EduPhoria: A Virtual Education Exhibition In Jakarta

Discover Pre-Schools, Grade Schools, And After School Activities

2021 Aug 12 - 2021 Aug 14

EduPhoria Virtual Education Expo Jakarta

Calling all parents!

Discover the vast possibilities for your child’s future at EduPhoria, the virtual education exhibition hosted by Binus School. There will be around 50 institutions and companies participating in this event, consisting of pre-schools, grade schools, and after-school activities & courses. You will find schools with national and international curricula such as Montessori, Cambridge, and iB at this 3-day event. On top of that, enrichment courses and activities are also at your fingertips to explore. Soccer, English, coding, dance, music, and self-development are just a few examples!

With four locations in Indonesia, Binus Schools are fully committed to the education of Indonesian youths. They strive to be innovative and progressive in their methods, and they have adapted the Cambridge and iB curricula, depending on the location. For quality higher education in Indonesia, do consider Binus University.

Click here to register!

When: 12-14 August 2021, 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Where To Find It:​

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