The Chocolate School By Tulip

Become A Chocolatier!

Founding in 2010, Jakarta’s chocolate school offers a range of chocolate making programs suitable for beginners and those with experience in chocolate work.

The Chocolate School, provides personal instruction and hands-on training from award winning chef instructors.  You will also find a fully equipped kitchen complete with tools, accessories and equipment that is used by professional chefs. During the chocolatier course, you not only learn about how to create chocolate but also about the history of chocolate, how chocolate is produced from bean to bar, chocolate and health, the essential techniques of tempering, how to use moulds, and create your own chocolate bar.  Plus, you will learn how to make various delicious pralines, hollow figures, truffles, enrobing techniques and more.

They also provide lunch for their participants and you get to take all the chocolates home to eat or share with friends.  Chocolate is delicious and making things yourself is always a lot of fun, so why not get swept up in the excitement and book now.  Kids are invited to join the sweet fun!

Some of our favorite classes?

*  Introductory chocolate courses

*  Special courses for cake decorations

*  Professional courses for gourmet praline course, piped praline course and chocolatier assortments.

*  Short courses that are suitable for those in the cafe, bakery and culinary proffesions or simply for hobbyists of chocolate. For short courses, you will work along with the instructor using premium ingredients to create some delicious gourmet masterpieces such as chocolate caramel, chocolate macarons and chocolate parfait.

*  Holiday sessions for kids!  Kids get involved in making chocolate freckles, bars, lollypops and other child-friendly chocolates.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Get involved with chocolate!

Who It's Perfect For:

Chocolate lovers of all ages.

What Else:​

Chocolate School

Bellezza Shopping Arcade Lt3, Jl. Arteri Soepeno No34 Permata Hijau Jakarta 12210

+6221 7050 2668


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