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Top Children’s Bank Accounts In Jakarta

Choosing And Opening A Bank Account For Your Child In Jakarta

Introducing a child to financial management early will help them start thinking and planning for their future. Financial literacy is not something that is usually taught in school but is essential in life. There are many local and international banks to choose from nowadays. With the ease of internet and cellular technologies, it is now easier than ever to open kids account for your child! Little Steps has gathered the best available bank accounts for kids from different banks in Indonesia.



    Savings Account Accessible Even In Small Cities In Indonesia

    As one of Indonesia’s favorite banks, BRI has access to large cities and small villages throughout Indonesia. If you happen to be on vacation somewhere in a remote place within Indonesia, chances are, you can still find a BRI ATM or branch to withdraw cash. Their product BRI Junio is dedicated to children up to 17 years of age whose parents also have an account in BRI. This savings account features a debit card with attractive designs, e-banking facilities, competitive interest rates, and insurance for accidents.




    Bank Account With Extra Benefits For Children Under 12

    CIMB Junior not only offers regular savings account with a debit card for your child, but it also comes with exciting benefits like Junior Points.  These points can be collected and redeemed with vouchers or movie tickets. The CIMB Junior account can be linked to mom’s or dad’s OCTO Mobile app to monitor the account activities. This account is available for kids under 12 years old. When the account holder turns 12, the account can be converted to a CIMB Indie account designed for teens up to 17 years old. Visit one of the Digital Lounges or CIMB branches to open an account.




    Student Savings Account For Indonesian Citizens

    It is available only for Indonesian citizens under the age of 17. BCA SimPel or Simpanan Pelajar (literally student savings) is a national savings program dedicated to Indonesian students enrolled in Indonesia. The program was launched to support students in developing financial self-discipline to prepare for their future. With an extremely low minimum initial deposit amount, this savings account hopes to be accessible to anyone. Unfortunately, this account does not give any interest.



    Bank Accounts With Barbie And Hot Wheels Debit Card

    In Indonesia, the Malaysian based bank Maybank offers a savings account for children under 17 years of age called Tabungan SuperKidz. This savings account comes with both an account book and a debit card with two cute design options: Barbie or Hot Wheels. There aren't any administration fees charged for this account. On top of that, when certain criteria are met, you can get an annual bonus!  Visit one of the Maybank branches to open your account.



    Monitor Your Child's Bank Activities Through SMS

    For kids and teens up to 17 years old, BNI has a product called BNI Taplus Anak. This savings account does not charge administration fees, and it features a customizable debit card. Children love having their own photo printed on their own bank cards! Moms and dads can monitor the transactions through SMS notifications, which would definitely give parents peace of mind. When the child turns 17, the account will automatically be converted to BNI Taplus Muda without changing the account number.




    Savings Account With Low Initial Deposit

    Put together for children under 17 years old, BTN Junior boasts a low initial deposit amount, making it possible for almost anyone to open a BTN Junior account. Unlike other banks, this junior account does not come with a debit card. Instead, a savings account book will be given, and the transactions will be printed in the book. The account holder does have to go to the bank to have the book updated. Interest is only given for accounts with a balance of over Rp. 50.000-.




    Hassle Free Banking For Kids

    Tabungan Junior is a savings account for kids from Panin Bank. This account comes with an account book and a debit card with a couple of design options. The cards can be used to withdraw money at ATMPanin, other ATMs with ATM ALTO, ATM Bersama* logos, and for debit shopping at millions of merchants with Maestro and Mastercard logos. With competitive interest rates and free administration fees, this savings account makes a great option for your little ones. To open an account, please visit one of the Panin Bank branches.


    Panin Bank,



    Savings Account For Kids Under 17

    BJB Tandamata MyFirst is a savings account designed for children up to 17 years old. BJB created it to help parents educate their precious ones on the importance of saving up for the future. The savings account comes with an attractive-looking debit card and book and a competitive interest rate. This product is also available for non-Indonesian citizens. Please visit one of their branches to open an account.



    Student Savings Account For Indonesian Citizens

    Like BCA Tabungan SimPel, Mandiri Tabungan SimPel is designed specifically for students from preschool to high school. With a meager minimum initial deposit amount, this account is expected to be accessible to most students in Indonesia and is available for Indonesian citizens only. No interest is paid out for this account, but it is free of administration fees and it comes with a debit card.


    Bank Mandiri,


    Savings Account With E-Banking Option

    Permata Bank has a savings account designed especially for kids called Permata Tabungan Bintang. Transactions can be done comfortably via Permata e-banking, so you won’t have to take your kids to the bank every time they want to make a transaction. The account does not charge any administration fees, and it comes with a debit card with adjusted limits for children. With a relatively low minimum initial deposit amount and minimum balance, this product can be a good choice for you to start introducing financial management to your little ones.


    Bank Permata,

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