Top Book Recommendations For Kids And Teens

Best Book Options For Kids And Teens To Read This Year

Three Girls Reading Recommended Books For Kids And Teens

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss.

For the bookworms and aspiring little writers at home, Little Steps has got our top recommendations for you to read today. On the lineup we have our picks for the first novel for beginner readers, fiction for history fans, an inspirational piece from a true story, and more. The paperback version of the books can be purchased locally at the Best Book Stores And Shops In Jakarta and they also have a Kindle version on

  • The War That Saved My Life and The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley


    Award-Winning Historical Novel For Kids

    This amazing book by Kimberly B. Bradley, The War That Saved My Life, along with its sequel The War I Finally Won, is an amazing read for children ages 10 and up! It’s about young Ada Smith who finds a new home, along with a love for horses in the middle of WW2. It is a very inspiring story, and can teach children about family, respect, perseverance, and gratitude! We highly recommend it, not only for kids but for adults as well.

    Where to get them: 

  • Dappled Annie And The Tigrish Paperback by Mary McCallum

    DAPPLED ANNIE AND THE TIGRISH: First Novel Reading Age

    Well Written Kids Novel About Adventure, Magic, and Family

    This intriguing, unique, and magical book by Mary McCallum is great as your kids’ first novel! It’s a delightful read, and really has a fantastical feeling to it. It’s about bravery, family, nature, and independence! In the book, Annie, who lives in Winding Cottage, soon discovers the many mysterious things that seem to live at the end of the garden: talking hedges, earthquakes, and strong winds- and the tigrish.

    Where to buy:

  • Last Three Volumes Of School For Good And Evil Paperback By Soman Chainani


    6-Book Series Fantasy For Kids By Soman Chainani

    “In the forest primeval, a school for Good and Evil, two towers like twin heads, one for the pure and one for the wicked. Try to escape, you'll always fail, the only way out is through a fairy tale.” This song describes the mysterious School for Good and Evil, which teaches each of its students how to survive in their own fairytale- as a hero or a villain. Best friends Sophie and Agatha, both seemingly complete opposites, go on an adventure of self-discovery, making you question who is truly good or evil. Written by Soman Chainani, this 6-book series is great for all fantasy lovers aged 10 and up!

    Where to buy them:

  • THE TIN SNAIL: Ages 9+

    Incredible Book Inspired By Real Events For Kids

    Thirteen-year-old Angelo knows there’s only one thing that can save his father’s job: inventing a car the world has never seen before. This incredible book by Cameron McAllister, inspired by real events, is a great read for both children and adults alike! It can teach your kids about perseverance, hard work, and reaching for your dreams. We recommend it for children aged 9 and up!

    Where to get them: (Kindle version available)

  • Anya's Ghost Graphic Novel Paperback by Vera Brogsol

    ANYA'S GHOST: Ages 13+

    Graphic Novel For Kids

    If your kid prefers to read comics, then Anya’s Ghost is an excellent choice! Written by Vera Brogsol, this book is great for kids 13 and up. Self-conscious Anya finds herself in an unlikely situation one day when she falls into a deep well. Of all the things she expects to find there, a new friend was not one of them- especially not one that’s been dead for almost a century. Follow Anya on her exciting adventures about trust, betrayal, and self-worth!

    Where to get them:

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