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Where To Buy Face Masks And Hand Sanitizer In Jakarta?

Plus A List On Where To Buy Hand Sanitizer

Image of Face Masks Jakarta

Most parents have been taking extra precautions to guard their little ones against the coronavirus. Times such as these require all of us to be extra vigilant. To be safe, many are staying at home, stepping up a gear on health and hygiene, protecting themselves with face masks, and using hand-sanitizers when out and about. Here is where you can get yours in Jakarta.


    Tokopedia - Wide variety, individual or bulk purchases.

    Shopee - Various types and free delivery.

    Lazada - Various types of masks available.

    Alfamidi - Low on stock

    Indomaret - Low on stock

    Superindo -  Low on stock

    Hero - Low on stock

    Century pharmacy - Low on stock

    Guardian pharmacy - (Low on stock)

    Watsons – Low on stock

  • Why use hand sanitizers?

    Washing your hands with soap and water is most effective in removing germs, but running water and soap might not always be readily available for you, a hand sanitizer is a good alternative. Alcohol in hand sanitizers inactivate microbes, such as bacteria and viruses. But it has to contain at least 60% alcohol and check that it hasn’t expired.

  • Different types of hand sanitizers

    There are basically 3 types of hand sanitizers, liquid, gel, and foam. To ensure effectiveness, hand sanitizers need to be rubbed on all parts of the hand until everything evaporates. Gel and foam sanitizers do not slide off as easily as the liquid ones, but liquid ones do evaporate faster. Unfortunately, the stock is low in most pharmacies and stores throughout Jakarta, but it is possible to get them online.


    Tokopedia – Offer a wide variety (online?)

    Shopee - Various types available and offering free delivery.

    Lazada – Large variety.

    Watsons - Low on stock.

    Indomaret - Waiting for new stock

    Superindo - Low on stock

    Hero - Low on stock

    Century pharmacy - Low on stock

    Guardian pharmacy - Mostly none available

  • How to take good care of yourself with local products

    Indonesians drink jamu, a herbal drink made out of turmeric, tamarind, and ginger for general well-being and to boost immunity. There is a lot of sun in Indonesia, and with fewer cars and pollution in the air, get some exercise but remember to practice social distancing. Find something fun to do at home to stay sane. Do all these while practicing good hygiene and wear a mask if you have flu symptoms.

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