7. remote consultation for homeopathy Singapore

    Homeopathy and Wellness Clinic: Best Homeopathy Practitioners and Doctors In Singapore

    Remote Consultations Only

    The director of the Homeopathy and Wellness Clinic is Dr. Poonam Kolkhede Verulkar. This clinic is currently only offering remote consultations for patients. You can access the whole service online, as you will pay on the website, submit the consultation forms, email your details, and receive the medicine within 3-4 business days for those in Singapore. The doctor may contact you for additional information, but generally, it is delivered to you instantly without any live consultation.

    Homeopathy and Wellness Clinic, Little India Location: 92 Serangoon Road, Tampines Location: Block 730, Tampines Street 71, +65-88933212,,

  8. great homeopathy clinic Singapore

    Singapore Homeopathy Centre: Best Homeopathy Practitioners and Doctors In Singapore

    Great Reviews For Dr. Medha Pendse

    You’ll find Dr. Medha Pendse at the Singapore Homeopathic Center, ready to treat patients for a range of lifestyle imbalances, illnesses, and chronic diseases. She has worked in multiple hospital wards in India, including the Medicine Intensive Care unites. She’s also worked at the Gleneagles Hospital and the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore. Her testimonials showcase how impactful her homeopathy treatments are. If you’re considering a consultation with Dr. Medha, read her reviews here.

    Singapore Homeopathy Centre, 74 Upper Serangoon View, Singapore, +65 9731 011,

  9. Advanced Homeopathic Clinic Best Homeopathy Singapore

    Advanced Homeopathic Clinic: Best Homeopathy Practitioners and Doctors In Singapore

    Holistic Therapy With Dr. Ramachandran

    Since 2006, this clinic has been offering Homeopathic services to the people of Singapore. One of the two resident consultants is Dr. Ramachandran, who has been practicing homeopathic medicine for 17 years. He provides a holistic mind-body approach as Dr. Ramachandran is also certified to practice psychology. He’s worked mostly out of corporate hospitals in a private clinical setting. At the Advanced Homeopathic Clinic, he works with biochemical tissue remedies, Bach Flower remedies, Reckweg’s preparations, and more.

    Advanced Homeopathic Clinic, 1 Marne Road, #01-02 The Citron, Next to City Square Mall, Singapore, +65 9127 7164,,

  10. Shiva Homeopathy Singapore Doctor

    Shiva Homeopathy: Best Homeopathy Practitioners and Doctors In Singapore

    Consult With Tejinder Kaur

    Tejinder Kaur is the homeopathic consultant at this clinic, who has over 15 years of clinical experience. Her treatments start with exploring family and personal health history so that the protocols given are fully customized to each individual. People can attend her Singapore Clinic at Shiva Homeopathy or be treated remotely in a virtual consultation call. She will work with you to support the healing from illnesses such as Eczema, Acne, Hair loss, Asthma, and other cough treatments, plus more.

    Shiva Homeopathy, 50 E Coast Road, #03 -18, Roxy Square 2, Singapore, +65 6775 0617,,

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