Rumple And Friends has got something new and exciting up their sleeve, just for the adults this time, Murder Mystery Theatre. A fun and unique way to celebrate your birthday. Their theatrical show is also perfect for teambuilding events and members clubs. Get ready for an evening full of deception, drama, tragedy and cold-blooded murder. Solve clues, be a detective and find out who the murderer is... 

The performance involves 2-4 actors and their murder mystery packages can be tailored to suit any type of event. This uniquely alternative show tends to last around 4 hours when included in a dinner or buffet of your choice, the whole experience is tailored to your liking! The show includes games, a tailored script, props, costumes and table decorations. To find out more click here and if you wish to book today, click here to download the brochure!

"Mind your Manors” is the name of the show!

While you're at the Midsummer Manor where everything is going to plan until slowly but surely the guests are caught in a web of lies, love, and deceit as Steven, the owner of the manor, mysteriously turns up dead. Watch the hilarious and entertaining characters’ frantic attempts to conceal the body, as they decipher the clues that will lead them to the murderer…all under the watchful eyes of the hotel inspector. Help discover who the murderer is by finding clues, deciphering codes and playing some hilarious games, all whilst working together to find the murderer before he kills again!