10 Children’s Books About Culture And Heritage In Singapore

Intrigue Your Little Bookworm With These Local Singapore Stories!

Singapore Culture Books For Kids

Looking for some stories to take your little bookworm on a literacy adventure through Singapore? Perhaps consider adding these local reads to add to your little one’s home library! These local tales are bound to leave your kids squealing in excitement when they recognize their home city and all the familiar sights and things that they love about Singapore. We have rounded up our top 10 selection of kid-friendly books that are written and illustrated by local Singaporeans!

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Best Children’s Books About Singapore’s Culture

Cultural Field Trips For The Family

  • children-books-singapore-Playtime-with-yeye

    PLAYTIME WITH YE YE BY PAULINE LOH *Children's Books About Culture In Singapore

    Heartwarming And Simple Story

    This heartwarming and simple story about Boy Boy’s grandpa relating his own milestones and Singapore’s history during a dress-up play in their living room one afternoon. Written as a rhyme, it introduces little ones to Singapore’s rich history while keeping family memories alive. This book is written in both English and Mandarin and is a lovely reminder of how much our little ones can learn from their grandparents.

    Where to get it: Singapore National Library,

  • children-books-singapore-my-singapore-alphabet

    MY SINGAPORE ALPHABET BOOK BY SARAH & LUKE GARNER *Children's Books About Culture In Singapore

    Learn The Alphabet With Memories Of Singapore

    A collection of family memories from Singapore, this book is a great way to educate your little ones on letters of the alphabet while reinforcing their memories of Singapore. Each letter is beautifully illustrated with a Singapore sight or scene, such as V for Vanda Miss Joaquim and T for TreeTops at Southern Ridges. This book is ideal for children between the ages of 6 months to 3 years old.

    How much: SG$29.96

    Where to get it: Singapore Kinokuniya,

  • children-books-singapore-pura-the-cat

    PURA THE CAT BY TAN SOON MENG *Children's Books About Culture In Singapore

    Puffect For Animal Loving Kids

    A wordplay on our country’s native name, Singapura, Pura The Cat is a great choice for animal-loving children! The storyline revolves around Pura, a stray and super cute cat who lives on Boat Quay with her besties Bhavana, Mei, and Dexter. Life is pretty purrfect until someone suddenly identifies her as a rare Singapura breed and captures her, and her best friends work together to rescue her. This heartwarming tale is a must-read for any feline fans and a perfect way to introduce your little ones to friendship and heroism!

    How much: SG$13.38

    Where to get it: Amazon,

  • children-books-singapore-karung-guni-boy

    KARUNG GUNI BOY BY LORRAINE TAN AND ERIC WONG *Children's Books About Culture In Singapore

    Highlights The Power Of A Child's Imagination

    Karung Guni Boy is a lovely tale that highlights the power of a child’s imagination. Ming is a creative boy who loves to make things but does not have the money to buy the things to make his inventions. He decided to become a karung guni boy to transform his neighbor’s unwanted items into his innovative creations, including a machine that could serve as a helper for his neighbors! Recommended for kids aged 3 years old and above, this story teaches littles one to care for the world and the people around them.

    How much: SG$14.90

    Where to get it: Epigram Bookshop,

  • children-books-singapore-im-a-girl-see-what-i-can-be

    I’M A GIRL. SEE WHAT I CAN BE! BY EUNICE OLSEN *Children's Books About Culture In Singapore

    Series Of Poems Celebrating Girls

    Written by one of Singapore’s familiar TV faces, Eunice Olsen, this series of poems celebrates the girl power of 10 strong and courageous women from Singapore, the Philippines, Nepal and Thailand. Ideal for kids aged between 6 to 13 years old, these poems aim to inspire girls from all over the world to be who they want to be and to never give up as well as for the boys who will play an important role to be there to empower these girls and to respect women.

    How much: SG$19.20

    Where to get it: Epigram Bookshop,

  • children-books-singapore-sam-sebbie-and-dididi

    SAM, SEBBIE, AND DI-DI-DI SERIES BY DAVID SEOW *Children's Books About Culture In Singapore

    Follow These Siblings On Adventures In Singapore

    Penned by one of Singapore’s well-known local authors, this fun series follows three Singaporean siblings on their adventures around the Lion City. There are 11 short stories in the series, each revolving around the siblings’ day out to various local and familiar attractions across Singapore including the S.E.A Aquarium and Night Safari! Suitable for children between 12 and 17 years old, this short series allows your little one to travel around Singapore without having to leave home!

    How much: SG$12.95

    Where to get it: Book Depository,

  • children-books-singapore-mr-midnight-series

    MR MIDNIGHT SERIES BY JAMES LEE *Children's Books About Culture In Singapore

    Ghoulish Stories To Excite And Entice

    Suitable for the slightly older children, Mr Midnight Series has been around since 1998! Each book contains 2 ghoulish stories that will entice even the most voracious little reader. All set in Singapore, these mid-horror tales tell of ghosts and vampires around our all-familiar neighborhoods such as Bishan, Tampines and Serangoon. These books are bound to keep your little one up at night!

    How much: SG$36.50

    Where to get it: Amazon,

  • children-books-singapore-the-little-singapore-book


    Detailed And Vivid Illustrations

    A fresh take on the history of Singapore and her people, beautifully written for 5 to 10 year olds. The stories introduce the little ones to Singapore’s history and culture through detailed and vivid illustrations, from samsui women and coolies to how Chinatown and Kampong Glam came into being. The Little Singapore Book also contains fun activities and projects to make this journey of discovery exciting for little book lovers!

    How much: SG$15

    Where to get it: Epigram Bookshop,

  • children-books-singapore-timmy-and-tammy-series

    TIMMY AND TAMMY SERIES BY RUTH WAN *Children's Books About Culture In Singapore

    Perfect For Preschoolers! Also Available In Mandarin.

    Timmy and Tammy is a series for preschoolers, where they can follow them as they go around the sunny island to explore and learn! From short outings to the food court or national library to day outings to the botanic gardens, these short tales introduce your little ones to Singapore’s staples. There are also specially curated activities at the end of each book to engage your little one!

    How much: SG$81.50 for set of 11

    Where to get it: Armour Publishing,

  • children-books-singapore-understanding-singaporeans

    UNDERSTANDING SINGAPOREANS BY EDMUND WEE *Children's Books About Culture In Singapore

    Address Awkward Questions About Singapore

    As parents, we are probably aware of how kids can say the darndest things! This award-winning collection is the perfect solution to help you address and navigate those awkward questions, particularly if they are about Singapore. Why do Indians dot their foreheads and why do Malays avoid eating pork? Each book contains 20 questions and answers that are tastefully illustrated to help provide child-appropriate answers in order for your little one to understand and embrace Singapore’s multicultural society!

    How much: SG$45for bundle of 4

    Where to get it: Epigram Bookshop,

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