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Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites For Busy Parents In Singapore

Quick And Easy Meal Plans For Busy Parents!

Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites In Singapore

Having to brainstorm, prepare ingredients, and cook a nutritious meal for the family can take up a significant amount of time. This can be especially stressful when you are short on time and have to juggle between work, family, and rest. Meal prepping offers busy parents significant advantages and provides a healthier alternative to take-out meals. Save time, maximize your expenses and reduce food wastage with our curated list of meal planning apps and websites – offering a variety of interesting recipes and tips for busy parents to whip up a healthy meal for the whole family within minutes!

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  • Paprika-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    PAPRIKA RECIPE MANAGER *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Highly rated meal planning app 

    Available on the web and mobile devices, the Paprika app helps users organize recipes, make meal plans and create grocery lists conveniently on the go. Users can save recipes into the app with just a click of the button. It also automates your grocery lists by combining duplicate ingredients and has a built-in timer to prompt you while you cook. For users with multiple devices, their cloud sync feature allows users to sync your lists, so you can easily access them anytime and anywhere.

    Paprika Recipe Manager, 

  • Cozi-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    COZI FAMILY ORGANIZER *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Award winning family organizer app

    This award winning family organizer app offers families a shared platform to keep track of everyone’s schedule, grocery lists and meal plans. The Cozi Recipe Box and Meal Planner features readily available recipes and also allows you to customize or import recipes from other websites into the app. Their shopping list function makes it easy for users to transfer ingredients into your grocery list, allowing all family members to view and plan ahead for your family meals.

    Cozi Family Organizer, 

  • LaLa Lunchbox-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    LALA LUNCHBOX *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Makes meal planning a fun family activity

    Get your little ones involved in meal planning with LaLa Lunchbox! This helps to empower your child, educate them about healthy eating habits and take some load off brainstorming new recipes. The app’s simple user interface makes it easy for the kids to navigate, with fun characters and colors to keep them engaged. Focusing on healthy meals, the food selections are automatically compiled into a grocery list for parents.

    LaLa Lunchbox, 

  • Bigoven-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    BIGOVEN *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Huge variety of recipes

    Be spoilt for choice by the huge variety of recipes available at BigOven. Featuring over a million recipes, users can look forward to new additions every week. Organize and plan your meals in advance with their meal planner tool. Their recipe collections are conveniently grouped into various categories like low sodium meals, vegan menu and dishes using leftovers. The app also suggests recipes with similar ingredients, to help optimize your groceries and reduce food waste.


  • Platejoy-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    PLATEJOY *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Helps minimize food wastage 

    The Platejoy app offers users a simple and clean interface to plan recipes, with step by step instructions and readily available grocery list for you to follow. In addition to their handy meal planning interface, the 'Use Up Ingredients' function is a useful tool that prompts recipes to help users utilize their ingredients before they expire. The app also allows users to sync meal plans to your personal calendar app, so you can easily access it anytime and keep your day more organized.


  • YORIPE *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Local app featuring various Asian recipes

    Discover a huge variety of home cooking recipes and get connected with like-minded home cooks in the YoRipe community. Featuring a huge selection of local and Asian flavors, you can find recipes categorized into meals suited for busy families like flavorful one pot dishes and kid-friendly dishes. The app also automatically generates the suitable amount of ingredients based on your preferred number of servings. Visit their website for vouchers on food items or join contests to win exclusive treats.


  • Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites In Singapore

    FORKS OVER KNIVES *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Variety of meat-free recipes 

    Plant-based diets don't only need to be limited to vegetables and fruits. Forks Over Knives offers plenty of free meatless recipes on their website including dishes for busy days, budget friendly meals and seasonal holiday recipes. Each recipe includes the ingredient lists, simple instructions and tips to make cooking a joy. From about S$11 per month, join their Forks Meal Planner and receive a customized family meal plan and grocery list every week.

    Forks Over Knives, 

  • MEALPREPPRO-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    MEALPREPPRO *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    All-in-one meal planning app

    Suitable for busy families who want to cook large batches of food for the week without compromising on nutrition, MealPrepPro is the app for you! From low-carb, mediterranean and vegan meals, there are various options to add variety to your weekly meal plans. You can also adjust the recipe to your desired serving size and share your plans with family members. The app also allows you to track your meals and calories on the platform.


  • Little Lunches-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    LITTLE LUNCHES *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Receive personalized meal plans weekly 

    Led by an experienced team of chefs, pediatricians, dietitians and feeding therapists, Little Lunches aims to make family meal planning convenient and affordable for everyone. Featuring dietitian-approved healthy meal plans, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, users can get a personalized meal plan and grocery list weekly. The app also provides helpful guides for parents like how to manage picky eaters, sample feeding schedules for the little ones and quick and healthy school lunch ideas.

    Little Lunches, 

  • Mealboard-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    MEALBOARD *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Smart meal planning app

    Minimize time spent on meal planning and creating your grocery list with MealBoard. This one-stop platform allows users to plan meals, save recipes, consolidate your grocery list and manage your pantry with a few simple taps. Besides adding or importing recipes, their smart app also allows you to scan recipes from cookbooks or magazines to add to your meal plans. The in-app reminder also prompts users when it is time to prepare the food according to your meal plans.


  • Emeals-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    EMEALS *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Meal planning and integrated grocery delivery

    Mix and match recipes and build your customized meal plan on the Emeals app. There are ready made menus available tailored for specific lifestyles, with categories like budget friendly, clean eating, kid friendly and gluten free. The app also curates a grocery list based on your selected meal plans. For busy parents, skip the queue and have your groceries delivered via their integrated pick up and delivery service via various supermarkets.


  • Mealime-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    MEALIME *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Quick and easy meals 

    Designed to help users plan meals efficiently without compromising on health, Mealime offers users a huge selection of highly customizable recipes that can be easily prepared within 30 minutes or less. Each recipe features step by step instructions along with the ingredients, conveniently consolidated into a grocery list. The app is also thoughtfully designed to curate meal plans that help to eliminate food waste, so you can make the most out of your pantry.


  • Sidechef-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    SIDECHEF *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Comprehensive meal planning app

    Choose from the exhaustive list of recipes available on Sidechef. Each recipe comes with detailed instructions with pictures, breakdown of nutritional value and ingredients list which you can adjust to your desired serving size. The website also features exclusive recipes and cooking classes conducted by global culinary experts, which users can access for a small fee. There are also regular tips and helpful recipe suggestion functions to make meal planning more convenient.


  • Yummly-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    YUMMLY *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Huge database of recipes

    Browse over 2 million recipes with high quality video guides and step-by-step instructions at the Yummly app. This smart cooking app uses AI to recommend recipes based on your personal preferences, which is determined by a short survey about your dietary restrictions, allergies or favorite cuisine. Users can easily search for recipes using the tags and add it into your meal plan with a click of the button.


  • Supercook-Top-Meal-Planning-Apps-And-Websites

    SUPERCOOK *Top Meal Planning Apps And Websites

    Maximize your food items

    This super app is designed to help users generate recipes based on your existing list of ingredients with the aim of minimizing food wastage - also suitable for those who are short on time or budget! The simple user interface makes it easy for users to navigate. Just scroll through the app’s pantry and tap onto ingredients you can find in your kitchen. The app then recommends recipes to match your ingredients and for each meal of the day.


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