Family-Friendly Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Workshops In Clearwater Bay With Victor Chau

SUP Family Workshops In Clearwater Bay For Families With Kids Ages 8+!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Classes In Sheung Sze Wan Hong Kong

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable water adventure with your family? Look no further than stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) workshops with the oh-so-amazing Victor! This thrilling activity is perfect for both adults and kids (ages 8+), allowing everyone to enjoy the beautiful Clearwater Bay and the surrounding islands while getting a great workout.

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Led by the renowned instructor Victor Chau, who has extensive experience in yoga and bodywork, you’ll receive detailed guidance on correct paddling and safety techniques. Victor’s passion for paddle boarding shines through as he shares his knowledge and ensures you feel confident and comfortable on the water.

Whether you’re a beginner or have some stand-up paddle-boarding experience, there’s a course for you.

Courses On Offer:

  • BEGINNERS (2.5 Hours): The beginners’ course is designed for those starting from scratch, teaching you the proper techniques, safety tips, and postures for paddling in various positions. It’s all about building a solid foundation while having a blast!
  • INTERMEDIATE BRONZE (4 Hours): For those who have completed the beginners’ course, the intermediate bronze course takes your skills to the next level. Refine your techniques, increase your speed, and navigate choppier waters like a pro. Challenge yourself with a 2km distance test, pushing your limits and preparing yourself for longer stand-up paddle boarding adventures.

SUP Workshop format: 

  • What to bring?  Pack a water bottle, dry bag, camera, hat, sunglasses, swimsuit, and a snack (if you need it!).  Each workshop is 4 hours in total so be sure to put on plenty of sunscreen, and wear a rash guard if you have it.
  • Starting time: Each class starts at 9:30 am on land in Sheung Sze Wan, Clearwater Bay.  Victor shares the basics and demonstrates all the must-knows before you hit the sea!
  • SUP Time:  A short walk away, he provides the boards!  You and the kids will practice your strokes, learn how to turn/stop/handle waves, and more.  Time flies and everyone will go home tired, happy, and full of good stories.

Feedback From Fans

  • ”I’m so glad I signed up as found your course very informative and a lot of fun
  • ”It was a really fun class this morning! Thank you so much.“
  • ”Thank you so much!! great teaching, so fruitful, and with so much detail observation and patience gained much confidence now.”
  • ”Never experienced such an encouraging coach.”
  • ”Hard 10/10. Fun 10000/10. I had the most day of learning and fun.”
  • “Great session. We loved it but we are exhausted!”

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) offers an exciting and adventurous experience for families, providing the perfect opportunity to bond and explore the stunning coastal landscapes together.  Victor creates fun and engaging classes so families can learn together on the water!

Who It's Perfect For:

Families looking to get on the water and enjoy a new activity together in Hong Kong!  It's also great for pre-teens and teens who want to plan a fun day out.  All of Victor's workshops can be tailor-made to the needs of your group and kids ages 8+ are welcome to join the fun!

What Else:​

Did you know Victor happens to be a very popular yoga instructor in Hong Kong - check him out on Instagram!  He is a man of many talents and an expert instructor across the board.

Where To Find It:​

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