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Where To Get Special Needs (SEN) Assessments For Kids In Hong Kong?

Identifying, Assessments And Next Steps For Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Gifted And More

Special needs assessments are in high demand and identifying the right specialist to provide an assessment, diagnosis, and offer the next steps for intervention can be challenging. The emotional journey is never quite straight forward and many times, families zig and zag before they get on the right path. Referrals are typically the best move toward the next step, given the individualization of assessments required.

Below, we have listed out places and people that are popular for giving special needs assessments. If you have further recommendations, please let us know at [email protected].

For those looking for in-depth information on early years SEN:

More key SEN resources by Little Steps Asia:

For those looking for SEN after-school classes in Hong Kong – here are a few goodies!


    A psycho-educational in-depth assessment is an evaluation conducted by a psychologist to see if your child has learning challenges or a developmental delay. This assessment can then be used to help steer you and the school your child attends into a more personalized approach to learning. Areas tested include cognitive abilities, adaptive behavior, emotional and behavioral development, academic achievement, and social and communication development. It can be done from 18 months through teenage years and is a beneficial evaluation for parents looking to get more intel and discovering more about their child's learning challenges. It's ideal to do it at the beginning of a school year to put an individualized plan in place.

    Psycho-Educational Assessment In Hong Kong:


    A speech and language evaluation is the measurement of a person's communication skills. The evaluation is done by a speech-language clinician and consists of formal and informal assessments, and a therapy program is recommended based on your child's needs. Usually, a hearing test is recommended before the speech therapy assessment.

    Speech Therapists In Hong Kong - Assessment And Evaluations:

  • Guide to special needs dyslexia assessment in hong kong


    No single tests typically diagnosis dyslexia. A variety of factors are considered, including your child's medical and developmental history, home life, and reading and academic skills. Besides, tests in vision, hearing, psychological, and neurological testing can be required. Where to start? Assessments are available through the HK Government Hospitals, the Hong Kong Education Bureau, and private educational, medical, and psychological practices. Below is a list of handy resources and key organizations that can help steer you as well. One key resource to review as you start your journey is the Dyslexia Took Kit - click here!

    Dyslexia Government Assessments In Hong Kong:

    Private Dyslexia Assessments In Hong Kong:

  • Guide to special needs autism assessment in hong kong


    Similar to other learning disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder is not diagnosed in one simple assessment; rather, it is a variety of screening and assessment tools that may be used during the assessment process. While the two biggest assessments are Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) and the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R), there are many more that might be more relevant depending on your individual child. The assessments are typically in two parts - one around developmental assessment and more of a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. Child Development Services can help steer you on the government side, and there are plenty of private clinics in Hong Kong that can help as well.

    Autism Government Assessments In Hong Kong:

    Other Key Autism Resources In Hong Kong:

  • Guide to special needs ADHD assessment In Hong Kong


    ADHD is a very common diagnosis (in fact, ADHD is the most common mental disorder in children) that affects focus, emotional responses, and impulse control. ADHD is outdatedly also referred to as ADD (attention deficit disorder), which we now know is only one of its 3 manifestations deemed inattentive ADHD. The other 2 types are hyperactive-impulsive and combined ADHD. The specificness of a particular manifestation is where it gets very complicated. Here are the best resources for parents looking for information on ADHD in Hong Kong and below is where you can get your ADHD assessments in Hong Kong.

    ADHD Government Assessments In Hong Kong:

    Other Key ADHD Resources In Hong Kong:

    Private ADHD Assessments In Hong Kong:


    A child's vision develops after birth and matures through about 8 years of age. Typically at age 4, it is recommended to schedule a comprehensive vision test.  When assessing your child for special needs and learning disabilities, a vision test is usually part of the process so tests are given at different ages depending on the recommendation. What is typically tested? Visual acuity (sight clarity) and refractive error (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia) are tested for children. Other standard tests check squint, cross-eyed assessment, color vision, and ocular health.

    Vision Tests For Kids In Hong Kong (Ophthalmologists):

    If you need an ophthalmologist - here is the guide to Hong Kong's best!

  • Guide to special needs, hearing test hong kong


    The hearing test is a critical factor in determining impairments in a child. Speech delays and challenges are a good indicator of many disorders, including mental, psychological, and autism. Typically hearing tests are done at birth and subsequently, regular tests can be organized depending on the initial results. Audiologists at audio centers are specialists in assess if a child has hearing challenges. It is also crucial to let the specialist know in advance of any other challenges the child faces, either at school or home.

    Where to get a hearing test in Hong Kong?

    Need An ENT or audiologist in Hong Kong - click here!


    Food Allergy Assessment In Hong Kong:


    Sensory Integration Assessment In Hong Kong:


    Occupational Therapy Assessments In Hong Kong:


    Baby Assessment (18 Months):

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