Top Stay-home Family Activities For The New Year In Singapore

Fun Things You Can Do As A Family Right At Home!

As we creep closer towards the new year, it is also the time of the year we hear people say “New year, new me”! Besides the huge countdown parties or crowded restaurants, there are plenty of exciting activities you can do to make new year celebrations fun from the comforts of your own home. Here are some fun family friendly and all-inclusive ideas for you and your family to do on new years at home this year!

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  • MAKE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Fun and thoughtful activity

    Start the new year afresh and plan out some resolutions to kick start the year. New year goals aren't just for adults, making resolutions with your kids can be a fun family bonding activity. It also provides a good opportunity for kids to develop healthy goal setting habits. Keep it simple and list one or two goals to work towards.

  • PLAY BOARD GAMES-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    PLAY BOARD GAMES *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Healthy and friendly competition 

    Take a screen break and enjoy some family fun time over board games this new year season. Board games are a great way to develop your child’s logical and communication skills. From classic card and word games to strategy and party games, there are many types available. Check out our curated list HERE, on where to buy your favorite board games. You can also rent board games for a small fee at one of these places: Frenemy, Lendor and Rent Play Laugh.

  • MOVIE MARATHON-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    DO A MOVIE MARATHON *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Fully immerse into the story

    Get the popcorn ready and gather the entire family on the couch for a movie marathon. Some of the noteworthy movies that are suitable for everyone include Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, How To Train Your Dragon, Toy Story and many more! No streaming service? Fret not! Make use of the trial services or rent a movie for a fraction of the price!

  • VIRTUAL VACATION-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    GO ON A VIRTUAL VACATION *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Endless hours of virtual traveling

    Travel around the world without having to leave your house with a virtual vacation! Take a trip from the top of the Eiffel Tower or visit the famous Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, take your pick and be instantly transported to the paradise of your choice. There are many free versions available online, such as websites like Heygo, Virtual Tour and Klapty.

  • Cooking-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    COOK YOUR FAVORITE DISHES *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Build quality time with the whole family

    Sharing food brings people together and so does cooking! Cooking together as a family builds bonds, creates memories and also allows one to get back to their food traditions. Take this time to recreate some of your favorite dishes or beloved family recipes. Need some ideas? Pop over to our meal prep list HERE for inspiration. These websites are also known for their collection of easy home cooking recipes: Budgetpantry, Camemberu and The Meat Men.

  • complete jigsaw-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    COMPLETE A JIGSAW *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Engaging activities for all

    Put your problem solving skills to the test and work together as a family to solve some jigsaw puzzles. Places like Jigsaw Puzzle World and Perfectfit offer a huge variety of puzzles for all ages, including custom versions that allow you to personalize your own photos. There are also Jigsaw puzzle swap events like WengsWorld Jigsaw Puzzle Festival, where participants can exchange, give away to loan their brand new or pre-owned jigsaw puzzles with other fellow puzzle enthusiasts.

  • Baking-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    BAKE SOME SWEET TREATS *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Family friendly bake-off 

    Give your sweet tooth a treat and get ready to indulge in some homemade baked treats with the family. Bring out your inner culinary prowess with a baking session with your family. There is a huge selection of baking recipes available online, catering to families and young children. There are also recipes with healthier versions and even alternatives for people with allergies.

  • home science experiment-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    CONDUCT A SCIENCE EXPERIMENT *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Bring out your inner Bill Nye 

    Ever wondered how a volcano erupts? Or how clouds are formed? Round up your ‘burning’ science questions and put your hypothesis to the test with some DIY home science experiment. There are various platforms offering home learning kits with tutorials and resources to guide users through the experiment, as you conduct it at your own pace and time. Grab your hands on DIY kits from Science Centre or and check out websites like 3M and NASA for easy to follow tutorials.

  • spring cleaning-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    CLEAR OUT YOUR WARDROBES *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Spring cleaning to welcome the new year

    Start the new year afresh and take the chance to declutter your space and spring clean your home. It is a simple activity which the entire family can be involved in and it also teaches kids about a sense of responsibility. Add some fun elements to the activity like making it into a race or including rewards after they complete each item on the to-do list. It is also a good way to consolidate your pre-loved items and donate them.

  • dance-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    DANCE BATTLE *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Gets the adrenaline flowing 

    Get your body grooving to the beats of your favorite tunes and host a dance party at home! Turn it up a notch and set the stage with colorful lights, streamers and glow sticks. You can also dress up in your fancy outfits and count down in style with your loved ones. It is also a great activity for both young and old.

  • diy crafts-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    DIY CRAFTS *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Get your creative juices flowing

    Spark your inner creativity with some DIY arts and crafts projects at home. From DIY home decor to handmade gifts, there are various home kits available for all ages. Check out unique home craft kits from stores like Sophie & Toffee, Streaks n Strokes and Hands On Klay. Websites like DIY Candy and DIY Crafts provide craft ideas made out of recycled materials, which is also a great way to teach kids about sustainability.

  • origami-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    FOLD ORIGAMI *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Endless hours of fun 

    Watch a flat piece of paper transform into amazing shapes and models through origami. Origami can help to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination skills and stimulate their creativity. From cute little birds and bunnies to flowers and dinosaurs, there are various tutorials available online with simple step by step illustrations for viewers to easily follow. Japanese legend also says that a person who folds 1,000 origami cranes will be granted a wish - a great way to kick start the new year.

  • decorate-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    REDECORATE THE HOUSE *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Budget friendly decorating ideas

    Revamp your house to welcome the new year with new beginnings. Redecorating does not always mean having to buy new things. You can shift the furniture or items around to create a new look. You can also have each family member choose their favorite family photos and gather together to set up a family photo wall. It’s a great way to commemorate special events and create a display without breaking the bank.

  • ONLINE ESCAPE ROOM *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Free and fun escape rooms 

    Grab your thinking hats and go on an exhilarating adventure filled with mysteries and puzzles for you and your family to solve. Featuring various interactive functions and themes suitable for all ages, such as musicals, travel, food and more. You can also play as a team and have a friendly competition among each other. Some fun escape room experiences to check out are: A Lost Memory, Enchambered and Luco Games.

  • indoor obstacle course-Top-Stay-home-Family-Activities

    BUILD AN INDOOR OBSTACLE COURSE *Top Stay-home Family Activities

    Fun physical activity

    Turn your home into an indoor playground wonderland temporarily just for the little ones! Make use of blankets, furniture, cardboard boxes or recycled materials to build your structure. You can also turn it into a mini pillow fort for you to watch movies, tell bedtime stories or just chill out. Families for Life and Sleepadvisor offers many useful tips on how you can get started.

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