Stay Hydrated With The Best Reusable Water Bottles In Hong Kong

From BPA-Free To Stainless, We've Covered Them All Here!

Water Bottles HK

Living in a hot and humid climate like Hong Kong, it’s indispensable not to have a reusable water bottle or flask. Not only is it more eco-friendly to have, but it is also a practical and smart way to get the right hydration you need whether at work, school, at home or on the go. For kids, it’s a backpack and back-to-school essential! There are so many options to choose from nowadays, from straw cups, hydro flasks, stainless, and of course BPA-free. Which one is the right fit for you and the family? We’ve included all the big-name brands here like Skiphop, Camelbak, Stanley, and many more as well as where to get them in Hong Kong.

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  • Escapade Sports Water Bottles HK

    Escapade Sports

    Outdoor Water Bottles For The Family

    Perfect for families who love to take part in sports and stay active. Sports enthusiasts can opt for their sports water bottles which stay cool and fresh. Families have a variety of different brands to choose from and pick what's suitable for their needs - such as the latest Polar Bottle (pictured) that keeps liquids 2x cooler.

    Escapade Sports, Various Locations,

  • Bookazine Water Bottles HK


    Water Bottles For Kids, Tweens And Teens

    If you're looking for water bottles or flasks with beautiful designs, Bookazine has an amazing collection. Teens and animal lovers will love their designs such as this Piggy In The Middle Water Bottle (pictured). They also sell durable and high-quality BPA-free Skiphop water bottles.

    Bookazine, Various Locations,

  • Bimbo Concept Water Bottles HK

    Bimbo Concept

    Water Bottles For Kids, Tweens And Teens

    Bimbo Concept specializes in water bottles that stand out with their witty, minimalist designs. Kids will love their animal-themed designs such as their Fabelab (pictured) line which is created to prevent spills and leakages.

    Bimbo Concept, Various Locations,

  • Thermos Water Bottle HK


    Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles And Learning Cups Available

    As the world's first first Vacuum Insulated bottle, you know that you pay for utmost quality. Thermos is also not short of providing kid-friendly water bottles.

    We suggest to get:

    • Thermos Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

    Comes in different colors and designs. Perfect for cold/hot drinks.

    • Thermos Tritan Straw Bottle

    Comes in different colors and the size is perfect to fit in backpacks.

    • Thermos Learning Cup With Straw

    Comes in different shapes and sizes suitable for toddlers.

    Thermos, Various Locations

  • Stanley Cup

    Popular Drink Bottle & Tumbler

    Stanley Cups or Tumblers are all the rage these days thanks to their large selection of bottles which come in different designs, colors, sizes and purposes. They are all BPA free, durable and built for life (backed by a lifetime guarantee) and sustainable.

    Stanley, available from Suburban Hong Kong and Amazon.

  • Live Zero Water Bottles

    Live Zero

    Sustainable Water Bottles For Families

    For families following the green lifestyle, Live Zero has a perfect selection of water bottles! From sport bottles, hydro flasks, insulated and collapsible cups - you'll be able to find the most suitable to your needs.

    We suggest to get:

    • Klean Kanteen Kid Classic Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle (pictured)

    It comes in different designs and colors. Perfect for to bring for families who love the outdoors.

    • Klean Kanteen Kid Classic Sippy Water Bottle

    Perfect for toddlers and easy to carry on the go.

    Live Zero, Various Locations,

  • Mothercare Training Cups HK


    Affordable Weaning Cups And Water Bottles

    A major go-to for moms all around the world, Mothercare provides products with amazing quality at affordable prices. This is the best place to purchase sippy cups (choose from weighed straws, training cups and non-spill cups).

    Mothercare, Various Locations

  • Personalized Water Bottles HK

    Personalized Water Bottles

    Water Bottles For Kids, Tweens And Teens
    • Kolligraphy

    The personalized hand-engraved stainless steel bottles from Kolligraphy are eco-friendly and come in a variety of colors to choose from.


    • TinyMe

    For moms who love adding labels and name tags on school supplies, this is perfect for kids ages 3 and up and starting school. Orders must only be made online.


    • Photobook (pictured)

    You can choose from various designs and colors, or customize your own by decorating a water bottle filled with family photos! Water bottles are also made from eco-friendly materials. Orders must only be made online.


  • Decathlon Mist Spray Water Bottle HK


    Best For Sporty Families, Tweens And Teens

    Decathlon offers a great selection of water bottles, all at affordable prices!

    We suggest to get: 

    • New Mist Cool Spray Water Bottle (pictured)

    Stay fresh, cool and hydrated with this one. It also comes in different designs. Perfect for families that are always out on hikes or for beach days.

    • Reno Insulated Water Bottle 

    Designs are perfect for tweens and teens to bring to school. Use this for hot or chilled drinks.

    Decathlon, Various Locations

  • Baby Central HK

    Perfect For Toddlers And Kids Starting School

    Select from different designs and sizes perfect for kids at any age. You can choose from stainless steel or plastic bottles, straw or without, everything is here! They also offer same-day delivery or you can pick up your orders from their warehouse (no walk-ins).

    Pro tip: existing members get a special 10% discount!

    We suggest to get: 

    • Sip And Snack Bottle (pictured)

    Perfect for moms and kids on the go as it includes a detachable snack cup at the bottom of the water bottle.

    • Nuby Stainless Steel Sport Bottle

    Comes with a push bottle top that's helped to prevent leaks and spills. Also has double insulation which is perfect for keeping drinks chilled on a hot summer day.

    Baby Central HK Warehouse, 5/F Cheung Tak Industrial Building,  30 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, +852 6771 8566,

  • Star Wars Water Bottle Homesless HK


    Water Bottles For Tweens And Teens

    A great list of stainless steel vacuum water bottles to bring to school that come in absolutely cute designs and colors.

    Star Wars fans can also purchase a cool Storm Trooper water bottle (pictured) too!

    Homeless, Various Locations

  • CamelBak Water Bottles HK


    Outdoor Water Bottles For The Family

    Keep yourselves fresh with these sustainable water bottles from CamelBak. Families can either go for the insulated water bottles (pictured) that come in cute designs or go for the plastic straw bottles. Most of their bottles are BPA, BPS, and BPF free.

    CamelBak, Various Locations,


    Where to get reusable water bottles in Hong Kong:

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