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Top Savings Accounts For Children And Teens In Hong Kong

Level Up From The Piggy Bank In Their Room!

Top Savings Accounts For Children And Teens In Hong Kong

Kids are never too young to learn to manage money. These are crucial life lessons that will help them become successful adults. Gone are the days of porcelain piggy banks. Nowadays, many banks and online services have children’s savings accounts to help manage their money online. Check out our list of Top Savings Accounts for Kids and Teens in Hong Kong.


  • HSBC Children Savings Accounts

    HSBC: Children Savings Account

    HSBC offers children savings account for kids and teens between the ages of 11 - 18. The account provides at-a-glance online statements and lets them earn interest on their balance. Parents can kickstart their finances with these accounts, for those over 11 will receive their own ATM card, enabling them to withdraw money from ATMs across Hong Kong.


  • GREENLIGHT: App & Debit Card For Kids & Teens

    Greenlight is a specially designed debit card and app for children and teens aged 5 - 11. Kids learn how to use a debit card, and through that, they are taught how to spend, save, and invest their money! Parents can send money to their card through the app, and kids cannot spend what isn't there, which is a pretty helpful lesson within itself! The first-month trial costs US$4.99 and can be used for up to 5 kids.


  • Hang Seng Bank Children Savings Accounts

    HANG SENG BANK: Integrated Account For Kids

    Hang Seng Bank has a special offer for customers under the age of 18. Parents can set up an integrated account which will include services like ATM and EPS service, HKD Statement Savings Service, e-Banking, and more! The opening balance for under 18 is HK$500 with no minimum balance service fee.

    Hang Seng Bank,

  • Bank Of China Children Savings Accounts

    BANK OF CHINA: i-Free Banking

    At the Bank Of China, children from the age of 11 can open an i-Free Banking Service, which offers their own account that includes an ATM card—allowing them to learn how to save and manage spending money on their own and cultivating good financial habits.

    Bank Of China,

  • STEP: App & Debit Card For Teens

    Step is another uniquely designed app and debit card for teenagers age 12+. They offer a free FDIC-insured bank account. Teens can receive and send money instantly, and there is no monthly overdraft, ATM, or late fees associated with the account. The best thing is that it does not require a minimum balance, and the app is free.


  • BEA Children Savings Accounts

    BEA: Kid Master Savings Account

    Kid Master Savings Account offers kids the right mix of financial services and protection needed at a young age. You can open a Kid Master savings account at your nearest BEA branch with an initial deposit of only HK$10! There is no monthly maintenance fee, and kids will receive a specially designed children's passbook.


  • Standard Chartered Children Savings Accounts


    Help your children take their first step with financial concepts. Open an account with Standard Chartered and your child will receive their exclusive Disney ATM Card. It's super easy to open an account both for new customers and existing ones. You can either go to any of their branches or apply online and enjoy a 5% cash rebate. Get your cool Mickey, Minnie, or Toy Story-inspired ATM cards today!

    Standard Chartered,

  • Bankaroo Children Savings Accounts

    BANKAROO: Virtual Bank For Kids

    Bankaroo started as a family project in 2011 and turned into a vast global community. This virtual bank designed for kids is trusted by parents, teachers and schools across 100 countries worldwide. This free and easy-to-use app and website will help children learn how to budget, save up and spend their money responsibly.


  • Dah Sing Bank Children Savings Accounts

    DAH SING BANK: Doraemon Kids Savings Account

    We love the Doraemon Kids Savings Account, which will be a big hit with the younger kids. Dah Sing Bank has three offers, and some come with an adorable Doraemon gift. You can start an account, an all-rounded integrated account, or a Target Savings Deposit Account. All three vary in their initial deposit price, so head down to any of their branches around the city and speak to their team to see which one suits your child the best!

    Dah Sing Bank,

  • NCB Children Savings Accounts

    NANYANG COMMERCIAL BANK (NCB): Happy Kids Hong Kong Dollar Savings Account

    Help prep your child for the future with the Happy Kids Hong Kong Dollar Savings Account by NCB. Children will love the colorful design, and having a savings account will help them get into the habit of saving. There is no minimum deposit or balance requirement, and it's available for children aged 10 or below.

    Nanyang Commercial Bank (NCB),

  • WANT MORE? More Savings Accounts For Children And Teens Across Hong Kong

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    OCBC WING HANG - Click here

    CITY BANK - Click here


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