Dover Court International School In Singapore

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Looking for a welcoming environment focused on nurturing every child through personalized learning that is child-centered and follows a Reggio approach? Book your Virtual Discovery Meeting here today to learning more about Dover Court’s unique ethos developed over 50 years of delivering a truly international education in Singapore.

The Primary School Leadership Team and Head of Early Years will introduce you to Dover Court’s programs, including their supportive education program, take you on a tour of the school and let you in on the day-to-day classroom magic.

Book your place here and read on to learn more about Dover Court International School!

  • THE SCHOOL: Dover Court Singapore

    Dover Court is ingrained into the very structure of Singapore - it has been at the same central location on Dover Road since it was established in 1972. Today it’s one of the leading inclusive British international schools in Southeast Asia, and its campus is still as green. Dover Court accepts kids aged 3 to 18, expatriate kids, and those whose first language isn't English, as well as kids with additional needs! Through its unique programs, Dover Court is dedicated to ensuring that every student thrives, and being part of Nord Anglia Education offers students additional opportunities through its global campus and collaborations with MIT, Juilliard, and Unicef.

  • THE PROGRAM: Dover Court Singapore

    Dover Court's approach is based on a balance between child-initiated and teacher-led activities, a perfect recipe for meeting diverse individual needs. Its Early Years Curriculum is shaped through 7 areas of learning: Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Communication & Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Math, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts & Design. Each week, students also have weekly specialists lessons in PE, Swimming, Music, Mandarin and time in the Library. There are many more ingredients that make up Dover Court's unique educational approach - learn about it here!

  • THE ENVIRONMENT: Dover Court Singapore

    Dover Court maintains small class sizes and high teacher-to-student ratios. This facilitates the personalized education already implicit in the school's programs and lets teachers address any academic or social challenges in a manner that's timely and most beneficial to the particular student, as well as recognize talents that students can build upon! Its classrooms are extended into two large outdoor learning areas, which expands the range of available learning experience and makes learning at Dover Court an even more freeing activity.

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