A Holistic Approach To Therapy At Annabelle Kids

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Playtime Annabelle Kids Singapore

Annabelle Kids (AKIDS) is an inclusive child therapy center conveniently located in central Singapore that adopts a fun-filled, play-based approach to therapy that delivers a holistic picture of your child’s development and needs. Join them November 4 & 5 for their Annabelle Kids Symposium Playdate, where they’ll have an exciting lineup of webinars and in-person activities for you!

On November 4, their AKIDS Symposium online webinars can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home! They have a paediatrician, child psychologists, a speech therapist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist sharing about different aspects of our children

On November 5, the Symposium Day is held in their Thomson integrated clinic, where you can meet the team of allied health practitioners comprising child psychologists, speech therapists and an occupational therapist for a chat, explore multi-sensory gyms, and participate in the fun activities! Get more info and sign up here

AKIDS provides allied health services including psychotherapy, speech, & occupational therapy services for neurodiverse children and children with academic and learning concerns. Their Allied Health Professionals comprise clinical psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and art therapists working together in a multidisciplinary team to support children and their families.

Their holistic Explorer Early Intervention Programme (EIP) places emphasis on the development of physical, cognitive, communicative, social, and adaptive skills. Their multisensory gyms, meanwhile, provide a perfect setting for children to learn through play and exploration, while a team of Allied Health Professionals works closely to ensure each child receives individualized care.

The program follows a progressive curriculum approach focusing on developing sensory processing and sensorimotor skills, promoting perceptual-motor development, including hand-eye coordination and postural adjustment. These skills enable children to engage in social relationships and academic learning effectively, providing them with the tools necessary for lifelong success.

Find out more about EIP today! Their team of experts is committed to helping your child reach their full potential for effective living and lifelong learning.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

AKIDS clinic supports children and parents alongside them throughout their journey, sharing with them effective and adaptive coping strategies and skills. The AKIDS team utilises the unique strengths of each family unit to enable each child and their caregivers the best chance at life.

Who It's Perfect For:

Parents with neurodiverse children who want additional psychological support, speech therapy or occupational therapy for their child.

What Else:​

The clinic hosts regular parent relief groups, children playgroups and other events: check out their website to find out the latest!

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

Check out their social media pages!




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