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Top Financial Planners And Advisors In Hong Kong

What Is A Financial Planner And What Do They Do?

Top Financial Planners In Hong Kong

Are you having a hard time managing your money, then a financial planner or advisor might be exactly what you need. Little Steps has done its research and found the best financial planners in the city! We also give you a breakdown of what a financial planner is, what they do and how to know if you need one.

Key Questions Around Financial Planners / Advisors?

  • What is the difference between a Financial Planner and Advisor? A financial planner is a professional who can really help individuals and families look at long-term goals.  A Financial Advisor helper actually manages your money, investments, trusts, wills, and accounts.
  • What qualifications are required in Hong Kong for financial planners?  In Hong Kong, they should have SFC (Securities and Futures Commission) Type 1 and CIB (Confederation of Insurance Brokers) Papers 1, 2 + 3 at minimum.

What services do Financial Planners handle?

  • The main service that financial planners provide is assessing your current financial situation and pinning down the main areas for improvement. They achieve this by looking at your assets, debts, and expenses. They will also ask you about your long-term goals and develop a wealth plan to accomplish that. Financial planners will calculate how much you need to save for:
    • emergency fund
    • outstanding debts
    • retirement
    • investments
    • tax planning

What KEY Questions To Ask Your Financial Planner?

  • What are your qualifications and credentials?
  • Are you doing any continuing education to retain your certification?
  • How long have you been providing investment and financial planning advice?
  • What about trends in the industry – how do you stay current?
  • How many clients do you work with? – decide if you like a boutique or larger planner
  • How do your fees/compensation work? Do you receive any form of commission or fees from other sources other than your clients?
  • Get more intel on their investment philosophy so you are aligned. What types of investments do you use and how do they make changes to your portfolio and how often?
  • How often do you communicate with your clients and how do you communicate?

How Do You Know If You Need A Financial Planner?

  • If you’re struggling with managing your finances, then you could benefit from a financial planner. If you have specific goals you wish to achieve, a financial planner can help you execute that. By and large, the more intricate your financial situation, the more likely you are to gain from a financial planner. They are particularly useful when dealing with a significant life change such as marriage, divorce, and inheritance.


  • Top Financial Planners In Hong Kong - Franklin Templeton

    FRANKLIN TEMPLETON: Financial Advice, Tax Planning, And More

    For over 70 years, Franklin Templeton has helped large institutions and individual investors achieve their financial goals. The financial planners at Franklin Templeton are dedicated to delivering their clients with better outcomes. One of the main reasons why millions of clients in more than 160 countries have entrusted them with their investments, making them one of the world’s largest asset managers with US$1.55 trillion in assets under management.

    Franklin Templeton,

  • Top Financial Planners In Hong Kong - AIA

    AIA: Financial Advice, Tax Planning, And More

    Surely you will find the financial planner at AIA as they have around 20,000 financial planners serving more than 3 million clients! Their financial planning team is committed to offering their customers comprehensive insurance and financial solutions. Allowing their clients easier management of their wealth and health, leading to a happier life!


  • Top Financial Planners In Hong Kong - Friends Provident International

    FRIENDS PROVIDENT INTERNATIONAL: Financial Advice, Tax Planning, And More

    Friends Provident International's primary goal is to help you make your financial security easier to achieve. They have over 40 years of experience in the international life assurance market. They offer savings, investment, and protection solutions to customers in Asia and the UAE. With offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Isle of Man, they have staff worldwide dedicated to helping their clients fulfill their financial goals.

    Friends Provident International,

  • Top Financial Planners In Hong Kong - Wealth Management Group

    WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP (WMG): Financial Advice, Tax Planning, And More

    Wealth Management Group (WMG) is a financial management firm offering investment, insurance, legal, and commercial, administrative services. Their clients are individuals, companies, and families. Their expert wealth managers help their clients execute their financial objectives to reach their goals. WMG helps its clients define and then refine their vision of the future and their values.

    Wealth Management Group,

  • Top Financial Planners In Hong Kong - Thornton Wealth Management

    THORNTON WEALTH MANAGEMENT LIMITED: Financial Advice, Tax Planning, And More

    Thornton Global Wealth Management Limited is one of the largest Independent Financial Advisory firms in Hong Kong, and they are dedicated to putting their clients first! They offer a wide range of services and products to meet each client's financial needs through all stages of life.

    Thornton Global Wealth Management Limited,

  • Top Financial Planners In Hong Kong - Prudential

    PRUDENTIAL: Financial Advice, Tax Planning, And More

    Prudential has been offering the people of Hong Kong expert financial planning since 1964! They offer a wide range of financial planning services and products, such as individual life insurance, investment-linked insurance, retirement solutions, health and medical protection, general insurance, and employee benefits to protect over 1 million clients in Hong Kong.


  • best-financial-planners-in-singapore

    ST JAMES'S PLACE: Financial Advice, Tax Planning, And More

    Wealth experts St James's Place will help put your finances on the right track and save for a bright future. This FTSE-100 wealth management business offers personalised advice on financial, investment and tax planning, designed specifically for your lifestyle goals and stage of life. No single investment house has a monopoly on investment expertise, and SJP works with external managers to manage their funds.

    St James's Place,


    More Top Financial And Wealth Planners Ad Advisors In Hong Kong:

    Winland Wealth Management,

    Fidelity International,

    LEO Wealth,

    The Fry Group,



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