We know by now that most people must be growing stir crazy staying at home all day (and probably experiencing a bit of cabin fever!)! This is the perfect time for you to bring the outdoors inside by growing your own fresh vegetable garden! And it can all be done with what you already have in your kitchen!

This simple yet very satisfying activity will not only have your home smelling amazing, but your produce can be used to rejuvenate your cooking! Find out the best re-growing and replanting gardening hacks below!



Get your food and home smelling fresh, fresh, fresh by re-growing your herbs!


– Make sure the remainder of the herb has roughly 2 to 3 inches of stem.

– Place the stems upright in a glass of water.

– As the new roots sprout, move the herbs to a pot of soil and let them continue to grow!



You never have to buy potatoes again with this easy gardening hack!


– Let your potato scraps dry out overnight.

– Cut your potatoes in half or in a smaller increment that will fit in a pot.

– Identify the ‘eyes’ on the potato; these are small indentations or holes from where the new shoots can grow. They look something like this!

– With the ‘eyes’ facing upwards, place the potato into a pot with soil.

– Watch as new shoots grow in a couple of weeks!



Re-use your old celery for an endless supply of vegetables!


– Cut off the bottom of the celery stalk.

– Place it in a shallow container with a little bit of warm water in the bottom.

– Watch as your celery re-grows back to what it was before!



Rejuvenate your meals with your own leafy greens!


– There are two methods to re-growing these leafy crops!

– Using either the leftover roots of the crops or the individual leaves will allow you to regrow these plants!

– Place the roots or the leaves in a bowl with a little water inside.

– For the roots: Wait for new leaves to grow!

– For the leaves: As new leaves and new roots grow, transfer the new plant into a pot with soil.



– Always remember to water the plants!

– Keep the plants and containers in a place where there is sunlight.


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