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Educational Lifestyle Shopping

Living La Vida LOKA

We’ve all had mummy and me trips to the supermarket that spiral out of control and turn into tantrum fests. LOKA offers up a unique no-tears solution to avoid meltdowns with (high-5) an educational bent. Cooking classes keep your tykes engaged, and courses on the benefits of organic produce completely transform and elevate your regular mundane shopping experience. Double like. With a premium restaurant (the food theater), a coffee shop (Philocoffee) for when you need a caffeine shot to the arm and finally a bakery (bakerhood) under one roof – it’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon, keep the kids at bay and get your groceries done too.  LOKA focuses on selling imported products and stocks fresh fruit, vegetables and meat with a view to encouraging its customers to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

LOKA provides a fun educational experience for kids and instills a sense of responsibility by empowering them with their own trolleys and their own kids' cashiers.

Who It's Perfect For:

Parents - especially with larger families. LOKA offers kids an innovative way of understanding the concept of money and value and encourages store visits for kids.

What Else:​

Every week, LOKA offers courses which include art and crafts, a little chef series, and more... and score(!) they're all FREE!

Additional Info:​


 Flavor Bliss Kawasan The Flavor Bliss 2, FB2 No 18 B, Alam Sutera, Serpong, Indonesia



LOKA - Cibubur Jl. Alternatif Cibubur Km.3, Kota Depok, Indonesia



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