10 Best Family Board Games In Singapore

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Board Games to play with kids and families in Singapore.

We all know and love traditional board games like Monopoly, Connect 4, Scrabble, and Checkers. As technology advances, these games have taken a backseat to the point where creators of board games have to introduce unique themes just so that kiddos might be more inclined to buy and play them!

That being said, board games are priceless as they provide valuable opportunities for fun, laughter, and bonding between you and your little ones. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top family-friendly board games that you might want to try out!

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  • THE SINGAPOREAN DREAM: 3-6 Players *10 Best Family Board Games In Singapore

    Ages 13 And Up

    A locally conceptualised game, The Singaporean Dream is family-friendly and pretty easy to understand. The goal is to collect as many Singaporean Dreams as you can, and once the deck runs out, the player with the most Singaporean Dreams in their hand wins. Sounds easy, right? There are of course obstacles along the way, such as action cards that can gain or cost you a Singaporean Dream - it can even be swiped by another player if you're not careful! All in all, it's good family fun that's bound to create much laughter, and everyone can also enjoy the Singaporean context of the game along the way.

  • SUSHI GO PARTY!: 2-8 Players *10 Best Family Board Games In Singapore

    Ages 8 And Up

    Sushi Go Party! is an improvement of the original Sushi Go card game, but the mechanics remain largely the same. The aim of the game is to collect as many points as possible, and each card in your hand will reflect how many points you'll get if you decide to keep it. There are also adorable illustrations featuring various Japanese dishes on the cards, so it'll no doubt be appealing to your kiddos. Each player starts with the same number of cards in their hand, and they have to pick only one card to keep. The cards in everyone's hands are then passed around, repeating the process until no cards are left. Which cards to keep and which to forgo are completely up to you, so you may strategize based on what you think will win you the game! Not only will it teach the kiddos about strategy, it'll also help them practise their math.

  • CLUEDO: 3-6 Players *10 Best Family Board Games In Singapore

    Ages 7 And Up

    Cluedo is a classic whodunnit board game that's engaging from start to end! All players compete to solve the "murder" that has happened in the board game's mansion, striking out options they either know or guess are wrong along the way. Once a player is convinced they've gotten the right answers, they can make a guess. If they're completely right, they win! Although it sounds rather straightforward, the process can be a long one and require quite a bit of thinking and deduction in order to guess the answers quicker. This lets your kids strategize and play detective, while also allowing them to think outside the box when answers and solutions are not totally clear.

  • CODENAMES HARRY POTTER: 2 Or More Players *10 Best Family Board Games In Singapore

    Ages 11 And Up

    Codenames is an exciting game with rules that are fairly easy to understand. Whether collaboratively as one team or competitively in separate teams, players have to figure out all their secret code words on the grid while avoiding any destructible ones. The problem is, players won't know which words are meant for them and which ones are destructible, and only the team leader has this information. Using only one-word clues from their team leader, they have to make guesses. The Harry Potter version of this game is extra fun because it's more kid-friendly as well, especially if your kiddos are big fans of the Harry Potter fantasy world!

  • POETRY FOR NEANDERTHALS: 2 Or More Players *10 Best Family Board Games In Singapore

    Ages 7 And Up

    A more hilarious version of Taboo, Poetry For Neanderthals allows players to only use one-syllable words to describe the phrases on the cards. Their team has to make sense of the one-syllable words to guess the phrases. and points will be allocated accordingly. If you accidentally say any of the words on the cards or skip any card, your team will lose points in the process. The game gets pretty hilarious due to the confusing one-word clues, and there's even a toy club that you can blow up by blowing air into it like a float, which you can use to hit people when they slip up and accidentally say any forbidden words!

  • DEEP SEA ADVENTURE: 2-6 Players *10 Best Family Board Games In Singapore

    Ages 8 And Up

    The premise for Deep Sea Adventure is that you're a group of deep sea explorers together on a submarine. You're all competitors looking to retrieve the most treasures from the ocean but the oxygen supply you have is shared. Each person has to strategize how far out they'd go to look for treasures, but those who don't make it back to the submarine before the oxygen supply runs out won't gain any of the treasures they picked up during that round. At the end of several rounds, everyone tallies the number of treasures they've found and the one with the highest number wins. How big each treasure is also remains a mystery during the time you pick it up, so it's up to you which risks you'd like to take during the game!

  • SAVE THE PENGUIN: 2-4 Players *10 Best Family Board Games In Singapore

    Ages 5 And Up

    This game's a very straightforward one, and it's perfect for younger kids to comprehend as well! You start with arranging the given ice blocks in the tray and place the penguin figurine right in the middle. Every player takes turns to knock an ice block off using the given pick, depending on the direction of the arrows. As the game continues, there will be less and less ice blocks left on the tray. The player who causes the penguin to fall off will be the loser of the game, and the winner is decided after counting the total number of ice blocks - the person with the most ice blocks wins the game!

  • MONOPOLY DEAL: 2-5 Players *10 Best Family Board Games In Singapore

    Ages 8 And Up

    A special version of the class Monopoly board game, Monopoly Deal is much faster in pace and takes an average of 15-20 minutes per game. The aim is to complete a total of 3 property sets, and the first player to do that immediately wins. Just like Monopoly, there are different action cards that have to do with money and rent, so players can collect rent from others along the way to build their cash pile. Players are also able to swipe property away from others using special action cards, so it's important to play your hand right! The tide can change anytime during the game, which keeps it interesting for the whole family!

  • HALLI GALLI: 2-6 Players *10 Best Family Board Games In Singapore

    Ages 6 And up

    Halli Galli is sort of like Snap, except you're supposed to hit a bell instead of slamming your hands on the cards. All cards in the deck are distributed evenly among players, and without looking, each player has to take turns opening a card and placing it in front of them. The cards contain different fruits in varying numbers, and at any time there are exactly five similar fruits on the floor, the first player to hit the bell in front of them wins the bunch of cards on the floor. If they made a mistake, they have to give all other players one card each from their hand. Once you run out of cards, you're eliminated from the game. The one who gains all cards or has most cards by the end of the game is the winner! Halli Galli gets pretty chaotic but is totally fun, so we're sure the kids will love it!

  • TWISTER: 2-4 Players *10 Best Family Board Games In Singapore

    Ages 6 And Up

    This one's a classic game but still a fun one nonetheless! If the family's having a games night, this one can be placed in the middle of the games line-up, so everyone can get a chance to stand and stretch their limbs in between other board games. Consisting of 2-4 players, each player takes turn to spin the needle on a board that'll tell them their next move. It could be placing a hand on a red spot or a foot on a blue spot, who knows? But whatever the needle lands on, the player must complete the move and make it happen, or else they lose. It's a lot of fun because the whole family will be trying to balance while everyone's hands and legs are tangled together, all while attempting to be the last one standing on the twister mat!

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