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If you are the hostess with the mostest and love nothing more than to throw an elegant or lavish party at home, in the park, or on the beach, but the organization, endless washing up, and grocery shopping fills you with dread, Little Steps has gone all out and created this gorgeous guide to the top 25 best home and party caterers in Singapore. If you are looking for afternoon tea with bubbles, a child’s birthday party, canapes, cocktails, or a simple but delicious hotpot, the guide will be your new go-to little black book of yummy delights for every stress-free occasion.

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  • Paradise Group the best home and party caterers Singapore Little Steps Asia

    PARADISE GROUP *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Featuring Beauty In The Pot

    A hotpot is an all-around favorite Asian dish dating back over a millennium that celebrates warmth, good health, and sharing. Beauty in the Pot offers six deliciously nourishing broths that promise rich flavors and abundant benefits. Freshly prepared daily, several hours of tender loving care go into making their rich and healthy broth. Packed with fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices sourced from local kampongs, you can choose from their signature homemade beauty collagen broth carefully perfected over eight hours or the spicy nourishing broth that contains red dates, wolfberries, and ginseng flavored with a kick of Szechuan chili oil. Little Steps loves that each broth can be served individually or in a quart pot holding four broths. Beauty in the Pot also has a great range of platters with everything from Hokkaido fresh scallops and Boston lobster to US-grade Wagyu beef and Nagano pork belly.

    Paradise Group, various locations across the city, +65 6487 6489, [email protected],

  • Yea Mama the best home and party caterers Singapore Little Steps Asia

    YEA! MAMA *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Exploding With Flavor

    Celebrating their first anniversary, Yea! Mama brings high-quality food to your table for every conceivable occasion. The innovative chefs create dishes that explode with flavor in their uniquely curated menus of your favorite cuisines, traditional dishes, and modern classics. They know how to make good food so that you can relax and enjoy the company around you. Think bento boxes, Mama burgers served between fluffy buns with crunchy greens, and homemade sauces, the Yea! Signature salad bowl, mini-buffets, and, of course, yummy desserts. It’s almost

    Ho Ho Ho-liday time, so get them booked for a celebratory soiree this festive season. Yea! Mama also has a home delivery service if you fancy a cheeky snack during the week!

    Yea! Mama, 3015 Bedok North Street 5, #02-08 Shimei East Kitchen, Singapore, +65 6245 1545, [email protected],

  • All Things Delicious best home and party caterers Singapore Little Steps Asia

    ALL THINGS DELICIOUS *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Catering For One And All

    Halal-certified All Things Delicious is in the heart of Kampung Gelam in a converted shophouse with rich cultural history and a vibrant street scene. Founded almost a decade ago, they are Singapore-famed for their iconic baked goods, chef-prepared comfort food, and delightful fanciful desserts. They firmly believe that everyone can have their cake and eat it too! Whether you are catering for your family or a group of 40, they have an extensive menu with highlights such as individual bento boxes and healthy hot and cold bowls, tea time treats, miniature buffets, sharing platters, and comfort food from every corner of the world. Chefs use seasonal ingredients, European cultured butter, cage-free eggs, and unrefined sugar; they don't use artificial flavors or colors.

    All Things Delicious, 34 Arab Street, Singapore, +65 6291 4252, [email protected],

  • Lush Platters the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    LUSH PLATTERS *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Lavish Grazing Tables

    The grazing table masters, Lush Platters, has been providing Singapore with gorgeously designed gastronomic bite-size food literally to your table since 2018. If you are looking for a smorgasbord of tempting food, look no further than the Lush platters, grazing tables, and beautifully-styled boxes available for every imaginable celebration. You'd likely describe their carefully fashioned centerpieces as artful; they are a far cry from a bland cheese platter! The abundant menu contains pretty cheese platters, crudites and fruit platters, grazing packages, cheese wheel cakes, leafy salads, light bites, desserts, crackers, breads, and nuts. They can also provide planet-friendly disposables, beverages, and wines, so you don't have to think about a thing. You can earn and redeem points when you join the Lush Platters rewards program.

    Lush Platters, 19 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore, +65 8700 4150, [email protected],

  • Oh's Farm the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    OH’S FARM *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    The Boutique Caterer

    Oh's Farm gives you that matchless 'oh' feeling! They are a boutique catering company specializing in conceptual cooking to give you a completely bespoke experience for your intimate celebration. They offer customized menus that accommodate various palates, dietary restrictions, and preferences blended with creative design concepts to personalize your party. You can choose from their buffet, mini party, canape, high tea, barbeque cookout, and ready-to-eat bento menus, or create your own! You can experiment with exciting fusion dishes where East meets West. Try the golden fillet of fish in tangy tamarind dressing tossed with pineapple cubes or the mango sticky rice drizzled with coconut milk; they are sublime! Their favorite dishes come from Japan, Korea, Italy, and Thailand.

    Oh’s Farm, 8A Admiralty Street, #05-07, Foodxchange@Admiralty, Singapore, +65 6448 88 78, [email protected],

  • Deli Hub the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    DELI HUB *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Sustainable Practices

    One of the largest catering firms in Singapore, Deli Hub dishes up over 1.6 million dishes a year to hungry guests. They strive to satiate your international cravings by conjuring up your favorite feasts. Not only are they halal-certified, but they cater to every dietary nuance under the sun. Each of your guests should feel well-fed and happily replete. Deli Hub offers a range of dishes to suit your event, from healthy dishes to makan boxes, glorious buffets, and full-blown barbeques. They are committed to adopting and promoting the best sustainability practices so that you can be part of the change in their bid for green catering with fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients from local suppliers. If you need disposable items, they'll provide corn ware utensils and FSC-certified paper napkins to protect the forests.

    Deli Hub, Unit 5, 1 Enterprise Road, Singapore, +65 6515 0020, [email protected],

  • Summer Hill the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    SUMMER HILL *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Private Meal Service

    Comforting, hearty fare is the order of the day at Summer Hill. Chef-owner Anthony Yeoh will make you and the kids smile with homemade dishes such as salted caramel banana bread, signature whole-roasted chicken with duck fat roasted potatoes, and fabulous monthly specials. Not only can you dine at Summer Hill, but you can take over the entire restaurant for a private party or take advantage of the private meal service where chefs take care of the cooking for you so you can spend more time at home with up to 12 guests. They can even provide condiments and wine! Everything is prepared in advance so you add the finishing touches! Et voila. Yeoh believes in the simple importance of sharing a meal together, making a house a home, and creating fantastic experiences.

    Summer Hill, 442 Orchard Road, #02-17, Claymore Connect, Singapore, +65 8690 5907, [email protected],

  • Chili Api the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    CHILLI API *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Colorful Peranakan Cuisine

    Established in 2002, halal-certified Chilli Api specializes in catering for parties and events. Peranakan cuisine is that of the early settlers in the Straits archipelago; it blends the rich culinary traditions of the Chinese, Javanese, and Malay communities. While Peranakan food is their specialty, their menus also feature fusion and international dishes so you can cater to your guests' tastes and preferences. The team can style your event with bold and inventive creations with designs from exquisite batik backdrops to elegant contemporary settings. Their handmade Nonya kuehs add color to your buffet spread;  the bright orange bingka ubi, pastel green kueh sarlat, and rainbow lapis are freshly baked daily. They cater for home gatherings, outdoor events, baby showers, and weddings. Little Steps loves the colorful Nonya and Asian-inspired buffet menus; they are perfect for small gatherings of friends and families wanting to explore Eastern cuisine.

    Chilli Api, 3015, Bedok North Street 5, #06-27 Shimei East Kitchen, Singapore, +65 6247 9531, [email protected],

  • Amo the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    AMÒ *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Get Your Sauce On

    There are no boundaries to pizza and pasta when you order an Amo 'at home' kit. There are no boundaries! You can have a delicious restaurant-standard pizza delivered straight to your door and get creative with their unique range of toppings. Each pizza kit has its signature slow-fermented dough, your sauce of choice, a whole buffalo mozzarella cheese, and a selection of house-cured meats, cheese, and add-on toppings. The pizza dough is leavened to perfection using the finest Italian Mulino and slowly fermented for over 30 hours. Choose from San Marzano tomato, pumpkin, or truffle cream sauce to create your base, and then add pancetta, guanciale, salami, parma ham, mushrooms, or Parmigiano cheese for a delicious feast. You can add other mains, wood-fired grills, salads and sides, desserts, prosecco, wine, and beer to your order. Amò comes from the Italian word for love, amore.

    Amò, 33 Hong Kong Street, Singapore, +65 6723 7733, [email protected],

  • Lynettes Kitchen the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    LYNETTE’S KITCHEN *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    The Violinist Chef

    The founder, Lynnette Seah, is a retired violinist from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, where she served as co-concert master and founding member. Lynette's passion for music has long since been passed down to her love for cooking, that's delighted her hungry friends with endless gourmet creations. Thought as one of Singapore's best-kept secrets, Lynette's Kitchen has been delighting diners with her gastronomic feasts. Seafood dishes include black pepper jumbo Sri Lankan crab, Assam pedas snapper fillet, and crab behoon. She also loves to cook Peranakan dishes such as nonya laksa with steamed prawns and sambal belachin kangkong. She extends her dining circle to paying private parties at her home or with deliveries to yours. You'll be delighted by her graceful company and delicious gastro cuisine wherever you choose to dine.

    Lynette’s Kitchen, 118 Jalan Membina, Singapore, +65 9010 2901, [email protected],

  • Clubvivre the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    CLUBVIVRE *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Spotless Kitchens

    The largest on-demand chef service in Singapore, Clubvivre has a host of mouthwatering menus that will satisfy your friends and family with a superb dinner. Pronounced  [kləb vee-v], the French word 'vivre,' which means 'to live.' Their simple process makes hosting a dinner party, a celebration, or a soiree simple. Invite your friends, select a menu, and book online. Your personal chef comes to your home with all the prepped ingredients, cooks, serves your guests, and even leaves the kitchen spotless afterward! The extensive menus boast food from around the world, including traditional Singaporean, Japanese fusion, Chinese, Mediterranean, and fine dining. If you'd prefer to dine alfresco, choose from the hearty Asian or Western barbeque menus. Little Steps can't wait to try the elaborate Western fine dining menu with grilled king prawns, chocolate sauce, lime air and toast, the 62-degree egg carbonara with linguine pasta and pancetta ham, and the scrumptious sounding Belgian chocolate mousse with summer berry compote and rice pop.

    Clubvivre, 10 Anson Road, #33-04 International Plaza, Singapore, +65 6240 6806, [email protected],

  • Neo Garden the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    NEO GARDEN CATERING *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Dessert Table Heaven

    Neo Kah Kiat founded Neo Garden in 1992 from a simple dream to lift his family out of poverty and deliver quality food, set-ups, and professional services to homes across Singapore. Through consistent innovation, he delivers food that will always exceed your expectations and set benchmarks across the industry. You can select dishes such as ten-course buffets, bento boxes, Peranakan buffets, entire dessert tables, live stations, and high teas. They also offer various thematic decorations to help you celebrate milestones with aplomb. Little Steps can't wait to try the premium dessert table menu bursting with delights such as succulent cupcakes, mini New York and blueberry cheesecakes, mango shooter cups, and assorted macaroons. Tuck into a baked fish fillet with lemon butter sauce, Italian seafood aglio olio, and braised ee fu noodles.

    Neo Garden Catering, 1 Enterprise Road, Singapore, Singapore, +65 6896 7757, [email protected],

  • Pasta Fresca the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    PASTA FRESCA *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    The Italian Art Of Cooking

    Italians understand the art of cooking and sharing food. Pasta Fresca believes in doing simple things well. Long leisurely meals savoring delicious fresh ingredients, great wine, and good company are almost an institution. Whether you choose a private party in their restaurant or invite their chefs to your home, they'll devise a custom menu to include your favorite dishes and any dietary requirements. The menus bring you the authentic taste of the Mediterranean with dishes like pizza, pasta, and risotto, all prepared using imported premium and the freshest local ingredients. Little Steps loves the linguine mare e monti, delicate sweet crabmeat and button mushrooms sauteed with white wine, Mama's favorite dish, lasagne gratinate all' emiliana made with pasta sheets layers with Bolognese sauce, béchamel, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese and the fully loaded pizzas. Finish your feast with a yummy portion of tiramisu al mascarpone e caffe, their signature Italian cheese, and coffee cake.

    Pasta Fresca, 30 Boat Quay, Singapore, +65 6469 4920,

  • Mums Kitchen the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    MUM’S KITCHEN *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Flavors From Best-Loved Cuisines

    Established in 1996, Mum's Kitchen started as a humble restaurant on Joo Chiat Road and has since grown to be one of the most recognized catering services in Singapore, catering for up to 8,000 people. Their menu showcases a wide selection of flavors from your best-loved cuisines from around the world. You'll love Mum's signature curried chicken with potatoes, sweet and sour fish with triple capsicum, various side dishes, and the signature yummy laksa. The international buffet is full of delicious dishes such as baked teriyaki chicken and fish fritters with spicy Thai Sauce. Mum's Kitchen has won all sorts of awards and recognition from their partners and customers, such as Excellent Culinary by Eat Me, usually reserved for hotels and restaurants for quality and taste. Fully staffed, they create impressive buffet displays and provide exceptional service for every occasion.

    Mum’s Kitchen, 3015 Bedok North Street 5, #02-06 Shimei East Kitchen, Singapore, +65 6346 0969, [email protected],

  • Caveman BBQ the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    THE CAVEMAN BBQ *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Marshmallows Anyone?

    Barbeque aficionados will delight in The Caveman BBQ offerings. The brainchild of three foodies, they painstakingly marinade meats, fish, and veggies to ensure that each bite is juicy, savory, zesty, and exquisite. They'll provide tasty cuts of meat with their 'secret recipe' sauce. Choose from the Caveman BBQ honey pork ribs, chicken satay, pepper mid-joint wings, and their go-to original Caveman wings. Little Steps loves the Caveman feast, a hearty set menu of ribs, char siew, beef, sausages, chicken, and marshmallows to enjoy as the embers cool and your al fresco evening draws to a close. All you have to do is invite your friends, prepare the sides and fire up the barbeque. If you've forgotten something, they can deliver anything you need, including fire starters, tongs, cups, napkins, and charcoal!

    The Caveman BBQ, Kallang Pudding Road, Singapore, +65 8826 8639, [email protected],

  • Coriander Leaf the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    CORIANDER LEAF *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Contemporary Pan-Asian Cuisine

    Multi-concept, award-winning Coriander Leaf boasts authentic and innovative Pan-Asian dining experiences in a thoughtful, modern yet nostalgic way. Inspired by a millennia of traditions and cuisines, their food tells stories around the dining table. Founder Samia Ahad started her culinary journey in 1991 and has become a recognized pioneer in modern Asian cuisine in Singapore. Her bold yet comforting food reflects her simplicity and approachability. She combines fresh, spicy, umami, sweet, and familiar flavors in extraordinary dishes such as braised tiger prawns with pineapple sambal and green onion or braised beef briskets with kimchi and daikon slaw in a steamed bun. Little Steps loves the rose pavlova alphonso with mango sorbet, lychee, fresh berries, and lashings of chantilly cream. You can walk in her chef’s shoes and create her cuisine from the cookbook Simply Samia. Allow the professional Coriander Leaf team to host your perfect get-together.

    Coriander Leaf, 30 Victoria Street, #02-01 Chijmes, Singapore, +65 9618 0142, [email protected],

  • Partyworkz the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    PARTYWORKZ *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Fun-Filled Parties

    Veterans of fun food with a full service of equipment and staff, you’ll always have delicious food from Partyworkz. The team will encourage your kids to get involved and have fun making their own dishes, keeping them entertained and full! Choose from delicious burgers and sliders, pita pocket sandwiches, quesadillas, and tortilla wraps. Enjoy hot jam donuts, lava cakes, waffles, and ice cream if you have a sweet tooth. The kids will love the magical shimmery drinks, corn dogs, and, of course, the fried Oreos. If you want to add an injection of fun to your party, you can consider popcorn, candyfloss, marshmallows, and dips! Ample food is always left so guests can take home goody bags. Partyworkz can also arrange a games master, bubble artists, caricaturists, and calligraphers, amongst other entertainment.

    Partyworkz, 62C Jalan Dermawan, Singapore, +65 9824 0646, [email protected],

  • Rasel Catering the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    RASEL CATERING *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Creating Joy

    With a focus on sustainability, Rasel Catering has been successfully serving hungry people in Singapore since 1997. It's their mission to dedicate and blend the art of harmony with joyfully crafted food. The multi-award-winning catering firm strives to provide the ultimate service to its clients and celebrate all notable milestones. They go beyond serving food by providing décor for your home or garden. Dedicated party planners personalize every menu from a range of Western and Eastern dishes, including buffets and bento boxes. Their secret is to use ingredients that make the mundane magical and the simple special. Throughout the seasons, the chefs add warm little touches of artistry to their already flawless service to create rare and profound moments that permeate happiness. It’s their utmost dedication that makes them artisans of joy.

    Rasel Catering, 253 Pandan Loop,  Singapore, +65 6777 7183, [email protected],

  • Purple Sage the best home and party caterer in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    PURPLE SAGE CATERING *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Unfurling Edible Stories

    Passionate chefs and the best hospitality professionals aspire to create extraordinary events that embrace the diverse cultures and memories of authentic flavors. Celebrity chefs Justin Quek and Devagi Sanmugam use locally grown and sustainable ingredients in their range of innovative dishes. Purple Sage caters for lavish cocktail receptions and private parties with their boutique butler, a molecular action station, and a range of buffets. With numerous awards under their belts, you are guaranteed a passionately delivered party that will leave lasting impressions on your guests. Each menu is crafted to suit your tastes and can include dishes such as confit salmon with cauliflower curd, smoked salmon tartar, beetroot gel and puffed quinoa; roasted pumpkin soup with herb oil and baked brioche with slow-cooked chicken, mushroom ragout, spring vegetable, and natural jus and for dessert, mango mousse with almond crumble and wild berries.

    Purple Sage Catering, 159 Pandan Loop, Singapore, +65 6396 6990, [email protected],

  • The Frosted Chick the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    THE FROSTED CHICK *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Everything Cake

    Specializing in everything cake, The Frosted Chick creates customized cakes for every imaginable occasion, from birthday parties to baby showers, weddings, and longevity celebrations. Indulge in buttercream cakes, fresh cream cakes, bento cakes, and piñata chocolate bombshell cakes. If that wasn’t enough, there are chocolate bombs, macarons, choux pastries, pops, and entire dessert tables that can be themed depending on your party. The Frosted Chick chefs only use the finest ingredients to ensure freshness and well-balanced flavors. Their cakes will please your eyes and tantalize your tastebuds. They'll deliver abundant happiness to your front door, no matter the occasion. Subscribe to their newsletter and receive SN$ 5 off your first order.

    The Frosted Chick, 194 Kim Keat Avenue, #01-390 Toa Payoh, Singapore, +65 6969 3368, [email protected],

  • Shiok Kitchen the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    SHIOK KITCHEN *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Good For Any Occasion

    Turn 'ordinary' gatherings into special celebrations with Shiok Kitchen. They cater for birthday parties, baby showers, kid's parties, and other joyous occasions. Whether you are looking for a kid's party in the garden or something more grown up around the dining room table, they've probably got a menu to suit the occasion. Choose from their set buffet menus which include mouthwatering dishes such as breaded scallops with citrus mayonnaise,  grilled farmed chicken with hickory bbq sauce, pineapple Sicily baked barramundi fillet with tomato sauce, olive, capers, and basil, and Angus beef meatball with onion gravy and roasted provencal vegetables with garlic. Create your own tea party menu with abundant savory and sweet treats such as assorted puffs, pies, mini sandwiches, filled croissants, mini French pastries, fruit tartlets, and creamy chocolate eclairs. For sunshiney days, choose from the barbecue menu and add starters, sides, and mains from the a la carte dishes. There is no end to the choices at Shiok.

    Shiok Kitchen, Henderson Building, 211 Henderson Road, #05-03, Singapore, +65 6411 4994, [email protected],

  • CaterSpot the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    CATERSPOT *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Hundreds Of Online Menus

    Online solutions to hundreds of catering options, CaterSpot has a vast selection of menus from various caterers across the city to whet your tastebuds and entertain your friends and family. Choose from around-the-world cuisine, including Thai, Indian, Japanese, Western, Korean, and Chinese, for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, sundowner treats, and dinner. With hundreds of menus to choose from, you'll never go hungry. From mini buffets, platters, canapes, and finger food to formal dining and bar services, there really is something for everyone. Wade through their extensive website and helpful filter system to find exactly what you need.

    CaterSpot, 28C Stanley Street, Singapore, +65 3163 7163, [email protected],

  • Momolato the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    MOMOLATO *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Over 300 Flavours Of Ice Cream

    As one of the few halal-certified gelateria and ice cream suppliers, Momolato creates delicious disruption around your dining table. With over 300 flavors under their belts, you will surely find something unique that will complement your dinner party. They encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by offering gourmet plant-based and vegan gelato and ice cream. The founder, Sharon Tay, packed her bags and flew to Italy to spend two months learning from the best gelato masters in Bologna and Florence. She made headlines as Singapore’s first representative at the Gelato World Tour Final, clinching the Asia-Pacific title she still holds today. You can have a fun fully-manned ice cream cart that kids will love; you can even choose a range of delicious toppings so your guests can create their own desserts. Momolato has a range of pretty ice pops that are fabulous for cocktail parties and celebrations and a scrummy range of ice cream cakes. Ice cream choices range from sour cherry French vanilla bean, apple strudel with spiced apples, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and sea salt malt butterscotch brownies. The kids will love the milo dinosaur with marshmallows and the multi-colored cotton candy bubblegum.

    Momolato, 34 Haji Lane, Singapore, +65 9679 7268, [email protected],

  • Kazbar the best home and party caterers in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    KAZBAR *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Middle Eastern Flavors

    Transport yourself to the Middle East with Kazbar, the multi-award-winning restaurant and catering service that brings you the region's favorite dishes, expansive buffets, and live cooking stations. Kazbar's spices are flown from the Middle East and paired with hummus, moutabel, garlic spinach, babaganoush, mohamarah, labneh, shaklish and tabbouleh, handcrafted cocktails, and specialty wines. Chicken, lamb, and beef shawarma live cooking stations are delicious, fun, interactive, and the epitome of seductive Middle Eastern flavors. For large parties, you can also enjoy marinated lamb that's slowly roasted and served with Arabic rice. In Arabic,  قلعه, Kazbar means a fortress or a gathering place. Bring a kaleidoscope of Middle Eastern colors and tastes to your home as the team looks after you with enviable care.

    Kazbar, 25 Church Street #01-03, Capital Square 3, Singapore, +65 6438 2975, [email protected],

  • Violet Oon the best home and party caterers Singapore Little Steps Asia

    VIOLET OON'S CATERING *Top Home, Party And Event Caterers In Singapore

    Creating Memories

    Offering full-service catering for celebrations and events of all sizes, Violet Oon's Catering endeavors to create personalized menus and innovative concepts for home parties, cocktail receptions, and weddings. Whatever the occasion, they will help you make it one to remember. You can select from butler-served canapes, plated or buffet-style options, and 'live' stations. Chefs use only the freshest seasonal ingredients. You don't have to lift a finger; a full range of staff are on hand until they've polished the last utensil. Violet Oon prides itself in providing exemplary service with discretion. Her signature dishes are available in party trays allowing for a hassle-free experience in your own home. Remember to order a delicious treat from their celebration cakes and tarts menu. If you want something other than full-service, you can pick it up, or they deliver.

    Violet Oon's Catering, Ion Orchard, Singapore, +65 9834 9935, [email protected],

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