Family Game Night Ideas In Hong Kong

Game Ideas For Toddlers, Kids, Tweens And Teens!

With the cooler days still ahead, it’s the perfect time to gather your tribe and make some memories together. And what better way to do that than with a family game night! Whip up your favorite snacks, call in your mini (or not-so-mini) troops and forget the brainstorming because Little Steps has some great ideas on how to make your next Family Game Night a big success and have the kids coming back for more!

  • YOUNGER KIDS – Aged 5 & Below

    Reading may still be tricky for younger ones, however, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some healthy competition. Stick to games that make use of pictures such as Zingo (a picture-based version of Bingo which encourages kids to keep alert) and Headbands (pictures are worn on a child’s headband; they need to ask questions to guess what they are). Concentration games like Jenga and Penguin Ice also work well for this age group as do active games, such as Pie Face Showdown. (Warning: Pie Face can get messy but a bonus is that older siblings will like this one too!) Charades is another great way to get the family working together – come up with your own version acting like animals, favorite movies, or anything else you like!

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  • OLDER KIDS - Tweens & Teens (Use Your Phones)

    If leaving the devices behind is not an option, we suggest making use of them. Apps such as Psych and Heads Up get everyone looking up from their phones rather than only at them! Heads Up does exactly as it says – gets everyone looking up and fighting for your attention. This e-version of Charades gives you a choice of genres, as well as an option to record all of the “actors” around you. Looking back at everyone’s action videos makes this version twice as much fun! The same creators produced Pysch which merges trivia, wit, and your best bluffing-skills. The end result? So much laughter!

    Heads Up


  • GET THEM MOVING: Kids All Ages

    If sitting in one place proves difficult for your energetic ones, opt for a games night with a little bit of action! With a little prep, you can create your own version of minute-to-win-it – a game where two competitors have a minute to out-perform each other or the clock, at a given task. Some tasks may include sucking up skittles with a straw and transferring them from one cup to another or eating cheerios from mini cups to see which cup has a sticker at the bottom. More ideas can be found here. Other creative ways to get them moving – try a ping pong game using a balloon instead of a ball, create an obstacle course using things around the house, or play a game of twister or an active video game that senses your movements.

    Minute To Win-It

  • GET THEM TALKING: Tween & Teens

    e ask about their day, about the school, about their playdate? Silence. Of course, except when we are on the phone. Get them talking and sharing with games like “Three Truths and a Lie”. This game encourages them to use their imagination, recollect memories and take wild guesses! Other games to get them talking include 20 questions (and you can make it more fun by diving the family into teams) or ‘Would you rather?’ where you ask questions like, “Would you rather be invisible or have the ability to fly?” Its fun when kids begin answering and justifying those answers! Codenames or Codenames Disney is another popular and fun social word game for older kids and includes rival spymasters, agents, and codenames!

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    “Would You Rather” For Kids (Free Printables)

    Codenames Disneyavailable here

    Codenamesavailable here

  • THE CLASSICS: Kids All Ages

    Just as phones and baby gear are constantly getting new and improved updates, so too are many of the original games we once loved! Consider the newer versions of classics for a mix of nostalgia and newness – perfect for grownups and kids coming together on family night! Monopoly Deal, a card game, takes on a livelier pace than its original board game counterpart and also has a Hong Kong version! Who’s She? instead of Guess Who? encourages kids to discuss the personality traits of powerful women rather than the physical attributes of the persons. Uno is a fun game for all age groups and comes in many new versions such as Uno Attack where cards are shot out by a mechanical launcher or Uno Stacko – a version that summons your best Jenga skills.

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