Talking Heads: Leanne Sunarya

EtonHouse International Pre-School Thomson

We continue the Little Steps Talking Heads series, where parents can meet, greet, and get tips from Singapore’s Heads Of Schools. Get personal with these fabulous personalities and find out what makes them tick, their advice for parents navigating the schooling scene, and their favorite things about life in the city.

In this edition, we say hello to Leanne Sunarya, Senior Principal at EtonHouse International Pre-School Thomson.

  • 1. Do you have a nickname? Not that I am aware of!
    2. Where were you born and where did you grow up? Melbourne, Australia.
    3. Where do you live in the city and why do you love it there? I now live in Singapore right near Orchard Rd. I love living close to everything – work and social life – it gives me more time for me to do what is important in my life.
    4. What's in your lunchbox? Today, a sandwich. Lunch is always on the run but I try to at least include a healthy option to give me energy for the afternoon.


  • 1. What or who inspired you to become a principal?  Throughout my career working alongside children and teachers, I have inevitably found myself in areas of leadership. The principals I worked with recognized and supported this trait and it became a natural career progression to consider a role as a principal. EtonHouse International Pre-School Thomson kindly gave me the opportunity to lead a group of educators in developing an innovative pre-school program that values the child and respects the child’s rights for a childhood.
    2. Describe your school in 5 words or less! Inspiring, creative, about the people.


  • 1. What's your favorite thing on your desk and why? My virtues cards because they remind me about what really matters in life.
    2. What are your 3 favorite children's books? The Little Matchgirl, Koala Lou and The Giant Jam Sandwich.


  • 1. What is the best way for parents to be involved in their children’s education? To truly connect with the school. Strong partnerships are born out of the building of respect, trust and relationships. This takes time and commitment. Take the opportunity to attend events that the school invites you to, read the information they send you, and build a connection with your classroom teachers.
    2. Any tips for parents when applying for schools? All schools are unique, they have strengths in different areas which makes comparisons hard. Think about your child and who they are as a learner – what experiences are they most successful in? Is this a strength of the school? What are the needs of the family? Can the school meet these needs. All schools are experts in marketing themselves, it’s important to visit the school for yourself to get a “feel” for it. Ask around – school reputations are easy to discover. Know what the school believes in as this will impact every decision they make both administratively and educationally.
    3. What's the best advice a teacher or principal ever gave you? Always assume good intentions.


  • EtonHouse International Pre-School

    8 Thomson Road, Singapore 297743

    +65 6252 3322


    Click Here for Website

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