Looking for kid-friendly edutainment inside Jakarta? Then go straight to Ragunan Zoo, home to 300 animals and 180 species of flora in a lush tropical setting area. Here are some highlights:

Animals: Ragunan Zoo’s animals come from all over, though many are indigenous to Indonesia, such as the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, Tapir, Anoa, Sumatran Tiger, and many more! Several species are considered endangered.

Feedings: The zoo sells fruits and other snacks to feed to the giraffe or deer by yourself!

Schmutzer Primate Center: As you walk on a long, dark glass bridge, you’ll have a breathtaking panoramic view of the primate habitat and will feel like you’re really in a jungle! Look out for gorillas, chimpanzees, or orangutans.

Children’s Zoo: This area is definitely a must-visit. Children can interact with tame animals such as deer, horses, cockatoos and other birds. And when the zoo welcomes newborns, here’s where you’ll get to take photos with the babies!

Extra Fun: There is a playground and kiddie rides at the zoo, along with Sunday events of elephant rides, pony carts, and boat rides on the lake.