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Top Domestic Helper Courses And Maid Classes In Singapore From Cooking To CPR!

Computer Skills, Cooking Classes, Antenatal Training For Helpers

Supporting domestic helpers is essential as they face numerous challenges in their roles. Often, they are expected to possess a wide array of skills covering various aspects of domestic life and more, such as being a proficient nanny, providing first aid, understanding nutrition, and being an all-around problem solver – all while maintaining a cheerful demeanor. However, expecting one person to excel in all these areas is unrealistic unless they receive the necessary help and support from their employers – that’s where you come in!

For those seeking to empower and equip their domestic helpers with additional skills, we have compiled an exceptional list of inspiring domestic helper courses available in Singapore. These courses cover a diverse range of subjects, from English language classes to enhance communication skills, to baking workshops to develop culinary expertise. Furthermore, your domestic helper can benefit from free courses specially tailored for foreign domestic workers in Singapore, allowing them to access valuable knowledge without financial constraints.

If you want your domestic helper to be better equipped to care for your loved ones, excel in their work, and build a sustainable future, consider enrolling them in nursing courses to improve their caregiving skills or computer classes to boost their technological proficiency. Additionally, swimming lessons can prove valuable for their overall well-being and enjoyment.

By providing opportunities for growth and education, you are not only empowering your domestic helper but also helping them thrive in their role in Singapore. Investing in their development will create a mutually beneficial relationship, fostering a supportive and harmonious home environment.

  • NATION CLUB: Online Video Training Platform For Upskilling Your Helper In Singapore

    Stress Management, Financial Literacy, Practical English, Caring For Elderly, More

    Welcome to Nation Club, your go-to online video training platform for upskilling your helper! We've designed this platform with employers and migrant domestic workers in mind, ensuring a seamless learning experience. What sets us apart is that all our videos come with subtitles in your domestic workers' native languages, making learning easy and enjoyable! At Nation Club, they believe in continuous improvement, which is why they add new video topics regularly. So, always check in to explore the additional skills your domestic worker can acquire, enabling them to rise to any challenge that comes their way.

    Courses On Offer In Singapore: Discover a treasure trove of useful topics, ranging from household chores, childcare, and pet care to cooking and practical English. They also teach - Stress Management, Financial Literacy, Practical English, Caring For Elderly, and more.

  • Women At Mujahidin Learning Centre Domestic Helper Classes In Singapore

    MUJAHIDAH LEARNING CENTRE: Variety Of Domestic Helper Courses In Singapore

    English, Cooking, Baking, Sewing Classes, More

    Mujahidah Learning Centre has been a beacon of education and empowerment for domestic helpers, supporting over 10,000 foreign workers to date! Back in 2006, the centre's humble beginnings saw fewer than 40 students attending just a handful of classes. However, as the years passed, the centre expanded its offerings, witnessing a proportional increase in student enrollment. Today, Mujahidah Learning Centre stands as a testament to the positive impact it has had on the lives of foreign domestic workers, primarily hailing from Indonesia.

    Singapore Courses On Offer: It provides an array of enriching courses, including English, Cooking, Baking, and Sewing Classes. Moreover, the centre fosters spiritual growth through Quran recitation and basic Fardhu Ain classes. Additionally, the centre aims to empower these workers to start their own businesses in their hometowns, ensuring sustainable opportunities for them beyond their time in Singapore.

  • Women At Bunda Network SIngapore Domestic Helper Courses In Singapore

    BUNDA NETWORK: Communication Domestic Helper Courses In Singapore

    Computer Literacy, CPR, Baking, Sewing, Financial Planning, Photography, English Classes, More

    Bunda Network is dedicated to offering remarkably affordable courses that pave the way for a brighter future for domestic workers (DWs) by equipping them with valuable and relevant skills. Aspiring learners can choose from a variety of courses, including a Basic Computer Course, which provides essential knowledge about technology in today's fast-paced society. Additionally, there's an English language class designed to enhance linguistic proficiency, enabling better communication with employers and the general public.

    Courses On Offer In Singapore: Beyond the fundamentals, Bunda Network caters to diverse interests with sewing and baking classes, as well as exciting courses like mobile photography and financial planning. This comprehensive range of options ensures that domestic workers can explore their passions and interests while gaining practical skills that can contribute to their personal growth and career advancement.  They also offer computer lessons.

  • Mother & Child Domestic Helper Courses In Singapore

    MOTHER & CHILD: First Aid + Childcare Domestic Helper Courses In Singapore

    First Aide For Helpers Courses

    It can be really scary to leave your baby or young tot in someone else's hands, regardless of the trust. This course for helpers focuses on the essentials of CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Procedures and covers hygiene in the kitchen and sterilization, bathing, settling, and sleep for babies and toddlers, and more. In only 6 hours in total, your helper can acquire skills that may save your kiddo's life and will undoubtedly put your mind to rest!

    Courses On Offer In Singapore: First Aide Courses For Helpers In Singapore

  • Women At Humanitarian Organisation For Migration Economics Singapore Domestic Helper Courses In Singapore


    English And Mandarin Classes, Cooking, Sewing, Tech Skills, Financial Planning

    The HOME Academy, a compassionate initiative by the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics [“H.O.M.E.”], warmly welcomes domestic helpers from all countries and nationalities. Serving as a safe haven, it offers a nurturing environment for training, development, and unwavering support. Within its nurturing embrace, a plethora of programs awaits, addressing crucial needs and aspirations.

    Courses On Offer In Singapore: At the HOME Academy, diverse opportunities abound, encompassing English and Mandarin classes to enhance language proficiency. For those aspiring to culinary expertise, cooking classes await, while sewing and dressmaking workshops nurture creativity and skill. Furthermore, the academy ensures that domestic helpers stay abreast of the ever-evolving world of technology through tech skills development courses. Not only that, but it also recognizes the significance of personal grooming and financial management, providing cosmetology and financial planning programs. The HOME Academy's profound impact is evident as many of its students become tutors, returning to give back to the community. This unique aspect serves as a testament to the incredible support network's sustainability and effectiveness.

    • HOME, +65 6344 0224 / 6344 0232 / 6345 6441,,
  • Dementia Care Training Singapore Domestic Helper Courses In Singapore

    DEMENTIA SINGAPORE: Dementia Specific Training For Domestic Helper Courses In Singapore

    Dementia Care Training Workshops for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW)

    Many helpers are employed for the purpose of taking care of persons with dementia, which can prove especially challenging, both emotionally and logistically. This is why training in this area is vital for the well-being of all parties involved! This social service agency provides a one-day training workshop that offers core info and useful techniques for dementia care, conducted in English, Malay, and Burmese.

    Courses On Offer In Singapore: Dementia Care Training Workshops for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW)

  • ACMI: Courses For Helpers In Singapore

    Baking, Technology, Guitar, And More Classes

    From fun-filled courses like baking, computers, and hairdressing to essential caregiving skills and conversational everyday English, they've got it all covered. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, small business enterprise classes await. And for music enthusiasts, why not try our guitar lessons? As a popular center, enrollment happens twice yearly. To secure a spot, they highly advise booking as early as possible. Don't miss this chance to empower your helper with new skills and knowledge at the ACMI.

    Courses On Offer In Singapore: Baking, Technology, Guitar, And More Classes

    • ACMI, Agape Village #04-01 7A Lorong 8 Toa Payoh Singapore 319264, +65 6801 7400,,
  • Woman Holding A Child Parentlink Singapore

    PARENTLINK: First Aid + Childcare Domestic Helper Courses In Singapore

    Child First Aid + CPR Class For Domestic Helpers In Singapore

    It's no overstatement to say that this is one life-saving course! Parentlink offers a truly life-saving course specially designed for parents and domestic helpers, equipping them to handle emergencies involving babies and children. While babies may seem manageable, everything changes once they start moving on their own! The four-hour Child First Aid + CPR class is invaluable, teaching participants how to respond promptly and effectively in critical situations. From fractures and bleeding to burns and other unforeseen injuries, the course imparts essential skills for timely and informed interventions, which can be of paramount importance in saving lives.

    Courses On Offer In Singapore: The First Aid section covers a comprehensive range of emergency care, including how to address severe bleeding, fractures, muscle injuries, burns, poisoning, heat exhaustion, cold-related illnesses, bites, and stings. Additionally, participants learn CPR techniques for handling choking, breathing emergencies, and cardiac emergencies. The course is a 3-hour session, perfect for new parents and domestic helpers who do not require official certification. The group course is priced at SG$90 per person, and there's an option to have the class conducted in the comfort of your home or office. For private home and corporate rates, feel free to inquire at

  • Chapter Zero Singapore

    CHAPTER ZERO: Respectful Parenting Courses In Singapore For Helpers

    Parenting Classes In Singapore

    Welcome to Chapter Zero – the first step towards nurturing a strong, loving bond with your little one! As you envision your child's future and the qualities they'll possess, you might wonder, "How can I support my child's growth and development?" The answer lies in the core belief of Respectful Parenting – recognizing that children are people too, born into the world as complete and capable beings. Now, if your domestic helper will be playing a significant role in caring for your precious baby, enroll them in The Mindful Nanny course. This transformative program offers a perfect blend of theory and hands-on practical sessions. Your helper will learn essential topics such as respectful caregiving, child-led play, and gentle discipline. There are dedicated workshops tailored for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, ensuring comprehensive knowledge for every stage of your child's development.

    Courses On Offer In Singapore:  Respectful Parenting Courses In Singapore For Helpers

    Chapter Zero,

  • Domestic Helpers Learning To Swim At AquaDucks Singapore

    AQUADUCKS: Swimming Classes For Domestic Helpers In Singapore

    Swimming Classes For Domestic Helpers (Tagalog On Offer)

    For parents with busy schedules and kids who adore splish-splashing in the pool, entrusting their domestic helper to become their little swimmer's pool companion can be a great solution. However, while pools offer fun, they also pose potential dangers. To ensure safety, aquaDucks presents basic swimming lessons, complemented by expert water safety guidance, supervision techniques for kids around water, and rescue protocols. The Domestic Helpers programme is designed for all domestic helpers in Singapore, aiming to promote their health and fitness while equipping them with crucial skills. These swimming lessons encompass essential aspects such as supervising children near water and effectively handling emergency situations. The objectives of the Domestic Helper Programme are threefold: to instil personal water safety knowledge, encourage responsible supervision of children in and around water, and impart rescue techniques for emergency scenarios. With highly qualified female instructors from the Philippines, fluent in Tagalog, the programme ensures comprehensive instruction.

    Courses On Offer In Singapore: Swimming Classes For Domestic Helpers (Tagalog On Offer)

  • Conscious Parenting Training Singapore

    CONSCIOUS PARENTING TRAINING: Childcare Domestic Helper Courses In Singapore

    Conscious Discipline, Play And Interact With Babies And Toddlers Courses

    We've got something truly special for you and your caregivers – the fantastic Conscious Parenting Training! It's like adding a sprinkle of Mary Poppins magic to your household, ensuring a happy home where kids and helpers connect beautifully. Their two workshops, Mary Poppins Training 1 and 2, are designed with your family's happiness in mind. In the first workshop, caregivers will learn how to play and interact positively with babies, toddlers, and older children. They believe that positive connections between caregivers and kids make all the difference in creating a nurturing and loving environment. In Mary Poppins Training 2, they delve into the art of implementing conscious discipline with your little ones. Caregivers will gain valuable insights into guiding and correcting children in a positive manner, following their preferred parenting style. By empowering your caregivers with this training, you're ensuring a supportive and harmonious atmosphere at home. They'll learn how to communicate effectively, manage children's behavior while you're away, and even strike that perfect balance between work and childcare. You can choose to take either workshop independently, but they recommend combining both for the full magical experience. Once your caregiver completes both workshops, they'll receive a Conscious Parenting Training Certificate, a token of their newfound expertise. Check out their Meet Up group Conscious Parenting Training Playgroups to book your spot and unlock the magic for your family today.

    Courses On Offer In Singapore: Mary Poppins Training 1: How to play and interact positively with babies, toddlers and older children Mary Poppins Training 2: How to Implement Conscious Discipline with children

  • Woman Cleaning

    INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT SCHOOL (IMS): Variety Of Domestic Helper Courses In Singapore

    Weekend Courses For Skills - Baking, Engineering, More

    International Management School is all about accessibility. They offer low-cost but high-quality part-time courses often held on weekends where domestic helpers can expand or get into different skill sets based on their interests. From business to baking, design to engineering, these courses may open whole new worlds of possibilities, and your home is an expert in various fields that can improve the quality of life of everyone involved!

    Courses On Offer In Singapore:  Weekend Courses For Skills - Baking, Engineering, More

    • International Management School, 101 Kitchener Road #03-11 Jalan Besar Plaza, Singapore 208511,

    More Cooking And Baking Classes For Domestic Helpers in Singapore:

    Financial Education Courses For Domestic Helpers In Singapore:

    • Aidha - Financial Education For Domestic Helpers
    • Uplifters - Money Management And Wellbeing

    More Parenting Classes And CPR Courses For Helpers In Singapore:

    • Chapter Zero - Respectful caregiving, child-led play, and gentle discipline
    • First Aid Tuition - First Aide Classes For Helpers
    • Zero Barrier - CPR Training For Helpers
    • First Aide Tuition - First Aide For Helpers In Singapore
    • FAST - Cooking, Infant Care, English Language, Stress Management, Baking, Computer Literacy.

    More Unique Self-Improvement Courses For Domestic Helpers In Singapore:

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