Best Options For Maternity Insurance In Hong Kong

Protect Your Bump With Pregnancy Oriented Insurance In Hong Kong

Maternity insurance Hong Kong

Like finding the right hospital for giving birth, getting the right insurance policy is just as important for expecting parents. There are many options to suit you and your family.  But be mindful, there aren’t many stand-alone maternity insurance policies, but some come as add-ons to the regular medical insurance plan. Little Steps has created this helpful guide to help moms-to-be better understand what maternity insurance is, what questions you might want to ask, and our selection of the best policies for maternity insurance in Hong Kong.



  • Maternity Insurance Hong Kong


    Maternity insurance is a type of cover that can be added to existing health insurance, which covers pregnancy-related bills, such as:

    • Prenatal care: This includes consultations, scans/check-ups, and treatments during the pregnancy.
    • Post-natal care: This includes hospitalization, new-born care, check-ups, treatments, and more.

    The cost of delivering a baby in Hong Kong varies dramatically depending, the type of delivery, the hospital of choice, and more.

    Although there is public healthcare in Hong Kong, this only applies to emergencies. Thus it is advisable to take a type of insurance policy as costs can balloon over time.

    Another important note is that if you're already pregnant, most insurers will decline coverage. In most cases, insurers require a waiting period of around 10 months or more of paid maternity coverage before covering pregnancy, birth, and/or newborn coverage.

  • Maternity Insurance - Policies


    Reading insurance policies can be a bit daunting as there are key insurance terms that can be hard to understand. Little Steps is here to help these key terms:

    • Premium: This is a fixed amount for your coverage, which you either pay monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the terms of your contract.
    • Insurance Coverage: This is the amount of risk that is covered by the insurance provider, this will vary depending on which provider you choose.
    • Deductible: This is the pre-determined amount you agree to pay while you're covered by insurance.
    • Coinsurance/Copayment: This is the pre-determined percentage the insured needs to pay against a claim, and this will vary on each individual bill.
    • Waiting Period: It is advised to get insurance early, as insurance companies have specific timelines before coverage takes effect, and it can take up to 9 months for maternity insurance.
  • Bump Photo Alea Hong Kong

    ALEA: Maternity Insurance In Hong Kong

    Alea offers a wide range of maternity insurance plans from different insurers to cover the costs of having a baby in Hong Kong or overseas. What's more, Alea’s health insurance experts provide comprehensive comparisons detailing all your coverage options to guide you through the process. From IVF, prenatal and postnatal care to childbirth complications, Alea advisors cover it all. Their caring and female-led team goes the extra mile to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for you and your family.


  • Pacific Prime Maternity Insurance Hong Kong

    PACIFIC PRIME: Maternity Insurance In Hong Kong

    Protect your bump today with Pacific Prime. They offer maternity plans with benefits and limits high enough to cover delivery costs as well as complications (including C-sections) and neo-natal care. They also offer options that cover the costs of prenatal consultations and all required scans during pregnancy.


    Pacific Prime,

  • WILLIAM RUSSELL: Maternity Insurance In Hong Kong

    At William Russell, the Elite Gold covers routine maternity care and childbirth, including prenatal tests plus treatments, examinations, natural birth, childbirth by planned cesarean section, homebirth and supplements or vitamins recommended by a doctor for an additional cost. Choosing the Elite Gold fully covers any complications during pregnancy and childbirth necessitating an emergency surgical procedure.


    William Russell,

  • ALC maternity insurance Hong Kong

    ALC: Maternity Insurance In Hong Kong

    ALC has several plans which cover not only your medical care but also your maternity. PRIMA Platinum Plan, PRIMA Premier Plan, and the PRIMA Classic Plan. Health insurance plans from ALC Health can ensure that the cost of your healthcare is covered while enabling you to still receive treatment at the best possible clinics and hospitals in Hong Kong.



  • CCW Global Maternity insurance Hong Kong

    CCW GLOBAL: Maternity Insurance In Hong Kong

    Insurance agent CCW will find the best option for you and your budget. Hong Kong Maternity Insurance plans will protect you against the costs of giving birth in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong health insurance plan from CCW can enable you to receive your medical and maternity treatment with the doctor or hospital of your choice anywhere in the world. This means that even if you are resident in Hong Kong, your plan will cover you for giving birth in the United Kingdom or the United States of America.


    CCW Global,

  • AXA maternity insurance Hong Kong

    AXA: Maternity Insurance In Hong Kong

    Pregnancy is a joyful and exciting time but can also be a source of stress. Precious Mom and Child Insurance offer tailored coverage for the expectant mother and the newborn, which helps relieve the anxiety during pregnancy. With only one premium payment, the expectant mother can enjoy up to three years of pre and post-natal coverage for herself and the newborn. Standard and Superior's two benefit levels allow you to choose the level of coverage that best suits your budget and personal insurance needs.



  • Bupa Maternity Insurance Hong Kong

    BUPA GLOBAL: Maternity Insurance In Hong Kong

    Get global cover for individuals and families, with universal hospital access, a range of services to keep you healthy, maternity cover, and, if you need it, care at home after a stay in the hospital. After ten months with them, they’ll give you access to a full maternity package to help keep you and your baby healthy.


    Bupa Global,

  • ALLIANZ WORLDWIDE CARE: Maternity Insurance In Hong Kong

    With Allianz Worldwide Care, when opting for the individual plan, you receive two options. When choosing the Premier Individual Core plan, you can purchase The Premier Maternity Plan for $10,125 and is more tailored to fit your family's unique needs and covers the basics of in-patient and out-patient treatment and complications from childbirth after a waiting period. If you choose the Club Individual Core Plan, you can purchase the Club Maternity Plan for $6,750, covering in-patient and out-patient treatment and complications from childbirth after a waiting period.


    Allianz Worldwide Care,

  • Maternity Insurance - Questions

    A LIST OF IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: What To Ask When Looking For Maternity Insurance

    Before taking on any health insurance, it is vital to research their policies, as they can vary massively depending on the insurer. There is no such thing as silly questions, so here are a few that you can use to feel more secure when choosing your maternity insurance:

    1. What are my maternity benefits?
    2. What are my deductible and co-payment amounts for maternity care?
    3. Does the plan cover prenatal and maternity care?
    4. What coverage does the plan offer for prenatal tests such as ultrasounds and amniocentesis procedures?
    5. What coverage does your plan provide if I want to use a certified nurse-midwife or deliver my baby in a birth center or at home?

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