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10 Stay-At-Home Family Activities For New Year’s Eve In Singapore

Fun Things You Can Do As A Family Right At Home!

10 Fun Stay Home Family Activities For New Years Eve

Every year without fail, the streets of Singapore get pretty packed on New Year’s Eve. If you’re not too fond of crowds and would rather spend a night in with the family, these activities listed below are perfect for bonding as you guys wait to welcome the new year!

  • Host A Family Game Night


    Bond over board games and card games as you usher in the new year! Start with classics like Uno or Pictionary since the kids will probably already be familiar with their rules. Sushi Go! and Cranium are also kid-friendly new-age games that you can try once they’re all hyped up and excited from the warm-up games! To prep for game night, you can purchase board games from physical stores like Team Board Game.

    Team Board Game, 16 Arumugam Rd, #06-07 LTC Building D, Singapore 409961, +65 8829 2090,

  • Rent A Console


    Besides board games, you can also rent electronic consoles like the Ninendo Switch or Playstation. There are several kid-friendly games that you can try with your young ones, such as Super Mario Party and Overcooked. If you want a more physical game, try Just Dance to compete against each other in your own family dance-off! Consoles and games can be rented from stores like Frenemy.


  • Make Some S'mores


    Although we’re not able to experience wintry weather here, you can still pretend it’s cold outside and snuggle under some blankets while enjoying homemade s’mores! They only consist of three ingredients (chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers), and are easy to make over the stove or in an oven. The kids will have fun in the process, and they get to enjoy the sticky treat once it’s done. You can easily find the ingredients at NTUC Fairprice outlets all around Singapore!

    NTUC Fairprice, Various Locations,


  • Chit Chat


    Spend a sweet evening with the kids by putting away all gadgets and simply chatting for hours on end. Reminisce about your favourite memories and best parts of the year, while also asking them what they’re looking forward to in 2022. You can even come up with a list of family activities you all wish to do together in the coming year. These are all fairly simple things, but it’ll be meaningful to spend an evening bonding like this.

  • Indoor Camping


    It might not be the best idea to camp outside considering how crowded it gets during the festive season — so why not camp inside instead! The kiddos will probably be delighted at the idea of sleeping in a children’s tent (you can buy a simple one from places like IKEA) filed with cozy throws and pillows. The adults can sleep in sleeping bags next to them to make it a more authentic experience! To add to the atmosphere, place portable lamps, fairy lights, or glow in the dark stars around the house.

    IKEA, Various Locations,

  • Home Spa


    Pamper yourselves by turning your home into a mini spa! Change into the comfiest PJs before gathering in the living room or bedroom together. Do manicures and pedicures for each other, or even prepare foot baths with bath salts. If you have a bathtub at home, you can throw in a bathbomb (LUSH has great ones!) and have the whole family soak your feet together in the tub as you all relax.

    LUSH, Various Locations,

  • Decorate Your Own Cookies


    If your kids are pretty crafty and love a good DIY project, it might be a fun idea to order a cookie decorating kit from The Custom Bites! Their kits come with undecorated sugar cookies, colorful sprinkles, and royal icing in colors of your choice. Both the adults and kids can decorate your own individual cookies before taking pictures of the finished product afterwards! Alternatively, you can also create the kit yourself by baking a batch of homemade cookies and preparing different bags of colored icing for the kiddoss to use.

    The Custom Bites,,

  • Create A Family Scrapbook


    Putting together a scrapbook is a nice way to end the year! Print out photos to fill the pages, and get supplies (markers, stickers, etc.) from stores like Paper Market. Either decorate the pages together or let each family member be in charge of a specific section; it’ll be cool to see all your distinct styles at the end. You can even create a table of contents at the front and let the kids show off the completed scrapbook whenever family and friends drop by to visit.

    Paper Market, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-120 Great World, Singapore 237994, +65 6235 6811,

  • Plan A Playdate


    It’s sweet to welcome the new year as a family, and even sweeter when you add family friends into the mix! Plan a playdate with a friend’s kids so that the your children can have the experience of hanging out together while welcoming the new year. This also allows you adults the luxury of some time alone to unwind, so you can all have a round of drinks as you trade stories while the kids play. 

  • Paint A Mural Together


    If you’re in the middle of a home revamp or simply have a blank wall you’d like to fill up, why not fill it up together as a family? You can collectively paint a mural on the wall, and it can even be a pre-planned design that's discussed beforehand. The other option is to just let the kids paint freestyle — something that's sure to be fun for them while encouraging spontaneous creativity. No matter how the end product turns out, you'll likely feel proud and satisfied since this was a project you worked on together as a family.

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