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For more than 20 years, The International Montessori School has been dedicated to providing the most authentic Montessori education to children in Hong Kong. From having experienced AMI-trained English and Chinese Montessori teachers, to using scientifically researched and specially designed teaching materials, every detail at IMS is geared towards creating Montessori classrooms of the highest standards across all four of its campuses.

Fostering a lifelong love of learning and nurturing “doers” in a natural and joyful way has always been IMS’ focus. Children are given consistent opportunities to explore their interests, and to discover, experiment, and achieve their goals under the teachers’ guidance. This personal and academic growth happens in a fully immersive bilingual environment, nourishing all-round development in both English and Chinese from infancy.

IMS offers programs for children from ages 1 to 12:

Montessori First Steps provides a joyful start to the emerging walker aged 1-2, giving these little ones the opportunity to learn alongside a parent or caregiver in an immersive bilingual environment.

Foundation Groups are set up to build confidence and independence in toddlers aged 2-3, and stimulate their natural curiosity.

Casa Dei Bambini is designed to nurture creativity and life skills for children aged 3-6, and provide a solid foundation in all learning areas through hands-on and interactive materials.

Elementary encourages students aged 6-12 to learn in discussion and collaboration, supporting them to build their social skills, problem-solving aptitude, and character development.

The best way to understand the power of Montessori is to see and experience how it works! IMS offers a range of opportunities to personally immerse both yourself and your child in this unique learning environment.

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  • The Montessori Experience

    This is the best way for you and your child to experience the Montessori difference, first-hand. Specifically designed for parents with children aged 12 to 30 months, IMS' Montessori Experience is a trial session that enables you and your child to fully immerse yourselves in the magic of authentic Montessori education.

    The session is led by both an English teacher and Putonghua teacher in a small group setting, with ample room for your child to interact with scientifically-researched and authentic, educator-designed Montessori materials in a meticulously prepared classroom environment.

    Montessori Experience sessions are 45-minutes long and are available at all four campuses across Hong Kong Island. You can take a look at regular sessions and register for them at the link here.




  • Playing IMS Hong Kong

    Join A Campus Tour

    IMS Montessori educators will regularly guide interested parents on Campus Tours, allowing you to peek behind the curtain and witness a Montessori classroom in action. This is the best opportunity to quietly observe IMS students engaged in their schoolwork in a joyful and purposeful manner.

    These tours are also a great chance to gain a deeper understanding of how the Montessori biligual method works, and its proven benefits for children's development, directly from educators and campus leaders. Sign up here!


  • Students IMS Hong Kong

    Parenting Workshops

    IMS has always emphasized the importance of continuous learning outside of the classroom too. Hence, they regularly host workshops for parents and caregivers that are designed to empower you with knowledge about Montessori approaches and strategies that can be easily implemented at home.

    Led by Jennifer Yu, an AMI-trained early years educator and a parent herself, these workshops can arm you with the tools necessary to fully realize the authentic Montessori experience for you and your child both in and out of the classroom.

    Workshops are held at IMS' Open Days and regularly on campus but spaces fill up quickly so we recommend signing up early through the link here to save your spot!



Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

Campus locations

Stanley Campus:
Phase III, Ma Hang Estate, Stanley, Hong Kong

Aldrich Bay Campus:
G/F, i-UniQ Grand, 155 Shau Kei Wan Road, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong

Mid-Levels Campus:
Mezzanine Entrance, Tung Fai Gardens, 17 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

South Horizons Campus:
G/F, Blocks 23 to 23A, South Horizons, Phase III, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong


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