ADHD Resources And Support Groups For Parents In Hong Kong

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ADHD Support Groups In Hong Kong

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common disorders occurring in little humans & teenagers that can continue into adulthood, too. It is characterized by difficulty in concentrating and maintaining focus, paying attention, remembering, controlling behavior, following instructions and getting and staying organized. This may sound like your regular kid and, while most kids are not collected, old souls, these issues are very pronounced in those suffering from ADHD and severely affect the quality of their lives.

Depending on the severity, the disorder causes kids a lot of stress that their inexperienced minds and bodies aren’t prepared for – neither are their adult peers, who may have been coping with the disorder for decades and much less their worried parents, especially since medicine itself is still pretty perplexed by the issue. ADHD often co-occurs with other behavioral, developmental and learning disorders, leaving kids misunderstood and causing misdiagnoses and statistics of questionable reliability.

ADHD is outdatedly also referred to as ADD (attention deficit disorder), which we now know is only one of its 3 manifestations deemed inattentive ADHD. The other 2 kinds are hyperactive-impulsive and combined ADHD. But you probably already know the basics – the specificness of a particular manifestation is where it gets very complicated. So, without further ado, here are the best resources for parents looking for information on ADHD in Hong Kong.

  • LEARNING & MEDICAL SUPPORT: Where To Get An Assessment For ADHD In Hong Kong?

    Child and Family CentreThe Psynamo Group, Adler Family Center, FocusJadis Blurton Family Development CenterWatchdogMindnlife and Spot are here for the first step you have to take: assessments, education & support for the family and interdisciplinary therapy for the child. These guys help your kid turn their disadvantage into a superpower, and teach you how to productively support them along their brave journey!


    Child and Family

    Adler Family Center,

    The Psynamo

    Jadis Blurton Family Development


    If you are looking for a specialized, passion-driven professional to make an estimate of what exactly is going on in your kid's unique mind, here are the doctors of Hong Kong you should turn to. Dr. Eunice Wong, Dr. Minna Chau, Dr. Fanny Wai Fan Lam and Dr. Judy Chan made it their mission in this world to employ their expertise to get to the bottom of your kid's and family's specific situation – and put you on top of it.


    Dr. Eunice

    Dr. Adler

    Dr. Minna

    Dr. Fanny Wai Fan

    Dr. Judy


    Homoeopathic Specialists For ADHD:

    Nutritional and Homeopathic therapy to provide relief of hyperactivity, inattention, sensory issues, food sensitivities, immune issues and allergies aggravating ADHD.

    Maya Health,


  • FACEBOOK GROUPS: Support Groups For ADHD In Hong Kong

    As invaluable as it is to get an opinion and support from a professional institution or a specialized doctor, we often get the most comfort and sometimes even the best tips and tricks are from our peers – the community going through the same thing. For them, your problems are not their jobs, but a part of their own lives, too. These Facebook groups provide a space for parents and caregivers to confidentially share experiences, exchange ideas and support each other.


    Special Needs Network Hong

    ADHD Parent Support


    However loving and understanding you may be towards your kid, other factors shape their self-esteem and progress as well. If your little human with ADHD goes to a school that doesn't recognize the specificity of their situation, they may well end up feeling like less than their peers. These Hong Kong schools empower kids with special educational needs because they know that there is no such thing as "normal" and no one way to learn!


    Hong Kong

    The Harbour

    Anfield School,

    Aoi Pui

    Bridge Academy,

    The Sarah Roe


  • MORE RESOURCES: ADHD In Hong Kong Resources

    Of course, there is no definitive answer to the issues arising from the mysteries of the human brain. There's always more to learn, read, try out... So here are a couple more amazing Hong Kong resources for kids, parents and caretakers dealing with ADHD:




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