Top Ten Teen-Approved Restaurants In Hong Kong

Where Teens Go For Their Staple Foods In Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the culinary landscape is bursting with vitality, offering a diverse range of restaurants to suit every palate and craving. As social media platforms like Instagram continue to flourish, teenagers have honed their expertise in the realm of dining and capturing those picture-perfect moments. However, with an abundance of dining options available, it can be daunting to find the ideal spot. If you’re on the quest for the ultimate destination to share a delightful meal with friends, search no more! Discover an expanded compilation of the finest ten restaurants in Hong Kong, approved by teens and guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds while elevating your Instagram feed. So if you’re a teen looking for inspiration or you are a parent looking to take a teen out for lunch or dinner, this guide is for you!

  • Pepper Lunch

    A Well-Known Favorite

    Pepper Lunch is perhaps the most iconic of the teen-loved restaurants out there. They offer dishes in a hot stone teppan plate, where you can sizzle, stir, and mix your own unique tasting experience! Spread the signature hidden margarine with premium meat and corn; coat each grain of rice with Pepper Lunch's special sauces, such as a cheese curry sauce. This is the optimal place for a juicy and tender steak!

    Pepper Lunch, several locations across Hong Kong, https://pepperlunch.com.hk/en/

  • La Vache!

    A Parisian-Style Steakhouse

    La Vache! is a Parisian-style steakhouse that serves the best steak frites in Hong Kong. The restaurant pays homage to the tradition of entrecôte: lively brasserie elevates the simple steak frites, and an organic green salad is followed by a richly marbled USDA prime ribeye with La Vache! secret sauce. Their premium ingredients, upbeat music, and friendly service have made them a favorite among Hong Kong teens.

    La Vache!, several locations across Hong Kong, https://www.lavache.com.hk/

  • Sushi Kuu

    An Iconic Sushi Restaurant

    Sushi Kuu is on the higher end of dining, but it is a well-loved place for teenagers, so parents — be on the lookout! This could be your next stop for a special family occasion. Known for its modern interpretation of traditional Japanese dining, Sushi Kuu will provide a sleek, upscale experience in the heart of Hong Kong's dining district.

    Sushi Kuu, 1/F, M88, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 29710180, http://www.sushikuu.com.hk/

  • Pici

    Hong Kong's Local Pasta Bar

    Pici serves fresh handmade pastas and homey Italian dishes, made with the finest ingredients. Each dish is cooked with heart and soul and is a love letter to the authentic flavors of Italy. Its cozy antique décor is an escape from the bustling city and has won the hearts of Hong Kong teens.

    Pici, multiple locations across Hong Kong, https://pici.hk/

  • Spices

    Asian Food With An Eastern Ambience

    For those around the south side of Hong Kong Island, this is a popular Asian restaurant that has the ambiance of a lively and colorful Eastern spice market. Sit at alfresco tables and admire the tropical blooms, or enjoy signature dishes in the cool and inviting interiors. Whether for a party or a small group catch-up, Spices is a place where teens love to wind down and eat with friends.

    Spices, 109 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, +852 22922821, https://www.therepulsebay.com/spices/

  • Carbone

    Italian-American Delights

    Carbone pays homage to the essence of the mid-20th century Italian-American restaurants of New York, where delicious, exceptionally well-prepared food was served in an elegant and upscale setting. Their dishes nod to that history, but draws culinary cues from the present and future. Their signature vodka rigatoni keeps their loyal customers returning for more. Join at the weekend when the lights go down and the music goes up!

    Carbone, 9/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, https://www.carbone.com.hk/

  • TamJai SamGor

    A Hong Kong Special

    An inexpensive restaurant chain, TamJai SamGor is a must for teens going out with friends. It is a casual and affordable noodle shop where you can customize your own mixian, with many stable Chinese appetizers and snacks such as Hunan or Xianjing chicken wings and chili oil cucumber. Stop by, pick your options, and slurp away a convenient meal!

    TamJai SamGor, multiple locations across Hong Kong, https://www.tjsamgor.com/hk/

  • Ebeneezer's

    Kebabs & Pizzeria

    Since 1993, Ebeneezer's has been serving Middle-Eastern and Indian cuisine that will satisfy your palate, especially after a night out! Their menu covers the widest variety of popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies and is the only halal-certified chain of restaurants.

    Ebeneezer's, multiple locations across Hong Kong, https://www.ebeneezers.com/

  • Meen & Rice

    Cantonese Favorites

    Offering a fresh take on the four basic Cantonese food groups, "juk fun meen faan" (congee, rice noodles, flour noodles, rice), Meen and Rice is a casual destination to call upon for authentic home-style Hong Kong favorites. Teens love the oceanfront promenade as they enjoy a chilled dining experience.

    Meen & Rice, Shop 113, L1, The Pulse, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, +852 26688970, https://www.thepulse.com.hk/meen-and-rice

  • Shiro Sushi

    All-Day Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

    Shiro is an innovative Japanese restaurant inspired by Tokyo's foodie hot spots: Ginza, Shinjuku and Shibuya. They are famous for pioneering sparkling Crystal Sushi—a fresh interpretation of flavor-packed sushi. Teenagers have approved the elegant zen simplicity of Shiro Sushi and its perfect execution of Japanese fine dining.

    Shiro Sushi, Shop 132, Level 1, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong, +852 21179481, https://shiro-sushi.com/

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