Hong Kong International Children’s And Youth Film Carnival 2021

Carnival Of Films, Shows, & Interactive Activities For Kids In Hong Kong!

2021 Jul 10 - 2021 Aug 28

The International Children’s & Youth Film Carnival 2021 is back to provide summer entertainment for the kids. With performances from artists all over the world, the carnival is one that will allow you to experience all kinds of art in one city without having to travel to a dozen different countries. The performances are categorized into film, stage, library, and museum programs, and we’ve compiled the top picks for kids!  The carnival is offering both stage and online events!

Note, many of the shows are in Cantonese with English subtitles.  There are a few in Spanish and other languages with English subtitles.  Below are the ones in English.

Click here for tickets to any of the shows and performances!


Unique Stage Shows For Kids (in English)

1. Arabian Dreams – Song and dance for kids ages 3+ (English Performance)

Click here for the full online program.  Click here for the stage program.


Top English Films For Kids

1. Sheep And Wolves: Pig Deal (English cinema)

2. Bigfoot Family (English cinema)

Click here for the full film program! 


Top Museum Events For Kids

Click here for the full museum program! 

Where To Find It:​

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