Cakes – rare, celebratory things of great beauty, filled with soft deliciousness and made with special care – have obviously always been a smashing hit. You see a cake, you just want to stick your finger in it. But you don’t, because you’re an adult.

Somebody recognized the deepest desires of us sweet-toothed folks, gave the good old celebratory dessert a new twist, and called it a smash cake. These cakes are carefully and skillfully made in order to be freely destroyed. Domes ranging from simple, slick and shiny to insanely sculptured pieces of art are smashed to release an outpour of candy goodness. Yes, these are chocolate-candy-surprise-piñata cakes. Talk about synergy! Easy as it is to smash it, making a smash cake is truly a craft, and Hong Kong has its own masters.

Where to buy smash cakes in Hong Kong?  Sydney Smash Cakes and Complete Deelite can fill you up on the details of their own versions of this interactive dessert. Though kids obviously adore smash cakes, we wouldn’t want to encourage limiting yourself; the variety of elements that comprise a smash cake truly make it a crowd-pleaser, so there are endless appropriate occasions to which to bring one, pull out your weapon of choice, and see what it’s made of.