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18 Amazing STEM And Coding Toys in Singapore

Game Changers Among Toys

TOp STEM and Coding Toys Singapore

STEM & STEAM (Science + Technology + Engineering (+Arts) + Mathematics) have proved to be the best route towards balanced education because they give kids the most comprehensive basis to build upon. We have written about STEM & STEAM itself and the programs employing the approach in Singapore, and now we give you the amazing toys—and info on where to find them in Singapore—that make it even easier to kickstart your little thinker’s love for learning as a way of living through some seriously awesome, open-ended play. Here comes our guide to the 15 amazing STEM and coding toys in Singapore!  We’ve also included a list of go-to toy stores for science and coding gifts in Singapore. Enjoy!

  • MICRO:BIT GO (For Ages 11 & Up): Programming

    This mini-computer was created by BBC primarily for Year 7 school children in the UK, though they knew early on that this device is for everybody who wants to learn how to make their game, app and other digital ideas a reality worldwide. There are 10 guided experiments that teach you the magic through a hands-on approach and then it's up to you to see how far Micro:bit can take you!


    Where to find it:

  • KID O MYLAND CAR (Ages 2 & Up): Creative Thinking

    This responsive toy consists of two little travelers and their special little road trip car. Different play patterns and movements trigger different parts of the car that light up or produce sounds (both are soft and pleasant!), while the boy and girl, as responsible car owners, control whether the car goes or stops by acting as on/off switches. Kid O Myland Car is suitable for the tiniest learners and they have a whole collection of equally cute STEM toys well worth checking out!


    Kid O Toys, buy at

  • CUBETTO (For Ages 3 to 6): Programming Basics

    Cubetto is "your child's first coding kit"—a Montessori-approved, wooden, screenless, happy-faced toy reducing the complexities of coding to Lego-like blocks representing commands and a control board to place the blocks onto. Cubetto effortlessly teaches 3-year-olds concepts such as "algorithms," "the queue," "debugging" and more through problem-solving coding adventures!


    Where to find it:

  • kibo

    KIBO (For Ages 4 to 7): Programming Basics, Creativity

    KIBO is the prodigious result of 15 years of learning technologies research and testing. First, KIBO engages kids in learning the basics of programming by coming up with a sequence of commands in the form of tangible, easily manipulated wooden blocks. Second, kids use that knowledge and skills like writing, choreographing, engineering, designing and more to give KIBO commands to turn it into a perfectly custom-made robot!


    Where to find it:

  • OSMO GENIUS KIT SYSTEM (For Ages 5 & Up): STEAM All the Way

    We will never tire of the combination of physical play with digital consequences which is consistently proving to be equally engaging for kids & adults (hence the fun to be had from teamwork on these toy masterpieces). The Osmo Genius Kit System comes with 5 games: Numbers, Tangram, Newton, Words, and Masterpiece—It's all of STEAM, all the way!


    Where to find it:

  • OSMO CODING JAM GAME PACK ADD-ON (For Ages 5 to 12): Programming Basics, Music

    Once you have the Osmo Game System, you can upgrade it with add-ons to add even more aspects to your kid's (and, let's be honest, your own) never-ending learn-through-play process. This add-on allows them to code musical numbers by placing unique coding blocks into sequences, patterns and subroutines! Some serious hits can be made on this thingy. Another perk? Your kids can develop some dancing skills!

  • IKOS CREATOR PACKS (For Ages 6 & Up): Problem Solving, Spatial Relations, Creativity

    Let your kid build upon their knowledge of building with this set of building blocks with a twist! Surprise, the building "blocks" are pieces of a sphere, which allows kids (and you—there's no age limit for awesomeness) to create endlessly diverse 3D products. It's made out of recycled, BPA-free plastic and made to develop your kid's cerebral hemispheres!


    Where to find it:

  • 3DOODLER START PACK (For Ages 8 & Up): Creativity

    3D pens, you are so good for our creativity, letting us translate ideas into matter instantly! Now kids have that possibility too—and we bet their unrestrained heads contain ideas adult brains would never conceive of. Let's see them! This starter kit contains over 12 design projects for useable accessories to get them started! The 3Doodler Start uses low heat BPA-free, non-toxic plastic, making it completely safe, as well as completely awesome. Check out all the different Start Packs.


    Where to find it:

  • WONDER WORKSHOP DASH ROBOT (For Ages 8 & Up): Programming Basics

    Those 8-and-up-old kids have unbelievable opportunities for learning and growth through direct, proactive interaction with a toy that is, in this case, the Wonder Workshop Dash Robot, "a sidekick, pet, or pal in the world created by your child using an easy-to-learn code on the iPad." Yes, your 8-year-old can influence a robot through code as part of seriously fantastic playtime!


    Where to find it:

  • LITTLEBITS CODING KIT (For Ages 8 & Up): Programming, Engineering, Electronics Basics

    LittleBits partnered with world-renowned electronic music maker KORG to give music lovers of all sizes the ultimate musical plaything. You don't need prior engineering or music knowledge to build your own custom, analog, intuitive music machine! The machine lets artists, laymen and laykids be in charge of electronics needed to do their magic!


    Where to find it:

  • LITTLEBITS SYNTH KIT (For Ages 8 & Up): Engineering, Music

    LittleBits partnered with world-renowned electronic music maker KORG to give music lovers of all sizes the ultimate musical plaything. You don't need prior engineering or music knowledge to build your own custom, analog, intuitive music machine! The machine lets artists, laymen and laykids be in charge of electronics needed to do their magic!


    LittleBits, buy at

  • LITTLEBITS DROID INVENTOR KIT (For Ages 8 & Up): Robotics, Programming Basics

    Hey, we heard about this amazing vacancy for a droid builder... at your house! We bet you already have someone in mind for the position, so let us just run their responsibilities through you - creating a custom droid from scratch, customizing and reconfiguring it, bringing it to life via electronic blocks, never tiring of it. You can test your new engineer with the Droid Invertor app that takes them on over 22 missions!


    LittleBits, buy at

  • JIMU ASTROBOT KIT (For Ages 8 & Up): Robotics

    The robots have come to rule over us—but with their cuteness, and only if your 8-or-up-year-old programs them to do so! The Astrobot Kit lets kids build three pre-designed or completely custom robots and then control their movement (the little guys even have infrared sensors to detect and avoid objects), display of emotions and their sound-effect language. Beware, pet owners—there will probably be plenty of reason for them to be jealous of your kid's new companion.


    Where to find it:

  • 4M KIDZLAB BRUSH ROBOT (For Ages 8 & Up): Robotics Basics

    4M's robots seem to come from STEM paradise. The Brush Robot is a simple little machine powered by its motor's vibrations. It comes in pieces along with clear, detailed instructions for putting it together. Your kid will have to turn the things written on paper into things happening in front of them. Once assembled, this little guy will sweep tirelessly and your other, human little guy or gal will both love him and know him—inside out. The fact that he can help with chores is a pretty great plus too.


    4M KidzLab, buy at

  • ARDUINO STARTER KIT (For Ages ~9 & Up): Electronics & Coding Basics

    The Arduino Starter Kit introduces kids to the basics of this electronic prototyping platform for creating interactive electronic objects. Our estimate is that it's suitable for kiddos aged 9 or above, but it all depends on their level of interest—and don't forget that adult guidance is always an option that lets you cheat on the recommended age thing if you see fit! This starter kit comes with 15 simple projects that teach how to turn ideas into reality with this incredibly versatile device!


    Where to find it:

  • Lego Boost

    LEGO BOOST CREATIVE TOOLBOX (For Ages 7-12): Build A Robot

    This creative toolbox by Lego is a must-have for all robotics fans. Build and customize Vernie, your own personal talking robot friend, code its behavior and complete fun activities with the included playmat. Speak to Vernie and it will respond with facial expressions that reflect its mood. Vernie can move in all directions at variable speed on its large tracks, see objects and colors, sense distance, grip and carry accessories, make hand gestures and launch darts from its shoulder-mounted shooter! Vernie also senses and reacts to impacts and knows when you pick it up. You can also rebuild Vernie to create the M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4), Guitar4000, Frankie the Cat or the AutoBuilder, all controlled via your tablet with the free downloadable app that also includes digital LEGO Building Instructions for all 5 models, plus cool activities and ideas to spark your imagination.


    Where to find it:

  • Kiwi Crates Singapore

    KIWI CO CRATES (For Ages 0 & Up): Creative Thinking & Innovation

    KiwiCo creates age-appropriate monthly subscription "crates" for kids designed to encourage them to think like scientists, artists, inventors, or designers. Each crate comes with an array of ideas for directed activities, yet also unleashes endless possibilities for unique and open-ended play. There's even a Parent Guide booklet included with each monthly kit. You can opt for annual, six-month, three-month subscription plan or simply order a single box first to check out their products.


    Where to find it:

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