Little Steps Reviews: My Gym Children’s Fitness Centre Wong Chuk Hang

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My Gym Children's Fitness Centre Wong Chuk Hang

Have your kids tried My Gym Children’s Fitness Centre yet? With their large, open spaces, specially designed equipment, and enthusiastic teachers, your child is guaranteed to have an amazing time.

Established in Hong Kong in 2003, My Gym has been a trusted destination for families seeking gymnastics-based development classes for young children. Their award-winning program, founded in California in 1983, combines sports, dance, early childhood development, kinesiology, and gymnastics to create a fun and engaging environment for learning. With over 600 locations in more than 30 countries, My Gym is recognized as the No.1 children’s program worldwide.

My Gym offers exciting and well-rounded programs for children aged 0 to 5 years old. Their highly-trained and attentive teachers follow a structured curriculum, designed by My Gym U.S., to provide a safe and child-friendly play-gym environment. Through meaningful play, children can develop at their own pace, gaining physical and emotional confidence, with the aim of promoting flexibility, adaptability, and preparedness for their school journey. The My Gym space is equipped with rides, slides, climbing structures, gymnastics stations, swings, and more to introduce new skills in balancing, tumbling, hanging, and agility. Click here for the timetable!

Enrollment is by term and each term consists of weekly classes, book your trial here!


  • Age-Appropriate Gymnastics Classes

    Fitness Classes Starting From 6 Months To 5 Years
    • Tiny Tykes (6-12 months): Introduces the little ones to basic gymnastics and builds a solid foundation for their agility, balancing, hanging, and tumbling skills.
    • Waddlers (12-18 months): Introduces basic gymnastic skills and further develops their agility, balancing, hanging and tumbling skills so that they are able to complete the gymnastic stations with less assistance from the teachers. The little ones will be introduced to the concept of balancing using “Aeroplane Arms” and developing their upper body strength by hanging on various gymnastics equipment more independently.
    • Gymsters (1.5-2.5 years): The little ones are encouraged to complete the activities with minimal help from the teachers to develop greater confidence and independence. The little ones will balance using strong “Aeroplane Arms” with little assistance from the teachers and aim to hang onto various gymnastics equipment independently.
    • Terrific Tots (2.5-3.5 years): Introduces 3 gymnastic stations every week. These gymnastic stations develop their agility, balancing, hanging and tumbling skills and be introduced to more advanced gymnastic skills.
    • Mighty Mites (3.5-5 years): Children will do more advanced gymnastic movements and complete agility, balancing, hanging and tumbling gymnastic stations with little guidance from the teachers. More complex stretches (e.g. cobra stretch) and tumbling skills (e.g. dive roll) will be introduced to them as well. Children will enter the gym floor without a parent or guardian and complete various activities to work on different body muscles and strengthen their confidence. There is a strong focus on listening to rules, paying attention and discipline.
    • Siblings & Friends (12 month - 3.5 years): In the Siblings & Friends Program, levels of “difficulty” at each of the stations is modified based on the child's age. It is most similar to the Gymsters' class structure and includes warm-up, song, dance and practice skills, free play, stations and swings.

    Free play sessions: These 1.5 hour sessions are unstructured (no teacher is present) and allow kids (ages 6 months - 5 years) to come use the My Gym facilities and engage in free play under the supervision of an adult at all times. Available only on weekdays (except Wednesdays) from 12:30pm-2:00pm. Book your slot here!

    Each class ends with a circle time and puppet show.

    Check out their second location in TST below and click here for the timetable:

  • Little Steps Reviews: My Gym Fitness Centre Wong Chuk Hang

    60 Minutes Of Action-Packed Fun!

    Our in-house expert reviewer Ryan (3.5 years old) had a terrific time at the Terrific Tots class at the My Gym location in Wong Chuk Hang!

    Every class at My Gym starts with 15 minutes of circle time. The kids take turns introducing themselves to the teacher and other students and sing the Hello song. After that the teacher leads the group in some stretching exercises to awaken the muscles, reduce any risk of injury and get the students ready for class. With fun and upbeat music to accompany the movements, stretching starts off with some gentle exercises progressing to some running and dancing! After that comes the kids' favorite segment - play and exploration! For around 15 minutes babies and tots get to run around and explore the room, and where age-appropriate, climb up ladders and blocks, whizz down slides, try their balancing skills on a special beam, strengthen their core and upper body muscles on the monkey bars and jump to their heart's content on the trampoline. Equipment setup and availability change weekly and are also modified depending on the age group.

    Structured activities come after free play, where the teachers set up different stations and obstacle courses for the kids to test and challenge their skills including their coordination, gross motor skills and balance.

    Teachers then close the session with some calming exercises, sing and dance and even a short puppet show!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

The My Gym space is beautiful, modern and extremely clean (all equipment is cleaned and sanitized after every class). The equipment is changed up every week so the kids get to try out different movements and skills, while stimulating their imagination and creativity!

Who It's Perfect For:

Babies as young as six months and kids as old as 5 years! The expert guidance and support afforded at My Gym really refines and challenges their gross-motor skills!

What Else:​

All classes are accompanied except for the older Mighty Mites one - there is a comfortable seating area where you can relax while the class is in session and watch the kids from.

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

Expect a restful full night's sleep from your little one afterward - all the physical activity, fun and excitement really tires them out!

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