Best Summer Hairstyles For Girls In Hong Kong

Beat the heat in Hong Kong thanks to these amazing summer hairstyles for 2023! Most of these looks can be achieved by searching for the relevant hair tutorial on YouTube. Read on to discover the trendiest hairstyles for summer 2023 which will keep you looking frizz-free!

  • Sleek Bun

    A Pinterest-Inspired Look

    A classic for a reason. It's simple, practical, and most importantly, beats the summer heat by keeping everything off your shoulders. Brush your hair neatly back before tying it into a bun. For extra sleekness, use a wax stick to tame down any baby hairs. We love a clean look!

  • Face-Framing Braids

    Elevate A Simple Style

    This is a testament as to how a little goes a long way. Simply braid the front pieces of your hair on both sides of the middle parting. What you get is a low-maintenance but unique style that outlines your face and gives your natural hair an effortless enhancement.

  • Bubble Braids

    Quirky And Cute Is All We Can Say

    As the name suggests, this one is fun. Tie your hair into 2 ponytails before creating little "bubbles" by tying off sections around every inch with elastics. It'll keep your hair nicely in place so that you can enjoy all your summer activities! We like to call this the older sister of pigtails!

  • Bandanas

    To The Rescue It Comes!

    A hair accessory can go a long way to add something different! With a bandana, it not only protects your head from overheating but keeps large chunks of your hair away from your face. Slightly more girly than a cap, it's the perfect addition to a summer outfit.

  • Shaggy Bob

    This Is Your Sign To Go For It

    Ladies, don't be afraid to go short! Everyone should try it once and experience its convenience. It only makes sense to beat the heat with a brand new short look. No more messy bed hair nor pondering in the morning of how to wear it. Every day, you'll have a cute look automatically ready to rock!

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What Else:​

We know it might be tough to find the right hair products for each individual. Let us help you with that– see our guide for hair product stores to achieve these looks here!

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